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Sacred Vibrations Music & Art Festival

Stoked for Sacred Vibrations Music & Arts Festival

by Jennifer Fall

Sacred Vibrations Music & Arts Festival is having a big moment for its sophomore edition. The festival will be held on October 4-6, Salt River Acres, in Shepherd MI this year, and fans are gearing up for the stellar event. “Phase two really brings the whole festival together. We’d like to think there’s a little something for everyone involved in our wonderful Michigan community.” Said Jake Heslinga, Director of marketing. The second year festival will feature additional forms of art and expression such as live performance painting, glass-blowing, meditation, yoga, and more. Midwesterners, you don’t want to miss this!

Conversation with Producer Jake Heslinga and Headliner, Papadosio

Shepherd, MI: Sacred Vibrations producer Jake Heslinga draws inspiration from his first festival, Electric Forest, which has grown into the mothership of music festivals worldwide. It sparked a fire in Jake that grew into a great passion realized through curating music. The 2018 Sacred Vibrations lineup similarly draws parallels to the diversity of the music at Electric Forest, featuring live bands like Papadosio, Joe Hertler, and Desmond Jones, and DJ’s like LSDream, Thriftworks, and Psymbionic. Jake draws parallels between producing a festival, and his other career, financial planning. He likes both professions for the same reason: helping people feel good, and strategy building. In its second year, Jake contends that the greatest obstacle producing Sacred Vibrations is establishing strong, and open internal communications among team members who are working with one another for the first time.

Tickets are currently $120, including camping, and can be purchased here.

He has been exceptionally grateful for the seamless and reciprocal relationship formed working with headliner, Papadosio. Fresh off the release of their latest album, “Content Coma is an acknowledgment of the current state of our consciousnesses. The alliteration makes up for the unfortunate negative connotation of the word ‘coma’ because the album as a whole really doesn’t put itself in a position to judge what’s good or what’s bad. The song does but that’s just one way we feel about this strange phenomenon of mega creation and mega consumption of content,” says Keyboardist Sam Brouse.

“Ironically, we are really hitting a stride in terms of creativity and content creation.  I feel like this album has really kicked us into high gear and part of that is because we are thinking about how people are consuming music and what that means for our future. It’s all very exciting. In a way, the album is what came out of us when saw the other content people have to entertain themselves with and thought subconsciously, ‘we have to get better, we have to do something great.’”


Listen to “Content Coma” here.  Full interview with Papadosio coming soon here.

Open creation and self-expression were the driving forces that brought us together for the first Sacred Vibrations Music & Arts Festival in 2017. Out of this mind-set grew a community that encourages and uplifts each other to the highest potential. Our imagination is limitless and our mission is to nurture the dreams of those who dare to explore the unknown. Take flight, let go, come vibe with us. Dream. Collaborate. Recreate.

Sacred Vibrations Music & Art Festival

Sacred Vibrations Music & Art Festival | Click here for tickets!

Grab your tickets, and we will see you in Michigan!

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