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12 Days of Grizmas

Caroling with Griz? Sign us up for the 12 Days of Grizmas!

by Jennifer Fall

Everyone loves the holidays. There is nothing more special than eggnog, twinkling lights, fireplaces, and Santa… Until you hit the very special time of the year where Christmas comes early for all good boys and girls. That’s right kids, it’s time for Grizmas.

“Music saved his life, but Detroit built him. Now GRiZ is doing all he can to give back to his community by helping to develop a support network for creative kids in a city ripe for artistic renaissance. By turning the benefit of this cause towards fostering the spirit of Detroit, GRiZ continues to set the intention towards further development in his own backyard. Growing up learning music within the progressive container of Detroit’s music scene changed his life, so as a continuation of his roots, he is now working to help kids in the city flourish as he did. 100% of the proceeds from every charitable GRiZMAS event go toward increasing access to music education in Detroit’s public schools.”

We love a cause we can believe in at Fresh Music Freaks, and education and Detroit are very close to our hearts.

Griz just released his schedule for this year’s event and it is shaping up to be one for the record books. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to go caroling with Griz, go rollerskating as an alien, or knock down some pins at the bowling rink with the master Saxophone player himself? Yea, sign us up! We have been good all year. Santa can wait!

12 Days of Grizmas | Click here for tickets!

12 Days of Grizmas | Click here for tickets!

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