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‘Call It Love’, But This Week’s New Music Will Never ‘Fade Away’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Emma Hewitt x Nourey x Richard Durand – ‘COLLIDE’

Two new visions of Emma Hewitt’sCOLLIDE’ hit with full force today, as the sublime, nostalgia-drenched song brings Nourey and Richard Durand into its fold. 

Talla 2XLC & Airfire – ‘No Signs Of Life (Dominant Space Remix)’

The revamped version of the eternal classic ‘No Signs Of Life’ by Talla 2XLC released earlier this year on Technoclub Retro now gets the remix treatment by the well-established Japanese duo Dominant Space. Their remix pushes the adrenaline level to the max with heavy beats and raw basslines while the breakdown is long, atmospheric and truly cinematic. And at last, the track’s perfect climax is designed to unite festival and club goers as one powerful force. 

Zack Martino x Jordan Grace – ‘Fade Away’

Touching upon the insecurities that can taint a heart aflame, Zack Martino and Jordan Grace’s first-ever link-up on Armada Music sits at the crossroads between light and dark. Fusing soul-searching vocals and rousing melodies with potent bass and powerful percussion, ‘Fade Away’ ticks all the boxes of a song able to make fans go wild.

Siskin – ‘Piece Of My Love’

Siskin’sPiece Of My Love’ is less about the feeling itself, but more what we do with it when it arrives. Wistful, occasionally lamenting and regret-tinged, but never less than achingly beautiful, the girls dive deep into its nature.

Jean-Michel Jarre – ‘Oxymore’

“I always thought that musique concrete, or electroacoustic music, actually had heavy and delicate aspects. So, in ‘Oxymore’, I tried to include those two elements; Pierre Henry’s music, but also electroacoustic music… as a kind of oxymoron, it stands on the pillars of delicate, intricate, subtle sounds and stronger, forceful, raw sounds.”

Jean-Michel Jarre

Will Sparks x ShortRound – ‘Pills (Deborah De Luca Remix)’

Giving even the heaviest techno cuts a run for their money, Deborah De Luca’s remix of ‘PILLS’ is a club wrecker on steroids. Captained by massive kick drums, relentless bass and captivating arpeggios that give listeners a brief moment to catch their breath, this track is designed to knock a crowd senseless.

Valentino Khan – ‘Goin Up’

Goin Up’ is produced from high-quality instrumental beats with a smooth and expressive voice that gives the single a distinct quality in the dance music scene. A battle of Valentino Khan’s distinct dynamics between thoughtful and entertaining showcases the producer’s ability to continuously evolve and produce sultry hit records.

Kryder x Tom Staar – ‘Pineapples’

The second track made for the new ‘Maladroids’ game, Tom Staar and Kryder’sPineapples’ is oozing with club attitude. Helmed by raw bass blobs, bouncing grooves and standout sound effects, this track sets the mood just right for a night spent dancing.

Justin Caruso – ‘Fall Tonight’

Pairing the velvety vocals of Tayla Parx and Justin Caruso’s carefully tuned production, ‘Fall Tonight’ is a delectable dose of nostalgia, effervescent, melodic realms of EDM and progressive house. Dreamlike yet infectiously groovy, this fresh new single combines a striking balance of his signature danceable beats with a new flare. The raw lyrics and captivating rhythms create an atmospheric, soulful disco house cut that can be heard on multiple dance floors.

Golden Features – ‘Vigil (Remixes)’

Acclaimed Australian electronic producer Golden Features shares the official remix package for his latest single ‘Vigil’, which features remixes by Joe Goddard, Willo, and Human Movement, via Foreign Family Collective / Warner Music Australia.

