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Ari El - Dark Vocals

Ari El – Dark Vocals | Cielo NYC

by TerraNova.Lov3

By Saxe Coulson

Dark Vocals is a podcast that Ari El started to release 6 years ago. It is a combination of Vocals both old and new, with Ari El’s distinct harder sound to give the vocals some new flavor. It is Ari El’s most acclaimed podcast, and April 13th of 2017 they did their first Dark Vocals party at Cielo. With the help of promoter Adrian Hoda from H.O.T Entertainment, the party was a true 6 hour vocal journey through sound and time. Many elements were added to the party such as dancers and MC’s to make the party very memorable.

This time around they have stepped things up a few notches by adding an element that has not been a part of nightlife in quite some time, a live performance. Singer songwriter Seri who is known for her hit track Rain will join Ari El by providing a live performance during the party. Seri will also join them as the Dark Vocals party teams up with Boca A Boca for Dark Vocals at Club Vertigo in Costa Rica.

Adrian formed H.O.T Entertainment just over a year ago, and has gained much buzz as one of the fastest growing promoters in New York. Dark Vocals is one of many different concepts that his company H.O.T Entertainment is involved with, but this one means the most to him due to his close relationship with Ari El.

“When Adrian and I first met he was immediately drawn to my Dark Vocals podcasts. It was always a dream of mine to make it into its own party, and when I saw the fire in his eyes while listening to it I knew it was time to make it happen. He is not only my manager but is one of my best friends, and we have made a lot happen this last year.” Said Ariel.

Make sure to check out Dark Vocals on Friday the 13th at Cielo, it’s going to be H.O.T!

Tickets are available here

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