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Art - September 21, 2018

Artist “Not Your Muse” incites a feeling Bass, Beats, and EDM [Look]

When I look at a painting by the beautiful artist “Not your muse” it reminds me of my favorite EDM song.  It’s like her paintings are a song on the canvas.

Not your Muse

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The vibrant colors jump out at me giving me energy just like the beat of an EDM song. When I listen to EDM it’s almost like I am transported into another world and when I look at Not Your Muse’s art I feel the same exact way, it’s like I can travel to a different place in my head.

Not your mUse


The images in her art convey a vibe that I can feel just like the bass line of the music. The paint splatters give it life and a sense of movement like that feeling I get when I hear a track and I just can’t help but dance.  I love the fun, colorful artwork that “Not Your Muse” creates and of course, as always, I love EDM!

Not Your Muse

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