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Virtual Self

The Aftermath of Virtual Self at WaMu Theatre

by TerraNova.Lov3

It’s safe to say that Porter Robinson as Virtual Self, has successfully amazed everyone once again.  On September 13th, a cold and blustery Seattle night, we were all reminded of his genius artistry, and the results of his show blew us away.

Combined with the completely unique stage, light show and visuals, Virtual Self put us all in a futuristic and unforgettable trance, one that no one has seemed to break away from even a week later. It wasn’t a heavy set full of head-banging and debauchery but rather it was beautiful and mesmerizing and washed with a blue and purple aura that eased us perfectly into fall.

The ability to be two different artists at once is such a huge feat in my book and I can’t wait to see/hear what both Porter Robinson and Virtual Self come up with next.

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