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Interview - November 13, 2020

We all need a “Moodshift” right now | Interview

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Seamlessly blending eclectic styles of music, Norwegian Grammy winner and Tove Lo collaborator Lucas NordRasmus Flyckt, previously of Indie-pop outfit Urban Cone, and Kygo collaborator and remix mastermind Oliver Nelson bring us Moodshift. Their groundbreaking debut hit single ‘Chemistry’ has impressively gone on to garner over 1,000,000 plays across platforms. Moodshift‘s success and collaboration with others in the industry have lead to spectacular music creations and solidifies their place in modern music.

Utilizing each others unique artistic styles into a blend of Pop-infused Indie-electronica, the pioneering trio began making music earlier this year via Wednesday jam sessions, before changing and creating their finalized Moodshift concept. Their Moodshift Monday Mixes are an example of their ability to consistently release mixes, with over twenty five, twenty-minute mixes since mid-May of 2020. The grandiose, epic scope of their larger-than-life productions are courtesy of heavy inspiration drawn from the likes of dance music industry mainstays such as Camelphat, Duke Dumontand RÜFÜS DU SOL, to name a few.”

Moodshift Monday Mix 025 by Storgards

Moodshift has new music including Italo Brothers “Let Go” (Moodshift Remix), French Original ‘History (Moodshift Remix), Moodshift ‘Chemistry (French Original Remix); (swapping remix duties with French Original) and coming out this Friday “What About My Love”, a perfect jam with mesmerizing beats proclaiming a long for love that has gone unrequited. It features an immersive tempo with a tune that reverbs with it’s haunting lyrics. The balance of vocals (that beg you to “hold me close”) that can’t be ignored along with a perfect dub mix makes this tune truly memorable and makes you ready to get any party started. I had an opportunity to speak to Moodshift and here is what they had to say about their new song releases, creating music and collaboration in 2020.

Hi, It’s RiMo from Fresh Music Freaks and I’m here today with the talented trio Moodshift. How are you guys today?

Hey! it’s a beautiful day here in Stockholm so can’t complain!

All three of you have music backgrounds and admirable accomplishments attesting to that. Can you please tell me how each of you got started in the music business?

We all went to the same musicians high school and met people in the industry early on. Rasmus was in a band called Urban Cone that got signed right after high school, Lucas did some remixes that gave him some recognition which led him to sign with a label as well and Oliver got popular through Soundcloud.

Moodshift | Image Via Press Release
Moodshift | Image Via Press Release

How did the three of you come together to create Moodshift and what are you hoping to accomplish? Is there any particular meaning behind your logo?

We all first met in high school like 10+ years ago and we had always been fans of each other’s work. So late 2019 we decided to just take a session and it just clicked from day one. We made our debut single the second session we ever had and it was kind of set from there that we had to do something for real. We’re just hoping to release great songs and play for as many people as possible all over the world. We came up with the name and the logo at the same time and just felt like it represented the sound of the music in a great way.

How has the pandemic (COVID-19) affected your work (touring, collaboration, creation)?
We haven’t really had any type of lockdown here in Sweden so it hasn’t really affected studio work but yeah we would probably be out on the road playing live now if it wasn’t for the corona virus. We’re all very excited to do that when this stuff is over!

How would each of you describe your music style(s) and has it changed over the years?

I don’t think it’s really changed. We all come from different backgrounds of making Nu-disco, Pop, EDM etc. and I think Moodshift is just a combination of everything we’ve done in the past.

“Chemistry” has everything that’s appealing about electronic dance music from start to finish. The beat is smooth and persevering, the vocals are instantly mesmerizing and the execution of the song overall brings the listener to a level of pleasure we all crave including awesome piano chords. What a lovely balance, how did you create such an amazing song?

First of all thank you! We wrote the song very quickly and just with the idea of making a dance track not having anything particular in mind. It just kinda happened which it sometimes does and it’s the best thing ever. Our intention was just to make a demo to get the idea of the song across but everyone thought it sounded perfect from day one so we didn’t really work much more on it after that first day.

What are your thoughts on live streams (in lieu of live in-person performance) and how would/does incorporating them impact on your work (mixes)?

Obviously we prefer playing live but when you don’t have that option live streams are definitely better than nothing. We haven’t really done anything yet but we have our weekly Moodshift Monday Mix series going and we have discussed making some of those into live streams which I think would be really fun.

What type of hardware/software do each of you use?

We use both Ableton and logic for all of our projects and I’d say the Prophet Synth is our go to for every track we make.

How many hours a week do you spend on your music?

We’re probably in the studio like ten hours a day on weekdays so roughly 50 hours I’ say!

Who would you like to/are you collaborating with in the future?

We’d love to do something with Justice one day. That’d be a dream come true.

What advice would you give new artists looking to pursue a career in music?

Just do you! And try to get everything in place before releasing music. Like what kinda artwork you like, fonts, videos, everything! Try to think about the whole package you know.

Is there anything you would like your fans to know?

Just that new music is coming!

Thank you Moodshift for taking the time to talk to us today.

Check out Moodshift: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud