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‘You’ve Done Enough’ This Week, ‘Take Your Time’ And Listen To Some New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

A State Of Trance 1000 – ‘Celebration Mix (Mixed by Armin van Buuren)’

Twenty years, a thousand episodes, a lifetime of moments to cherish. What started as a promise from a little boy who fell in love with dance music while riding his bike to school has become a global beacon of like-mindedness and togetherness. Every Thursday, A State Of Trance brought people together no matter their descent or upbringing, choosing similarities over differences as it built a community of people that could connect over an unwavering love for music. And that is what we celebrate on this milestone occasion with the ‘A State Of Trance 1000 – Celebration Mix’, mixed by Armin van Buuren.

ARTY – ‘Take Your Time’

“‘Take Your Time’ is a very personal song about the right and wrong  times in your life. It doesn’t always go the way you expect or want, but you need to be patient about things coming the way you manifest them, because eventually the time will be right. Although the song was written back in 2020 right before COVID started, I feel it hits the nail right on the head considering the times we live in now. I really hope that ‘Take Your Time’ will resonate with the listeners and make their day a little bit brighter, because we need to believe that the good days will come.”


Allen Watts x Chris Schweizer – ‘Cabrones’

The bad boys of Trance are back in Who’s Afraid Of 138?! town, and they aren’t about to start playing nice. Bearing the combined attitude of any Allen Watts or Chris Schweizer production, ‘Cabrones’ is the kind of record that will rough up the dance floor with a mean streak of epic proportions.

Ahmed Helmy – ‘Cosmic Journey / Inevitable’

Back on the A State Of Trance label, Ahmed Helmy delivers a two-tap Trance experience that immediately sends minds into overdrive. From the charged melodies and pulsating synths in ‘Cosmic Journey’ to the epic soundscape of ‘Inevitable’, this double dose of uplifting wonder will get the global Trance crowd hooked in no time.

Giuseppe Ottaviani – ‘Glowing In The Dark’

Hot on the heels of unleashing the mighty ‘Explorer’, Giuseppe Ottaviani touched down on Armind with another designated hitter. Bearing a tinge of old-school alongside a truckload of uplifting presence, ‘Glowing In The Dark’ is set to light up the Trance space every time it’s played.

Super8 & Tab – ‘Scorchin’ Sessions Vol. 1’

“This must be the most unique mix compilation from us yet. Not only because it’s the first of its kind on Scorchin’, but also in terms of how much we’ve worked together with our artists. All 17 tracks have been exclusively made for the compilation and we’re super proud of our artists and how much effort & heart they put into them. ‘Scorchin’ Sessions Vol.1’ is a great showcase for what Scorchin’ Records have to offer in 2021.”

Super8 & Tab

Alok x Everyone You Know – ‘Kids On Whizz’

Brazilian superstar DJ and producer Alok has teamed up with multi-faceted UK sibling duo Everyone You Know (EYK) to release their new single ‘Kids on Whizz’. The track is a rework of Everyone You Knows’ recent single ‘Charlie’ and features a lyric sample from The Streets’Weak Become Heroes’. Laced with Alok’s signature deep-driving bass-lines and EYK’s synth layered beats, the rework is topped by Rhys’ continuous flow of lyrics creating a club-ready hit.

Gorgon City x DRAMA – ‘You’ve Done Enough’

With each consecutive release, Gorgon City set new standards for their production, whilst continuing their unique and recent theme of working with exciting and emerging US vocalists. Perfectly blending UK inspired dance production with outstanding singers ‘You’ve Done Enough’ arrives as the pair’s second collaboration with Chicago’s DRAMA

Vintage Culture x Fancy Inc – ‘Cali Dreams (feat. The Beach)’

Drawing inspiration from the cultural hub of the west coast, Vintage Culture and Fancy Inc have combined their signature styles on ‘Cali Dreams’ — a single designed to celebrate the love, admiration, and unlimited possibilities of coming to California. Whether you’re driving down the California coast or heading out to the beach, ‘Cali Dreams’ is the perfect tune for any California destination and beyond.

