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You ‘Gotta Be’ Ready When You Listen To This Week’s Amazing New Music For The ‘First Time’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Alesso x Armin van Buuren – ‘Leave A Little Love (Club Mix)’

Perfectly complementing the recent crossover collab between two greats, the Club Mix of Armin van Buuren and Alesso’sLeave A Little Love’ takes a sturdier and more hands-on approach than its counterpart. Interlocking the original vocals with tantalizing melodies on a speaker-smashing backdrop, this supercharged take on the already captivating record will have listeners reaching for the stars with every play.

R3HAB x Timmy Trumpet x W&W – ‘Distant Memory’

In an epic collision of forces, R3HAB partners with Timmy Trumpet and W&W for the new single ‘Distant Memory’, a big-room progressive house track that’s destined for future festival anthem status. Opening with haunting, singsong vocals and lullaby-esque melodies, it lulls the listener into a relaxed state before upping the ante with cinematic synths and a driving bassline, working into a goosebump-worthy drop. The contrast between the dreamy vocal verses and the intensified drop makes “Distant Memory” a standout of 2021 thus far, and we hope this isn’t the last collab we’ll see from R3HAB, Trumpet and W&W duo.

Chicane – ‘Don’t Look Down’

Fitting right in with all other gorgeous tracks on Chicane’s eighth studio album ‘Everything We Had To Leave Behind’, ‘Don’t Look Down’ immediately immerses listeners in the warmth and wonder of its stellar vocals and chord progressions. Climbing higher and higher until the ground at one’s feet is merely a fading memory, this Balearic beauty shows exactly why Chicane has been one of dance music’s most esteemed creators for decades.

Wuki – ‘WukiWorld’

“After an entire year and a few delays, I’m sooo stoked to release my debut album [‘WukiWorld’]. I want this body of work to show all the weird corners of my brain and how I love to approach music from a million angles while still maintaining my sound.”


Binary Finary – ‘1998 (Jose De Mara Remix)’

Picked by Armin van Buuren for his Tomorrowland NYE 2020 live set, this huge remix of Binary Finary’s 1998’ is where the past and the future shake hands for a big sonic smackdown. Fronted by the iconic melody on a sturdy bedrock so expertly designed by Spanish DJ and producer Jose De Mara, this remix will undoubtedly have fans feeling for more.

Artento Divini vs Davey Asprey – ‘D. A. D. A.’

After releasing ‘A.D.D.A.’ and ‘D.A.A.D.’ on respectively Armind and Who’s Afraid Of 138?!, Artento Divini and Davey Asprey bump fists again for their next banger on the WOA138?! label. Armed with huge energy spikes, thumping kick-bass combos and a melody that beautifully contrasts the record’s bad-boy attitude, ‘D.A.D.A.’ is the kind of track that smashes sound systems to bits every single time.

Jack Trades – ‘Change Your Mind (feat. sahara)’

“There is something special about a sad song that is absolutely personal and authentic, ‘Change Your Mind’ is just that song. We often end up staying in relationships that have no future, even though we know the final outcome. But at the end of the day, we are only human and it’s okay to go through those emotions.”

Jack Trades

ILLENIUM x Ian Dior – ‘First Time’

Platinum crossover electronic artist and producer/DJ ILLENIUM has teamed up with genre-bending, platinum-selling artist iann dior for ‘First Time’, his latest single out via 12Tone Music. This track serves as an appetizer to ILLENIUM’s highly anticipated upcoming album with more details to be announced soon. 

ALRT – ‘NRG: Vol 2’

“I’m excited for the world to hear ‘NRG: Vol 2’. I’ve been keeping ‘Sex’ in the back of my drawer for a while now and can’t wait for fans to enjoy it. It’s like a high nrg bass house hybrid – some call it speed house. ‘See the NRG’ represents what I’m about in electronic music including a lot of energy, fun vocals, and tension at the same time! ‘The Underground’ is full of melodies, different pieces, and I’m happy with the final product. ‘N.N.F.’ is a tribute to one of my favorite genres – very much U.K. inspired drum n bass with a reggae type vocal which I love! ‘Marrakesh’ is a future trap type track with middle eastern influences, and ‘Touch Me’ is a high energy track heavily influenced my time growing up in the 90’s.”


Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – ‘Let It Lie’

Following on from ‘Life After You’ and ‘What If’, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s first female-powered vocal cut of 2021 is about finding inner peace despite the hurting someone may have caused. Coupling this strong message with its creators’ signature rhythms and innate musicality, ‘Let It Lie’ has the ability to be the soundtrack to parts of so many people’s lives.

Crystal Skies x JT Roach – ‘Crazy While We’re Young’

Melodic masters Crystal Skies have shifted gears with the iconic singer/songwriter JT Roach for the convivial cut ‘Crazy While We’re Young’. In bringing together Crystal Skies’ future pop sensibilities with JT’s fun folk sound, they created a surefire hit accessible to all audiences. 

