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Ultra Miami 2019

Ultra Miami: Will be held in Virginia Key

by Jennifer Fall

Excuse me while I pour one out for the homies. Ultra Miami will absolutely no longer be held in Bayfront. Many of you know that Ultra Miami is my absolute favorite electronic music festival in the entire US. Today, the future of UMF Miami is still potentially in jeopardy, due to so many factors… Ie: Miami politics.

Today, after a long drawn out and potentially one of the most widely watched commission meetings, Ultra agreed to a 2 Million guarantee for Virginia Key at a max of 60,000 attendees. One year contract… only.

The Mayor insisted that time was of the essence about Ultra’s competitor Rapture securing a new venue in a timely fashion.

Ultra has also agreed to an environmental consultant to work with the Key Biscayne Trust. They will be bringing in traffic experts to make it as easy as possible for residents in the area.

Some of us are very sad, and some of us are optimistic. I hate to use my nickname publicly… so I’ll just reference baking cookies, and being excited that 1: WE GOT A FREAKING VENUE, and 2: It can be an exciting new beginning for a brand that is so loved by so many. I for one will be there with bells on.

And for those who watched…Oink.

Grab your tickets here. You don’t want to miss this amazing new chapter in Ultra’s life.

Ultra 2019

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