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‘You Should Know’ This Week’s ‘Legendary’ New Tracks | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Alesso x Armin van Buuren – ‘Leave A Little Love’

The expectations for a collab of this magnitude couldn’t be higher, yet Alesso and Armin van Buuren deliver in full with this delicious crossover tune. Sporting a club-tailored instrumental backdrop, super-catchy vocal lines and even a tonal transposition that lifts up listeners in the final stage of the song, ‘Leave A Little Love’ ticks all the boxes of a bona fide summer anthem.

Ferry Corsten – ‘High On You (feat. Maria Marcus)’

“I’m very excited about this release (‘High On You’) because it is way out of my comfort zone. I’ve always been a big fan of the mid 90’s UK breaks sound. Combining that with the beauty of orchestral instruments is a very fresh take on music for me. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Maria Marcus on this song. The way she builds the track towards the end with all the various harmonies and layers is just incredible.”

Ferry Corsten

Chicane – ‘8 (Circle)’

From the studio album ‘Everything We Had to Leave Behind’ comes a Chicane rework of Bon Iver’s8 (Circle)’. Those that do not know Bon Iver and the original track will be unaware how well the marriage of these artists works, but, that’s of no consequence as this is a premium Chicane single. Hopefully, those Bon Iver fans out there will appreciate the single too. Chicane is a fan of the act and has featured various tunes on the Chicane – Sunsets podcasts over the years.

Fedde Le Grand x Melo.Kids – ‘In Love With You’

The sprightly tune, ‘In Love With You’ immediately kicks off with a pulsating bass line alongside a galvanised beat and infectious rhythm. Enticingly entrancing from start to finish, the feel-good four-on-the-floor endeavor quickly introduces a rich, textured vocal cut into the sonic space. Melo.Kids’ distinct signature sound can be heard throughout, enmeshing their unique spin on electro, future, and bass house effortlessly with Fedde Le Grand’s inimitable production prowess.

Scorz – ‘Poison (feat. Jamie Deraz)’

Scorz is rapidly turning into a regular on Armind and this record shows the entire world why. From the compelling, arpeggio-driven melodies to the irresistible vocal emotion provided by Jaime Deraz, ‘Poison’ captivates and excites to the point repeat mode becomes inevitable.

ReOrder x Neil Hunter – ‘You Should Know (feat. Zach Alwin)’

Speaking of a shoulder to lean on and finding the way up again, ReOrder’sYou Should Know’ means to start off 2021 on a hopeful and positive note. Featuring the additional production touches of Neil Hunter and the empowering vocals of Zach Alwin, this record lights a candle for all who currently find themselves in the dark.

KSHMR – ‘Around The World (feat. NOUMENN)’

“For me this song (‘Around The World’) walks a wonderful line of being uplifting while having a message. The vocal isn’t too preachy but a good reminder to be thoughtful and care for the world around us. Very grateful to NOUMENN for doing this with me.”


Corti Organ – ‘Legendary’

Back on inHarmony, Corti Organ show exactly why they’re regulars on Andrew Rayel’s imprint. From the high-energy build-up to the breathtaking piano-led breakdown to the epic synths that supercharge the heavy beat drop, this wonderfully melodious banger is ‘Legendary’ indeed.

Pavel Khvaleev pres. Paraframe x Loolacoma – ‘Dismay’

To date, Loolacoma (aka Aleksandra Khvaleev) has lent her ethereal, unforgettable — and possibly now even unmistakable — tones to a dozen or more of Pavel Khvaleev’s works. With vocal resonances touching on everything from Portishead to Nina Simone and a production that at times echoes DJ Shadow, Goldfrapp and others, ‘Dismay’ weaves its spectacularly lament-laced spell. Cultural, political or personal – the exact meaning to Loolacoma’s lyrics are left deliberately implicit, leaving ‘Dismay’s exact meaning open to the individual’s interpretation. While we said “not initially floor-centric”, Pavel Khvaleev’s remix does see the noir Grandmaster place it on a club floor footing. Looped vocal cuts, ominously warped pitch bends, uncompromising bass and jacking rhythms all conspire to set light to the darkest corners of the club.

ZAXX – ‘Chaos’

“This track (‘Chaos’) is an ode to my older big room style — pretty, but hard at the same time. I like to make songs with unexpected drops, I never want my sound to be predictable. Big Room will always have a place in my heart and I really want to bring it back. In my opinion it’s one of the most pure forms of electronic music because you can do so much with it, I fully intend to innovate the genre and keep it alive for the new generation to enjoy.”