Antduan – ‘Rain Drops (feat. Alexander Badoi)’

“I used to love those tunes from the early 2000’s trance scene and I feel that my song is in the same vibe as old songs, but with modern instruments. For me, having emotions and soul in my music is the most important thing and I am always trying to add them. I produced the instrumental version of ‘Rain Drops’ in the first lockdown time and it was one of my first tracks that had a really good reaction. Afterwards, I was looking for a vocalist similar to the songs of Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold from early 2000, and I found Alexandra Badoi. She had the perfect voice and it comes out exactly in the way that I imagined.”


No Pants Party – ‘Here We Go’

A bass-heavy cut that spits synth blips, tightly wound snare percussion and roiling vocal samples with devastating precision, No Pants Party’sHere We Go’ has all the hallmarks of a primetime festival weapon. Dripping with intent and produced with dark, dirty dancefloors in mind, it’s yet another effortlessly confident and unapologetically ferocious track from the act. 

Habstrakt – ‘Gotta Be (Remixes)’

Habstrakt’s latest single on Insomniac Records is getting the remix treatment with a three-track ‘Gotta Be (Remixes)’ package. Last year, the French powerhouse dove into some brooding house vibes with a vocal-driven single named ‘Gotta Be’. The bass house anthem burned with passion, while still retaining the signature dark drive he has perfected over the years. Now, he’s tapping Bleu Clair, Norsheep and the mysterious Bacon to rework the cut into super unique house and drum and bass versions.

Sam Blacky – ‘Body’

“‘Body’ was 100% inspired by my love of travel & tropical, foreign destinations. Obviously, before COVID, what seems like so long ago, I would be in a different country almost every weekend and get exposed to all sorts of new styles of music. I took it all in like a sponge, I was obsessed with every new song I heard & I couldn’t believe how different all the sounds were. I collected bits and pieces from all over the world to culminate my own sound and take different aspects from every place I had been and combine them all together. The song went through tons of rounds of changes and edits because every time I would come home from another trip, I would have something more to add. I hope it comes across in the work, because it truly was inspired by the world.”

Sam Blacky

Weird Genius – ‘Clock of Reincarnation (feat. Moi Yang)’

Clock of Reincarnation’ adds a new dimension to the track’s genre-bending, border-blurring approach. Moi Yang, an alum of The Voice China, offers a stunning performance at the center of Weird Genius’ club-ready instrumental, offering a foreboding, poetic story of heartbreak. As “blood occupies both eyes,” she worries about time running out and loves floating out of reach. It’s emotional and gut-wrenching, and the crushing drops only underscore the drama.

Shanghai Doom x Runnit – ‘Outsiders’

Shanghai Doom is linking up with Runnit on a new collaboration called ‘Outsiders’ on Bassrush Records. The fast-rising duo Shanghai Doom is coming off a solid appearance on the ‘Prophecy‘ compilation, and are now returning to the imprint with a follow-up single. They are teaming up with the Partica co-founder Runnit from Baltimore on a trippy trap-leaning heater.

Melldu – ‘Mute Theatre’

“The track [‘Mute Theatre’] combines a neoclassical vibe mixed with the minimal. The piano melody was created quite quickly and I was inspired by the vibe of Radiohead and Hans Zimmer when writing the melodic lines.”


Luca Lush x VARI – ‘Spectral Sequence’

Luca Lush and VARI are joining forces to release the next single, ‘Spectral Sequence’ on SLANDER’s recently launched Heaven Sent imprint. The versatile bass producer known as Luca Lush has been making a name for himself in the dance music space with an extremely well-rounded sound that has seen him pummel through genres including speedhouse, dubstep, future bass, electro pop, trap and more. He’s now jumping on a stunning track with Oklahoma’s VARI to create a futuristic and frenetic space-age slice of melodic bass.

Foley – ‘Vacation’

New Zealand-based pop duo Foley has shared their sophomore EP, ‘Vacation’. Full of mesmerizing grooves, blissful pop melodies, and infectious energy, the 5-track EP is a captivating journey from start to finish. As an overall concept, the ’Vacation’ EP is a mediation on what it means to escape from routine. Whether it’s a physical getaway or just being with someone who makes you feel at your best is up to the listener’s personal interpretation.

Callie Reiff – ‘Crash Into Me (Madison Daniel)’

“‘Crash Into Me’ is about wanting to let your guard down with someone and not hold back anymore, being who you are is enough for that person. Most importantly I wanted this song to make people feel strong. I want people to be able to dance to this one and feel really really good.”

Callie Reiff

*Featured image via Illenium, Habstrakt, Alesso and Armin van Buuren*

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