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Above and Beyond | Common Ground Portland | Meet 8 Amazing Anjunafam Members from the PACNW!

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

We are just a day away from embarking on a two night doubleheader with Above and Beyond on their sold out Common Ground tour stop at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon.  We couldn’t be more excited here at Fresh Music Freaks as this is my tour stop as Editor in Chief. I couldn’t think of a better way to go into this Than getting to know some of the Pacific Northwest Anjuna Fam members. So as I scrolled through the PACNW Anjuna Fam pages I came across some amazing souls with amazing Above and Beyond stories and I thought I’d share.  I can’t wait to meet all of them as well. I asked contributor Sandra Huitt to help me with her Common Ground Experience and this is what she had to say!

Hi Fam!

The morning Common Ground Portland tickets were released, I did my morning routine an hour ahead.  Run, shower, breakfast and into my work scrubs. I opened the website to buy tickets, and with my credit card at the ready, I anxiously watched the clock tick down.  When it hit 10:00, I pressed the button for tickets for myself and friends and then RAN to work. Since that morning, everything in life has been a countdown.

First the videos from Common Ground L.A. made my heart race (nine weeks to go) and brought back the elation of seeing the boys at The Gorge amongst new and old friends alike. Then the album released on January 26th (six weeks to go) and since then I’ve been bursting at the seams for time to go just a little faster.  Like so many of my friends, we quickly developed our new Common Ground track favorites and heavily debated their merits. I listened to my favorite tracks on repeat from sun up til sun down until I knew every word by heart. Why couldn’t it just be March already?!?

Watching videos from the tour has me feeling like I’m on a rollercoaster and our car’s almost to the top.  The videos from New York gave me butterflies (five weeks to go). Talking to a new friend from The Gorge who attended the Indianapolis show gave me goosebumps (three weeks to go).  But the best moment I’ve witnessed yet is when they dropped Northern Soul in Detroit (two weeks to go). Few artists and voices have been able to capture the soul of a city like they did in that track and it brought tears to my eyes seeing the fans there go crazy.

Was I alone in feeling like I was going out of my mind with excitement?  Definitely not! At the premiere of Giving Up the Day Job last week, my friends and I sang along, shed some tears and exchanged shouts of “only 7 more days!”  We made plans to carpool to the Anjunafamily meetup before the show, talked about who was going to both shows and both after parties, who had taken time off work, if they were bringing a flag to get signed, and it made me realize I wasn’t the only one feeling like my skin just couldn’t contain my pounding heart and exhilaration any longer.  And as I write this I keep thinking, two more days, just two more days! You can make it, you can do it, it’s only two more days!

See you soon Anjuna Fam!


Now lets meet some Family!
Nate Thomas and Konrad J. Bruns.

Hey fam.
I’d like to introduce myself and my boyfriend. We’re Nate and Konrad and we live in Olympia, WA. I’ve loved A&B for many years now and I have shown him the magic of this music. We went to ABGT250 for our first festival experience, it was a blast! We are going to the second night Portland show, and hope they announce a Washington show so we can see them again this year. When we aren’t working hard and going to school, we like to explore the state of Washington with lots of hikes and camping. We look forward to meeting all the PNW AFWW at the Portland show. ??See you there, Fam!!

Hey Fam. I made a few Common Ground wristbands to share at the Thursday Portland show. My boyfriend and I will be passing them out at the meet up before, as well as during the show. Spread  Anjuna Fam.

common ground portland

via Nate Thomas

David Wróblewski and Ashley Vrublevskiy.

Hey y’all. The name’s David. Originally from Ukraine, but I’ve been living in the PNW since 1993. I grew up in NE Portland and spent a few years in Seattle (2005-2009). Have been listening to electronic music since the late 90’s. Went to my first rave 17 years ago at the ripe age of 15. First heard Anjuna senior year of HS when “Sky Falls Down” came out. That track was on many burned CD’s. First time seeing Above & Beyond was in 2007. I’ve met many of you at local shows in recent months and I look forward to partying with you guys for years to come. Oh, and my best trait is my rad wife Ashley.

common ground portland

Via David Wróblewski‎


My name is Shauna. I was introduced to Above & Beyond at Diso in 2014 and fell in love. My husband Kyle and I have since traveled to see them at the Hollywood Bowl, the Gorge (duh), Tacoma Dome and Mooore! Lol my husband and I can often be found with friends at 45 East or our Seattle crew at Foundation. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a good handful of you at local shows. Love all the good vibes this music brings and these shows bring. Looking forward to seeing some of you this Thursday! ♥️????

common ground portland

Via Shauna Crystal Moys

Alex Henkens

Sup Anjuna fam my names Alex.

Been working in music, producing, djing etc for about 10 years now, used to do some cool trance stuff, but, i set my trance love aside for deep house and funk.

Doesn’t mean I still don’t love the music that first got me into all these shenanigans. Always down to meet new friends etc. Feel free to add me and say hi!


common ground portland

Via Alex Henkens


Hannah Robert

Hello AnjunaFamily ❤ my name is Hannah, I’m new to this group and I can’t wait to befriend you, beautiful people! Above and Beyond changed my life and I saw them for the first time at ABGT ?

Above and Beyond

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