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Fresh Music - June 13, 2021

We ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’ That This Week’s New Music Is ‘Something You Need’ | ICYMI Monday

We ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’ that this week's new music from the likes of Carl Cox, Signum, Joachim Pastor, Golf Clap and more is ‘Something You Need’.

Armin van Buuren x Sander van Doorn – ‘Jonson’s Play’

A decade and a half after getting Sander van Doorn’s signature treatment on his 2006 single ‘Control Freak’, Armin van Buuren bumps fists with the fellow dance music heavyweight to lock in their first-ever link-up since the dawn of time. Juggling heavy bass grinds with hypnotic synth salvos and harmonized melodies, ‘Jonson’s Play’ catapults listeners back into the days of old whilst forcefully transcending today’s production standard.

Joachmin Pastor x Signum – ‘Something You Need’

Shaking hands with Signum to rework his iconic 1998 Trance classic ‘What Ya Got 4 Me’, Joachim Pastor shows once again why his trademark brand of electronica has such an excellent reputation worldwide. Repurposing the originals vocals to fit the freshly composed guitar licks and arpeggiated sparkles, ‘Something You Need’ ties the past to the present in optima forma.

Chris Schweizer – ‘24’

Hammering down with a colossal bassline that barely knows when to stop, Chris Schweizer’s 24’ harbors the energy that has Trance fans hooked in an instant. Laced with suspenseful sound effects and punchy beats that bolster its tech-trance feel, this cut is meant to power on all day and night.

Maarten de Jong – ‘M4D World’

Though fans are still buzzing from his late-2019 remix of Armin van Buuren’s ‘Stickup’ on Armind, Maarten de Jong returns to the label to wreak havoc once more. From the chunky beats and thick bass in the intro build to the truly mesmerizing tones in the breakdown, ‘M4D World’ shows how tough and gentle the world can be at the same time.

Allen Watts – ‘Twister / Cyclone’

Harnessing insane amounts of destructive power, Allen Watts’ next dual release on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! has fans running toward the nearest shelter. Between the swirling melodies of ‘Twister’ and the supercharged beat drops of ‘Cyclone’, these cuts are set to take the Trance world by storm and leave a path of carnage in their wake.

GhostDragon – ‘Strangers Again’

“My extended EP of ‘Strangers Again‘ is a collection of collaborations in which the vocalists and I have challenged ourselves to take on a reflective journey this past year. Each song represents a person, who we may know, wanting adoration expressed in different forms at various stages of a relationship. Throughout my songwriting and production process, I’ve been reminiscing the times I had with this special person in my life. It’s frustrating that I’m unable to win her back after many years of knowing this person for so long. The only thing I could do is to accept that we’ll just be unknown acquaintances again. I hope listeners could relate to this EP after a year of being ‘bottled up’ and ‘overthinking’ at home.”


LP Giobbi x Kaleena Zanders – ‘Carry Us’

American inspirational producer, DJ, label owner, curator, music director, feminist, entrepreneur and Piano House Queen LP Giobbi is ringing in PRIDE today with the release of a new single with LGTBQ artist and one of the fastest rising stars in house music right now Kaleena Zanders. ‘Carry Us’ — out via Thrive Music celebrates the season with an uplifting, piano-lead production supporting strength, diversity and perseverance. 

TroyBoi x DESTRUCTO – ‘You’re The One For Me’

For his first release of 2021, DESTRUCTO has teamed with TroyBoi on their debut collaborative single ‘You’re The One For Me’ via ALL MY FRIENDS. The ’80s roller disco-inspired track takes an old school vibe to new production heights by TroyBoi and DESTRUCTO, merging two eras of sonic greatness together.

Golf Clap – ‘Lose It’

Making his triumphant debut on deadmau5’s hau5trap label is Detroit house music mainstay Golf Clap. The past mau5trap collaborator makes the jump to hau5trap with hau5trap 0007: ‘Lose It’, a timeless house music feat. 

Topic x Bebe Rexha – ‘Chain My Heart’

Topic and Bebe Rexha team up on the infectious new single ‘Chain My Heart’, which captures how, paradoxically, surrendering to love can bring the ultimate freedom. Bebe’s evocative, rapid-fire vocal delivery and Topic’s darkly melodic production are an intoxicating combination on the track. 