Chris Malinchak – ‘Cellophane’

Pairing soulful female vocals with groove-laden production, Chris Malinchak’s upcoming single ‘Cellophane’ is a blissed-out modern dance jam that sees the Jersey-based artist tap into his signature style.

Robbie Rivera x Allen Wish – ‘Girlfriend’

Legendary house producer Robbie Rivera joins forces with LA-based DJ/producer Allen Wish for a new house edit of Robbie Rivera’s 2003 classic hit ‘Girlfriend’. ‘Girlfriend’ marks the first release of the year from Robbie Rivera and Allen Wish who provide the perfect dose of nostalgia leading into the new year. 

Tom Staar – ‘We Found Love (feat. Dan Soleil)’

“I think I originally came up with the melody (for ‘We Found Love’) back in December 2019, but I never worked out what kind of record it was going to be. When Dan Soleil sent me over some songs he’d written, I went through some ideas I’d sketched out before and remembered this one. His vocal fit perfectly and the track came together pretty fast after that.”

Tom Staar

Fedde Le Grand x 22Bullets – ‘Bang Bang’

Kicking off 2021 in an emphatic manner, Dutch powerhouse producer Fedde Le Grand teams up with rocketing artist 22Bullets for a sensational rework of Nancy Sinatra’s iconic hit ‘Bang Bang’. Perfectly fusing their sounds, Fedde and 22Bullets craft a sultry, modern rendition of the timeless classic. Moving across a down-tempo instrumental arrangement, the pair call upon the classic lyrics, playfully paired with guitar licks and groove-inducing percussion. Implementing a low burning bassline juxtaposed with high-pitched synths, this slow-burning creation showcases a different side to the producers’ sounds and will have listeners playing on repeat.

Nick Ledesma – ‘Over & Over’

DJ, producer and rising star Nick Ledesma presents ‘Over & Over’ and we’re overjoyed that he’s chosen Circus Records as the launchpad for such an epic statement of intent. ‘Over & Over’ boasts three examples of the trademark Nick Ledesma combination of soaring melodies, modern production and irresistible pop hooks.

Aluna – ‘Envious (Rezident Remix)’

Following his biggest year to-date, German producer Rezident returns to the release radar with a scintillating rework of Aluna’s hit single ‘Envious’ off her Renaissance album. Rezident weaves his signature sound gracefully into the original with deep synths scattered across a commanding bassline. 

Marcus James x RYYZN – ‘Warning Sign’

An elaborate ode to heartbreak, ‘Warning Sign’ takes listeners through the toughest stages of a breakup, with lush bass lines and smooth vocals to guide the way. Traveling between those final moments in the relationship, the post break up regret and the soaring freedoms felt when moving on with Marcus James and RYYZN as they take all stereotypes of the “breakup” song and quickly dispel them. Vibrant chords and shimmering tones provide contrast to the sombre subject as listeners are given a tool to deal with their grief while not allowing it to overwhelm them.

Anna Shoemaker – ‘Feels Like (1 Trait Danger Remix)’

Anna Shoemaker is sharing a new remix of her single ‘Feels Like’, done by 1 Trait Danger, the satirical electronic side project of Car Seat Headrest’s Andrew Katz. On the new ‘Feels Like’ remix, 1 Trait Danger infuses Shoemaker’s slow-burning indie-pop track with pulsating electro production, elevating the single into the perfect “crying-in-the-club” banger.

Holly T – ‘Born To Be Free’

British DJ, singer and songwriter Holly T has released the kind of liberating and unifying dance anthem that we all need right now, ‘Born To Be Free’. 

Bonsai Mammal – ‘Supermodel (feat. LIZ)’

An impeccable reimagination of RuPaul’s breakout club hit from the ‘90s, Bonsai Mammal’s Supermodel’ takes all of the original record’s infectiousness and multiplies it into infinity. Led by a set of groove-stricken beats, sexy brass sections and the seductive vocals of LIZ, this House-inspired overhaul of the age-old hit single has the looks and isn’t afraid to show it.

*Featured image via Gorgon City, ARTY, Allen Watts and Chris Schweizer*

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