Loco & Jam – ‘Breathe’

“For ‘Breathe’ we wanted to create something that sat in between techno and melodic. A groover with hypnotizing vocals that could be played across all genres of house and techno. For the basis of the track we wanted to reference the old Loco & Jam Sound of ‘A Pinch Of Spice’ and ‘Trigger’ but take it in a new direction with the lead arp which we made on the synth ‘Thor’ in Reason. The lead haunting vocals also continue on from one of our previous tracks ‘Dance With Me’ as it’s the same voice from the same sample pack and we believe it’s a fitting follow up to our sound.”

Loco & Jam

Felix Jaehn x Ray Dalton – ‘Call It Love (Klingande Remix)’

Global dance music sensation Felix Jaehn taps Klingande for the first remix offering of his recent Summer collaboration with Ray Dalton, ‘Call It Love’. The French melodic house visionary injects an energy-fueled twist on the pop-led original for a pulsating club-primed rework.

Sam Blacky – ‘Move Like That’

Femme powerhouse Sam Blacky returns with another sultry house single, ‘Move Like That’ on Mexican duo Tom & Collins’ label Terms & Conditions. Blacky is heavily inspired by her global travels and the music she encounters along the way, and this new release carries a distinctive Latin flair. With an energetic pulse driven by a steady bassline and kick drums, Blacky also layers in a catchy vocal riff with the title’s namesake that encourages the listener to get on their feet and ‘Move Like That’.

STAR SEED x Luma – ‘How To Let Go’

STAR SEED unites with lauded singer-songwriter Luma on their new soothing collaboration ‘How To Let Go’, a stellar dance pop record slated for release on Lost In Dreams Records

Casmalia x Sean Lafayette – ‘Escape From You’

Escape From You’ is a vibrant offering that audibly boasts a propelling four-on-the-floor tone, perfectly paired with a rich, sultry vocal cut. The track kicks off with a pulsating bassline and percussive elements, quickly followed by Casmalia’s enthralling vocals. A rising tension is slowly built, before unleashing an infectious beat drop revealing a reverberating bassline accompanied by a pitched-down vocal chop on loop. Oozing with atmospheric energy unlike anything heard before, the track encapsulates the ears, transporting listeners to a euphoric soundscape. Serving as a stellar addition to her blossoming discography, ‘Escape From You’ oozes with an unquenchable groove, featuring all the best that house music has to offer as a genre. 

Bishu – ‘MISS U’

Bishu is falling back into his former self on his latest single, ‘MISS U’, a velvety piano-driven house track that spills its emotions out as part of the ninth season of releases on NIGHTMODE.

ATLiens x SVDDEN DEATH – ‘Purgatory’

While ATLiens and SVDDEN DEATH have co-existed in the same circles for years, ‘Purgatory’ will be their first-ever official collaboration, stoking the flames of dubstep fans worldwide.

Tisoki – ‘No Rules’

Bass music rebel Tisoki is going rogue with his follow-up single ‘No Rules’, the next salvo pulled from his forthcoming EP on Bassrush Records

Kleøpatra – ‘Drop The Top’

Drop The Top’ is a propelling endeavor that effortly maintains intoxicating high octane sensibilities throughout its entirety. Kicking off with sharp, stabbing synth-work, glitch-like elements, perfectly paired with a pitched down vocal-cut, the track immediately captures the listeners attention, leaving them eagerly waiting for what’s to come next. A pulsating bassline quickly follows creating an barrage of rhythmic beats that leaves it impossible to not groove along with the track. The vocals take the focal point of the track, slowly building in tension, ultimately unleashing a four-on-the-floor bass-house beat that serves a transmittable fire through the ears, transporting listeners to a sonic soundscape. Serving as an energetic roller coaster of bass drenched sounds, ‘Drop The Top’ marks a stellar addition to Kleøpatra’s thriving discography.

Tom & Collins – ‘Se Va (feat. Cumbiafrica)’

Internationally renowned duo Tom & Collins reconnects with South American rhythmic powerhouse Cumbiafrica on their new single ‘Se Va’, arriving courtesy of Insomniac Records.

*Featured image via Zack Martino, Klingande, Richard Durand and Nourey*

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