Tom Staar x Cedric Gervais – ‘Playing Games’

An emotion-laden crossover collab between Tom Staar and Cedric Gervais, ‘Playing Games’ is a more delicate tune than you’d normally expect from these dance music mainstays. Touched by crystalline vocals, reflective lyrics and chord progressions that soothe the soul, this record once again underlines how incredibly versatile its creators are.

Pomo – ‘Walking’

Vancouver-born multi-instrumentalist and producer Pomo has linked up with Chicago artist Knox Fortune on new single ‘Walking’. Marking Pomo’s first release since 2019, ‘Walking’ is a sunkissed, nostalgia-tinged pop jam, with warm, jangly guitars and infectious vocals helping create a funk-laden, feel good vibe with broad appeal.

KIDDO – ‘My 100’

KIDDO makes her Virgin Records debut with ‘My 100’. The super woman with the raw voice that switches from wonderfully raspy to soft and soulful, tells about the end of a relationship in a conciliative manner — “There’s no crying in this town / there’s no heartbreak here tonight” — with the rebellious nonchalance and quirkiness that distinguishes KIDDO as an artist. ‘My 100’ is a strong start for 2021, and anyone who sees and hears KIDDO knows, KIDDO has come to stay.

LZRD x Sam Tinnesz – ‘When We Love’

“‘When We Love’ is more than just a lesson of how impactful love is in a relationship; it is meant to shed light in a dark world where we need to love one another more than ever. When we love and support each other, while looking past each other’s differences, we can truly conquer anything.”


Kaivon x Nevve – ‘Whole Life’

Legendary event promoter and record label Insomniac celebrates the launch of their new label Lost In Dreams with a single from Kaivon and Nevve, ‘Whole Life’. Noted as the first single to debut on the label this month, Lost In Dreams will feature an outstanding roster of artists stemming from the Future Bass, Melodic Dubstep, and Pop/Electronic leaning genres.

Inside the wonderland of Lost In Dreams comes an imaginative new experiential single ‘Whole Life’ from producer/DJ Kaivon. Pairing heavy drum patterns with cinematic production, ‘Whole Life’ fuses elements of future bass, melodic trap and experimental sounds into one otherworldly tune. Tapping frequent dance vocalist Nevve for the track, she lends her sweet melodies and smooth-tongued notes over Kaivon’s sleek production to round out the single with an emotive feel.

Matroda – ‘When We Were Young’

Matroda is swinging back over to Insomniac Records with a new two-track appearance arriving in the form of ‘When We Were Young’ and ‘Gimme Some Keys’. Since making his debut on the imprint, the Croatian house phenom has continued to explore new elements from across the house music spectrum, ranging from brooding vocal-driven future house to soulful piano-led groovers. He’s now branching out even further with his latest effort, diving into prog-laden influences on the moody ‘When We Were Young’, while leaning into uplifting tech house on the B-Side ‘Gimme Those Keys’. 

Colorsick – ‘Nobody’

Colorsick is returning to Divided Souls with new house single ‘Nobody’. Quickly making a name for himself on the house music circuit is emerging producer Colorsick out of Tampa, Florida. He closed out his 2020 with a debut appearance on Wax’s ever-growing Divided Souls imprint with a spry groove called ‘Like You’. Now, he’s ready to up the ante with a follow-up release titled ‘Nobody’, a vibrant house tune that brings another irresistible bounce crafted by the budding artist.

Snyder – ‘In The Dark’

Multi-faceted US-based producer/DJ/artist Snyder has released his long-awaited full-length album, ‘In The Dark’. His 10-track debut artist album, which is comprised of several previously released singles, is full of sundry material and boasts vocal features from 24hrs, 51b, Dre of the East, Danielle Goz, Mike Eakins, and Northside Rocky. Nearly two years in the making, ‘In The Dark’ is a work of art, which is further proof of Snyder’s eclectic style, sonic precision, and a true testament to his artistic diversity.  

Corrupt – ‘Romeo’

Corrupt (UK) is delivering a red-hot single called ‘Romeo’ for House Call. The bassline madman from England has been a consistent bringer of hefty low-end house music for a number of credible camps from Crucast, Night Bass, Divided Souls and a couple of past appearances on Dr Fresch’s label. He’s now returning to the latter’s revamped House Call imprint with a new steamy groove equipped with all the makings to take the sensual tension off the charts. 

Chee – ‘Paralysis Analysis’

Bass maven CHEE is anything but ordinary. A natural-born visionary with a penchant for all things explosive, CHEE returns to the frontlines of electronic dance music with his ‘Paralysis Analysis’ EP. The 5-track extended play featuring a special collaboration with Mr. Carmack

*Featured image via ReOrder, Corti Organ, Tom Staar and Cedric Gervais*

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