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Fresh Music - February 25, 2019

#ICYMI | ASOT 900 Utrecht | Armin Van Buuren Blessed Us With Several New IDs

Armin Van Buuren plays 3 sets at A State Of Trance 900 Utrecht and drops tons of new track IDs!

This past weekend, A State Of Trance 900 in Utrecht took thousands of trance fans from across the world on a musical journey. As the first major trance show of the year, ASOT is the perfect platform for artists to release their new music. And that’s just what they did! I could sit here all day and write about every new track from every artist on the lineup, but today I’m going to highlight the IDs that Armin Van Buuren blessed us with at ASOT 900.

Three sets = Tons of new music!

Armin Van Buuren played 3 different sets at the ASOT festival this year: a warm-up vinyl set, a Who’s Afraid of 138?! set and his usual main stage set. The warm-up set is always very chill and allows Armin to show off the more mellow and progressive side of trance. Moving on to the WAO138 stage is the complete opposite, with heavy hitting bangers, tech trance and high speed BPM tracks. Finally, the main stage set is what we know and love Armin for — the high energy, jumping up and down, sing your heart out and throw your hands in the air set!

The warm-up set didn’t have any new tracks for us, but it was definitely full of classics that many trance fans always long to hear live. It was especially unparalleled because of the fact that they were played on vinyl.

From warming up the crowd, to blasting them with bangers.

Over on the 138 stage, Armin played a mix of old and new tracks that are not for the faint of heart. One track that stood out was an unreleased record by W and W and Maurice West. The proposed name of this track is ‘Matrix’, but at this moment it has only been teased in the artists’ sets and by Armin Van Buuren during ASOT 900. This song is an absolute banger with a big room sound to get the crowd jumping.
‘Matrix’ – W and W and Maurice West

The main stage is where Armin goes all out with presenting us with his new tracks. He started the set with an unreleased track that he produced with Shapov, ‘La Resistance De L’Amour’. This track is the perfect intro piece and makes you want to close your eyes, put your hands up and just feel the music. (Timestamp – 1:18)

The next track was another ID that no one has placed a name on yet. It’s a beautiful vocal track with a female vocalist and an inspiring melody to pair with her gorgeous voice. I couldn’t seem to put my finger on exactly who the singer is. My best guess would be Fiora, but maybe after you take a listen, you might be able to figure it out. (Timestamp – 8:01)

The collab we’ve all been waiting for.

Above and Beyond got on stage with Armin, and together, they unveiled their new joint venture ‘Show Me Love’. This trance masterpiece will be out via Armada Music and Anjunabeats soon. Anjuna and ASOT fans are ecstatic about this release as this collaboration has been a long time coming. (Edit via Inspiron Trance)
‘Show Me Love’ – Armin Van Buuren and Above and Beyond

A little more than an hour in, Armin turned up the heat and dropped another ID. It has the vocals “put your fucking hands up,” so our guess is that it might be a collab between Armin and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike to follow up their track ‘Repeat After Me’. (Timestamp – 1:09:28)

Finally, Armin played his new working title track, ‘Turn It Up’. This one seems like a second edition of ‘Blah Blah Blah’ with its catchy lyrics and sing-songy vibe. This one will definitely be on Armin’s track list throughout the 2019 festival season and will surely get the crowds singing at the top of their lungs.
‘Turn It Up’ – Armin Van Buuren

What do you guys think of these new tracks? Personally, the tracks I enjoyed the most were the vocal ID track and the new record with Shapov. I hope to hear them live soon! For now we’ll just have to settle for listening to them on YouTube! Don’t worry though, they’ll be released in due time. Stay tuned for those upcoming releases as well as releases from your other favorite artists!

*Featured image via Armin Van Buuren’s FB page*