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Amba Shepherd’s new video for “Wide Awake & Dreaming” is Amazing!

by TerraNova.Lov3

 The new video for Amba Shepherd’s song “Wide Awake & Dreaming ” Is filled with awesome visuals!

Her new music video has flying pianos and castle projecting light beams! The song has beautiful vocals by Amba supported by a solid dance groove and rad bass line. This video is a must see for any Electronic Music Fan!



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The Australian singer-songwriter showed the world her superstar potential with her first original track, “Prelude,” and now her new release “Wide Awake & Dreaming.” The newest addition to Amba’s arsenal flawlessly fuses her gorgeous vocals with deep, hypnotic melodies for the perfect combination of sugar and spice.

Amba teamed up with Dutch producer Tommy Rocks to co-write “Wide Awake & Dreaming” after the two met during a songwriting camp for Spinnin’ Records last year.”It’s a song about that moment when you realize that something you have been dreaming about for a really long time is coming true right in front of your eyes,” says Shepherd about her inspiration for the track.

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