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We Have ‘Faith’ That This Week’s New Music Will Put You In A Great ‘Mood’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Markus Schulz – ‘Escape’

“This year has undoubtedly been unprecedented due to the pandemic we are living through, and every day begins with a wish for normality while we battle anxiety and worries. As artists and DJs, we’ve all had to be creative in order to stay connected with you while the clubbing scene remains closed. And all of these little musical things I hope act as a means of escape from the outside world and daily struggles, even if it’s just for a little while. It is for that reason that I am proud to announce that my next artist album is indeed titled ‘Escape’, and you’re going to hear some of my soundscape visions like you’ve never heard them before, and indeed, never seen them before. ‘Escape’ arrives on Friday September 25th, and in conjunction with the album, I’m going to be virtually taking you to some of the most breath-taking and stunning scenic locations to perform live.”

Markus Schulz

Rodg – ‘Evocations’

Instantly recognizable in every shape or form, the sound of Rodg has been cementing its spot in the upper tiers of the music scene in the past few years. A staple in the progressive realm and a frequent visitor in the worlds beyond, the trademark sonics of the Dutchman are designed to help listeners seize the moment, to build on the most beautiful memories and blissfully recall the twinkles of the past. These precious ‘Evocations’ shine through in every aspect of his music, and have become the building blocks of his third solo album.

John O’Callaghan – ‘Complex Solution’

For reasons requiring no further explanation, 2020 has gifted John O’Callaghan a ‘Complex Solution’, allowing him to connect with Subculture on a level he’s not enjoyed in close to a decade. Throwing considerable time into hunting through the harddrives of locked-down music producers has resulted in an output spike.

Dosem – ‘Dream Decoder’

“I have always found the world of dreams a fascinating subject. Not only have they had a strong impact in my life, but they have also served as a powerful creative tool in my career. During these most recent years, I dedicated myself to keeping a small journal to remember them and to use it as inspiration for my music. At first, they seemed like abstract stories with no connection between them, but little by little, I began to find a code that linked everything.”

Dosem on ‘Dream Decoder

Andrew Rayel x Roxanne Emery – ‘Never Going Down (Richard Durand Remix)’

Amplifying the emotional qualities of Andrew Rayel and Roxanne Emery’s recent collab, Richard Durand once again proves why he’s the go-to guy for an unforgettable uplifting treatment. Juggling Roxanne Emery’s vocals with a breathtaking piano-led breakdown and ever-soaring melody, this remix of ‘Never Going Down’ will have the global Trance crowd on cloud nine in no time.

System F – ‘Out Of The Blue (Ilan Bluestone Remix)’

Taking one of the most beloved Trance tracks of all time on a spin of his own, Ilan Bluestone unlocks the full extent of his remix capabilities to send the iconic ‘Out Of The Blue’ into overdrive. From evergreen System F classic to surge of modern-day euphoria, this brand-new reimagination brings the past to the present to send the crowd into raptures again.

Alison Wonderland – ‘Bad Things’

Alison Wonderland has shared her new single,  ‘Bad Things’, a deeply personal song that she says is about “confronting your demons and dealing with them.” The track features a bruised string section circling her earworm vocal, ahead of a tough and blissful drop, and showcases her expert handle on light and shade – hallmarks of the very best electronic music.

Tchami – ‘Faith’

Critically-acclaimed producer and DJ Tchami has unveiled his latest single ‘Faith’. Leading the single with Marlena Shaw’s soul-driven gospel vocals, ‘Faith’ samples the legendary singer’s classic 1969 tune ‘Woman of The Ghetto’. Tchami puts his signature spin on the production, combining bumping house beats and euphoric breakdowns to create a dance-floor ready club tune that stays true to house music’s roots. Accompanying the single is the official music video, taking viewers on a journey across an emerging town and through the lens of an outsider. Filled with colorful flashing images and vivid pictures, the imagery serves as a reminder to keep the ‘Faith’ in times of struggle and hardships. 

Bob Moses x ZHU – ‘Desire (Solomun Remix)’

To further bring the music of their latest project ‘Desire’ to the masses, Bob Moses have tapped European producer Solomun for a remix of the title track. For his take on Bob Moses’ hypnotic late-night collaboration with Grammy-nominated electronic musician ZHU, Solomun extends the track to over six minutes and highlights the vocal line “I don’t want your desire / I just wanna be free”.

Mild Minds – ‘Mood (Remixes)’

“Remixes have always been an important part of the musical picture for me. My career in music started with remixing other artists so I’m always intrigued to see how an artist reinterprets a track. Often the new life it can give a track, can turn out even better than the original. We were able to lock down remixes by many of the artists I was inspired by while making the original record, which makes it feel like everything has come full circle and really helps to complete the picture that I had for this record.”

