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Music Festivals - News - June 5, 2018

Ultra Releases Wristbands and Early Bird!!! YASSSS!

Hello Ultranauts,

It is time. Yes, we know you are in the middle of your festival season. Some of us are still paying off our debaucherous weekend in Miami from this past March. You know what is better than festival FOMO? Actually purchasing your ticket for next year’s Ultra, so you can pay as you go (on your credit card), or just rip the whole thing off like a band-aid and pay for it as one lump sum.

Ultra just released the first ever wristband ticketing system for 2019, and I for one am so excited to not worry about potentially “losing a tab,” or worse… losing my ticket entirely at the actual festival.

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I say this every year, better to save money now and bite the bullet and set next year up than be disappointed in my choices. In fact, by the time Ultra came last year I had everything paid off other than just the incidentals for Miami Music Week. I’m not showing off mind you, I am showing a call to action. As I told one friend, sure, I could buy a ticket to a festival that I have never been to… but it still won’t be Ultra. Nothing is like Ultra. Nothing is like Miami Music Week. I’ve done the other big Festival twice, and I am still here to say #TEAMULTRA.

As Christopher Columbus stated it better than I ever could: “Be prepared to RUIN festival season for yourself by seeing the best sets, by the best artists, with the best production. Everything else afterward will be recycled and lacking. What can I say, some of us like to have dessert first.”


Ultra Silver Level Early Bird Sales

Ultra Silver Level Ticket Early Bird Sales

Ultra Silver Level Ticket Early Bird Release

Ultra Silver Level Ticket Early Bird Release