Peking Duk – ‘Chemicals (feat. Sarah Aarons)’

“‘Chemicals’ was born from a gloomy Melbourne’s day with the incredibly talented Sarah Aarons. I feel like every time we get in the room together the chemistry feels right and there doesn’t feel to be any pressure to create something, it more so just flows out. We ironed out the ideas together that day then took the beat away with our boy Styalz and completely flipped it to what you hear now. We love this song more than anything we’ve released lately so we’re very excited to share it with you all!”

Peking Duk

Geraldine Hunt – ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling (Carl Cox Remix)’

Legendary DJ and producer Carl Cox has paid homage to Geraldine Hunt’s cult classic ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’ with his interpretation of the original on iconic Canadian imprint Unidisc. A celebration of the track’s musicianship and legacy, Carl Cox delivers a pitched-up, refined rework of ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’ that further accentuates the infectious dancefloor energy of the original.

Tchami – ‘Damaged Hearts (The Brothers Macklovitch Remix)’

A bumping 2-step heater, The Brothers Macklovitch remix of ‘Damaged Hearts’ featuring Todd Edwards sees the veteran duo of A-Trak and Dave 1 juxtapose the glistening melodies of the original with some raw, infectious dancefloor energy. One of the more mellow of Tchami’s recent productions, the rework injects some tempo and ups the BPM, delivering a fresh take that arrives just in time for club’s reopening.

DVRKO – ‘I Want More (feat. RUNN)’

Acclaimed producer DVRKO is back with his new single ‘I Want More’ feat. talented, in-demand vocalist and songwriter RUNN. Out via the LA based L3V3L Music imprint, ‘I Want More’ has all the elements of a vintage DVRKO track: a driving bassline, house-centric cut, and an ethereal, addictive topline that all combine for great effect. 

Maxi Meraki – ‘Way Too Long’

Funky feels from Antwerp’s Maxi Meraki with his first release ‘Way Too Long’ on Dutch House label artwrk. Targeting the Balearic hot spots he’s become accustomed to with deep, focused house composing suave vocals and pianos striding about the place with a splash of salsa to them. While there’s plenty of groove as standard from the Roger Sanchez / Mark Knight-supported spinner — springy bass, a warm blast of synths on a breakdown of calming motivation — Meraki builds an aura and gives the track time and space to explore itself, as per the knowledge-of-self lyrics.

Funtcase – ‘Flames (feat. Dia Frampton)’

For more than a decade Funtcase Has been a Circus family member with a history that speaks volumes. His personal development grows stronger each year, remaining constantly relevant among the music community and once again, we find ourselves blown away by the masked wonder. Circus Records proudly present to you the truly epic ‘Flames’ featuring platinum selling vocalist Dia Frampton.

GG Magree – ‘Loving You Kills Me’

“I’m such an intense lover. I think I buried myself somewhere when I wrote ‘Loving You Kills Me’. You know that feeling ‘I want to be with you till I die’ or ‘I love you so much I want to eat you alive’. That’s how I love and why I gave birth to ‘Loving You Kills Me’.”

GG Magree

LOVRA – ‘Spinnin (feat. Justin Jesso)’

LOVRA brings us a buoyant new single ‘Spinnin’, enlisting the voice of acclaimed US singer/songwriter Justin Jesso. A radio-ready groove, ‘Spinnin’ is an assemblage of inviting melodies and upbeat piano chords complemented by Jesso’s natural cadence that flows perfectly through the build-up and into the breakdown. This vibrant and highly-listenable gem merits being at the top of any summertime playlist; push play and repeat. 

Hyper – ‘Control’

Reclaiming his unique industrial-laced cinematic sound, Hyper’s mau5trap debut is the artist in his unmitigated prime. Best defined as having no true boundary constraints, ‘Control’ is the amalgamation of Hyper’s many musical influences throughout the years.

Teddy Beats – ‘Alive (feat. Britt Lari)’

Britt Lari and I wanted to shake things up and show off our wild side by coming alive on this fierce, summery, slap house-inspired track [‘Alive’] while bringing in my signature chill dance sound. Keep your ear out for the lion roar before the drop, it’s our favorite part!”

Teddy Beats

*Featured image via Carl Cox, Signum, Joachim Pastor and Golf Clap*