Mild Minds on ‘Mood (Remixes)

KRATE x Boombox Cartel – ‘All Again’

Setting the stage for his next album, ‘All Again’ is a clear indication of how much time and meticulous detail KRANE has been putting into his forthcoming tunes. The Oakland native shows no signs of rust, displaying his unique ability to intertwine deft technical knowledge with his intuitive, high-octane style. Boombox Cartel’s influence is clearly heard throughout the tune, with the pairing effortlessly meshing their styles and influences together. 

Galantis x NGHTMRE – ‘Tu Tu Tu (That’s Why We)’

A powerhouse collaboration between two electronic heavyweights, Galantis and NGHTMRE band together to unveil ‘Tu Tu Tu (That’s Why We)’ via Ultra Music. Galantis keeps its pace steady with the help of the ever-evolving NGHTMRE. NGHTMRE lends his fluid and intense production style to Galantis to successfully execute ‘Tu Tu Tu’. 

Wuki – ‘Hey Ladies (feat. Yung Baby Tate x Stoppa)’

Grammy-nominated producer Wuki links up with platinum singer/rapper Yung Baby Tate and Houston rapper Stoppa on a new single ‘Hey Ladies’ via HARD Recs. ‘Hey Ladies’ is the ultimate party girl anthem that adds a fresh spin and new flavor to the Toni Basil classic ‘Hey Mickey!’

Alok x Ilkay Sencah – ‘Don’t Say Goodbye (feat. Tove Lo)’

Brazilian superstar DJ Alok has joined forces with Turkish producer Ilkay Sencan and pop-sensation Tove Lo on a new single ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’. Leading the single with Tove Lo’s euphoric vocals, she lends her ethereal melodies over Alok and Ilkay Sencan’s textured beats to create a truly-intoxicating track. Limitless in its ability to transport the listener straight to the dance floor, ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ has all the necessary ingredients to become a global sensation.

Unknown Brain – ‘Dead (feat. KAHZI)’

Unknown Brain continues to light a bonfire under the vast NCS empire with their latest release ‘Dead‘, featuring KAHZI on vocals. A stunning crossover from fierce electronica to flawless pop, ‘Dead’ sees the German duo craft a tightly controlled piece of production that acts as a trampoline for KAHZI’s sauntering top line, her voice bouncing irreverently off the light bassline and toe-tapping, earworm-inducing melody.

Crystal Skies – ‘Collide’

Crystal Skies’ new ‘Collide’ EP builds on their impressive catalog with four new tracks to pair with the previously-released self-titled single. New entries include the project’s euphoric, piano-led opener, ‘This Moment’ with Gallie Fisher who fans will remember from two appearances on their ‘Constellations’ EP, and the irresistible, guitar-led, pop-leaning ‘Human’ with She Is Jules. The project’s heaviest offering comes in the form of the fast-paced ‘Requiem’, which begins with an orchestral intro then builds to an explosion of Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trance, and Hardstyle. Rounding out the project is ‘Crash & Burn’ which is destined to be a favorite that fans sing along to once concerts and festivals make a return.

Lemon Blue – ‘Morning Station’

“The writing of this song [‘Morning Station’] was a journey through the swell of beautiful and melancholic emotions tied to a love lost. What began as a few simple chords played out on a Fender Rhodes quickly called on the support of synth textures and found sound percussion to set the pace for vocalist Onyay to weave her heartfelt story. The song touches into the tender places of the heart, offering release of that which is no longer ours. I am honored to have so many talented producers and musicians offer their interpretations and inspiration to the world that this song has become.”

Lemon Blue

Skyler Cocco – ‘The Drive’

New York-based artist, songwriter, and producer, Skyler Cocco, returns today with her new single, ‘The Drive’. Combining dreamy chillwave production with irresistibly catchy lyricism, ‘The Drive’ arrives as a glistening synth-pop gem that hits in all the right ways.

Dreamz – ‘Anywhere You Wanna Go (feat. KARRA)’

Announcing itself with KARRA’s instantly recognizable vocals, ‘Anywhere You Wanna Go’ again sees Dreamz (KSHMR’s experiment) with more pop-oriented elements, melding warm guitar strings with feelgood breakdowns and modern dance production. It follows ‘Casual’, the first release of the Dreamz project, a single that sought to whisk listeners away into a dreamlike world.

Robert Falcon x MAGNUS x Conan Mac – ‘Try Me’

Belgium artist Robert Falcon, Scottish producer MAGNUS and British singer/songwriter  Conan Mac collaborate on a club-ready new single ‘Try Me’. This is the first release from the three artists on the label, who have teamed up to create a club-ready tune mixed with deep basslines, textured beats and uplifting production. Conan Mac adds his lush melodies over ‘Try Me’, giving the single a seductive and enchanting feel that will lead audiences straight to the dance-floor. 

*Featured image via Rodg, Tchami, Mild Minds and Solomun*

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