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What Are The Top 10 Tracks LOVRA Is Spinnin’ These Days?!

by Nadine Pasterczyk

House Music makes the world go ‘round and LOVRA lives by that motto each and every day! The talented DJane and producer from Berlin has had a strong affinity towards creativity since childhood. Through the love of music she pursued her passion and now brings us the rhythm and groove of house music.  

Most recently, LOVRA has released her track with Justin Jesso — ‘Spinnin’. Combining danceable house beats with lush vocals, this track sets the scene for an emotional landscape. This vibrant and highly-listenable gem merits being at the top of any summertime playlist; push play and repeat!

This isn’t the only track on LOVRA’s list of tracks she’s ‘Spinnin’ right now though. Join us and find out what else she’s listening to and what you should be listening to too!

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LOVRA feat. Justin Jesso – ‘Spinnin’ (Club Mix)’

With the club mix of my new single with Justin Jesso I wanted to create a version that fits perfectly at festivals and in clubs. People should feel the feeling that I want to convey with this tune directly, and just have a good time and create new memories. I want people to go on the same emotional journey as me.

PAX – ‘Intentions’

I am a big fan of the PAX guys and I always enjoy playing their tunes. They fit great in my sets and they have always uplifting club numbers. 

Leftwing : Kody – ‘If You Wanna’

It’s no secret that Toolroom is one of my absolute favorite music labels. And that’s where I discovered Leftwing : Kody early on. The songs are always full of emotions, like ‘If You Wanna‘; it’s a tune that really touches me and makes me a little melancholy, but also somehow puts me in a happy mood at the same time. 

Angel Heredia – ‘Eat Pizza’

This song is just an absolute club bomb. I love the groove and the mood of the track. I can’t wait to play this one in front of people. 

2Lovers – ‘It’s Like That’

It’s Like That‘ is a tune we all know very well and takes us back to good old party nights. 2Lovers has revived this tune exactly to my taste.

Cele – Spice Tech

Cele has become a real buddy of mine over the last few weeks. I love his groovy tunes and almost all of them are crazy club bangers. ‘Spice Tech’ is also a sample that was very important in my teenage years. I mean what girl wasn’t a huge Spice Girls fan? We also have a collaboration planned and I can’t wait to release our joint club bomb.  

Shermanology – ‘Boyz N Da Club’

I like the song a lot because it gives off a very good vibe and I can already imagine how the ‘Boyz N Da Club‘ will dance to it. 😉

LOVRA – ‘Lick It’

My Neck’ was one of my favorite tracks growing up and I’m super happy to get the chance to make my one house version out of it. I always dreamed about mixing house and hip-hop. The vibe of this tune makes me just happy and I need to dance non stop.

Viviana Casanova – ‘Smack My B**** Up’

Viviana Casanova is known for her groovy and consistent sets. When she uploaded this tech house remake of The Prodigy – ‘Smack My B**** Up’, I was defo on fire. With this track I can’t stand still!

Jamie Coins x Classmatic – ‘S.T.O.M.P’

Another club banger. Exactly my taste again: groovy tech house and strong hip hop vocals. I love this mix of old and new, house and hip-hop, which you can always hear a lot in my sets.

*Featured image via LOVRA*

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