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Northern Nights Music Festival

10 Things We Love About Northern Nights Music Festival | July 20-22

by TerraNova.Lov3

Northern Nights Music Festival is our favorite Summer hometown festival. Located in the beautiful redwoods of Mendocino county in the heart of the Emerald Triangle you will find your ultimate party atmosphere the weekend of July 20th-22. Loaded with amazing people, heavy bass, and a vibe you can’t deny. Northern Nights Music Festival is sure to be the most fun you will have all year! There is so much to love about this festival but we have narrowed it down to our Ten favorite things. Here they are!!

1. The Fucking People- Our number one choice is the top-notch humans we encounter year after year! Nuff’ said.

2. Splashing and Bouncing at the River Stage- Right smack in the middle of the festival you can find the Eel river snaking through the beautiful Northern California forest. Bring your favorite (reusable) floaty and get dripping wet to some drippy bass in the river party of the year! The stage is located right on the edge of the river so you will have no shortage of decibels reaching your ears. A lot of festivals have water but in our opinion this is next level.

3. The Bunker Stage- This is only the second year of this stage and hopefully not the last! If you get the chance to venture out to the far reaches of the festival you will find one of the most unusual stage set ups that we have ever seen. Built out of scaffolding, towering high above the stage-is the Bunker Stage. Climb up to the top and catch a bird’s-eye view of the stage and the festival grounds. P.S the climb is not for the inebriated or the light of heart. It is high and mighty but we think the reward at the top is more than worth it.

4. The Redwood Forest- Northern California is full of stunning nature, but the Redwoods stand alone in all their glory. The Pacific Coast Redwood or (Sequoia Sempervirens) species includes the tallest living trees on earth and the energy they emit is like none other. When we’re in the presence of these mighty trees we immediately feel their wisdom and feel at one with nature. We hope they will help guide you on your way as you mingle through the splendor that is Northern Nights.

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5. Last Years Pirate Ship- In the middle of the Grove forest you will find an outstanding art installation. Last year theme was a mermaid/pirate paradise!! Our favorite part was that the epic ship was built using only suspension, meaning no nails or tools harmed the tress before, during and after the build. We cant wait to see what they create this time!

6. California’s Cannabis Culture- Mendocino county lies right in the middle of the pot capital of the world. So if you’re like us and enjoy getting up on all the new things happening in the scene make sure to check out the 420 zone. It’s a guarantee that you will find best selection of dank buds, edibles, and all the dabs your heart can desire. Come get yourself a taste of that Emerald Triangle NorCal love.

7. Grab yourself a hammock and hangout for a bit!- Every year you can find a variety of freaky festival go-ers swinging around under the mighty Redwoods at all hours. During the day its a sweet little spot to take a nap, jam out, or just simply cool off from the heat. As the sun goes down and the lights and lasers come out the view from the hammocks takes a 360. You could lay there for hours watching the lights and colors dance all throughout the trees, snuggle up with your love and you’ll never want to leave.

8. The Grove- This stage is commonly known as the Heart of the Festival and surrounded by the mighty Redwoods. At this shady stage you can find a bit of everything to fill all your desires. It stays busy with the most epic art installations, live music, burlesque performances, comedy shows, aerial silk performances, toss in some Yoga and the Grove stage will not disappoint. We love starting our day in the Grove!

9. Silent Disco- If you’re a late night owl don’t forget to check out the silent disco on the main stage. This is where people dance to music through individual wireless headphones. Instead of hearing the music through the big speakers it is transmitted via radio broadcast directly to you ears. Just press a button and switch between the multiple dj’s that are playing simultaneously on the same stage. We personally love to take the headphones off for a second and watch the crowd dance in silence. It’s a trip!

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10. No trace left behind- Every year the Green Team slays it at NNMF! It’s incredible to see the build and breakdown. What starts as an empty canvas is transformed into a magical playground where dreams are born and loved is shared. Then in just a few short days, with the help of many hands and lots of hard work you wouldn’t even know hundreds of humans came together to celebrate and experience all that this vortex of a place has to offer. Year after year we are welcomed back to this sacred land and this year we would like to see YOU there!!

Now it’s up to you to pick your favorite natural sunblock, Biodegradable glitter, and reusable floaty!!

Check out the lineup below, and purchase your tickets!

Northern Nights Music Festival

Northern Nights Music Festival | Purchase Tickets Here!

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