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Get FIRED UP for Chili Con Kayzo with “Unleashed Online”

by /\bz Groove Machine

Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Hayden Capuozzo, better known as Kayzo, unleashed an onslaught of Bass music, Dubstep, Punk, Metalcore, DnB, Hardstyle, and more during his live-streamed event Unleashed Online. The live performance featured the mock stage production of the Unleashed tour with a raised stage, a live drummer, and five panels for insane lighting and visuals. Insomniac Events hosted the two-hour show on YouTube and Twitch where thousands of Bassheads and Doghouse enthusiasts tuned in to watch the set that was supposed to be hitting venues across the United States this Spring. Many fans speculated, hoped, dreamed, and fantasized about if and when Kayzo would release Unleashed upon all of us so we could bask in its bass-raging glory once again, or for the first time for those who missed out. After teasing us for nearly a month, we finally received the sweet release of Unleashed Online that’s been giving us blue balls for weeks–and it feels so fucking good.

The live production had viewers on the edge of their couch the whole time as lasers, visuals, and choreographed lights filled the stage. Kayzo kept the fast-paced, hard-hitting Bass beats coming, and just as you think he’s going to let you come up for air, he beats you back down with banger after banger. The drummer for Machine Gun Kelly, JP Cappelletty, also known as R00k, could be seen giving it his absolute all on the drums, especially during moments of increasingly dangerous levels of BPMs. Check it out on SoundCloud, YouTube, or watch it below!

Every week, more producers and DJs are hopping online for live streams of their practiced, developing, and experimental sets. I’m absolutely blown away by the positive energy and resolve displayed by these artists during a time of uncertainty. I often watch these live streams with friends through social media, but sometimes I really want to listen to musical creation and do my own thing. The energy of Kayzo’s masterpiece performance makes you want to dance, sing/yell along, and may even make you hungry. Throughout the two hour ride that is Unleashed Online, I found that you can make some seriously BOMB-ASS chili while raging your Bass face off! Plus, Kayzo just adopted an ADORABLE dog named “Beef,” so it’s only fitting that we create a recipe that all brings some beef to the bowl. I call it, Chili Con Kayzo.

Unleashed Online stage production via Twitch | screenshot by /\bz Groove Machine

I couldn’t agree more, sunshine_keeper. The first hour featured Kayzo originals, hardcore breakdowns, wicked levels of BPMs, and even a section of Drum ‘n’ Bass tracks laced into the mix. This is perfect for the first hour of chili cooking, which includes adding all of the ingredients at medium-high heat, mixing ferociously, and making sure that nothing is burned or left behind. The second hour of the legendary set came down to a moderate pace but incorporated more Heavy Rock, Hardstyle, and Kayzo collabs. This pace lends perfectly to the second hour of chili making, where we bring the heat down to a simmer, stir occasionally, and give ourselves time to headbang at will. Hearing a range of Metal bands throughout the whole set, from I Prevail, Bring Me The Horizon (older and newer albums), and Attila to Rob Zombie, Pantera, and Marilyn Manson gave my Emo soul aggressive butterflies. Making this chili is the perfect way to let out some steam… literally!

As the chili cooks down to a cohesive pot of wholesome deliciousness, so did Unleashed Online. Kayzo dedicates the final minutes to heartfelt ballads, including “Alone” by Kayzo featuring Our Last Night and many others that I won’t spoil for you. After an epic two hours of raging Bass, the ending brings closure to the insanity. If you try out the recipe below, you’ll be able to scoop yourself a bowl of chili, sit back, and enjoy the warmth radiating through your soul and sliding down your throat. I’ve made chili a few times now, but this concoction has been my favorite by far. I hope you enjoy it!

The delicious bowl of chili you are about to unleash | photo by Abz Groove Machine

Chili Con Kayzo 

Step 1. Gather your ingredients. Pictures are included below for each step. Now, keep in mind that this is your chili! If you see something you’re not into, or have a better idea that would suit your tastes better, go for it! This is simply the bowl of chili I made to Kayzo’s Unleashed Online. I used ground beef, a variety of beans, canned petite diced tomatoes, tomato paste, basil paste, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, beef broth, cream cheese, onion, carrot, garlic, and a whole lotta spices. Start by unwrapping your thick meat and heat a large pot on the stove with some olive oil. Make a Bass face for full effect.

Step 2. Brown your beef on medium-high heat. I mean, really, brown it. This is going to take a large amount of self-control because you need to let the beef continue to cook in its own juices, so YOU CAN’T TOUCH IT. Brown one side, flip it over after like 5 to 10 minutes of letting it go, then brown the other side for another 5 to 10 minutes. To aid you in this self-control, chop the onion, carrots, and garlic while you’re waiting for your beef to form nice little brown bits of flavor. Dance to the mind-bending Bass music blasting from your speakers. Once your veggies are chopped, you’re exhausted, and your beef is gloriously bronzed (see image below), remove the beef from the pot so we can soften the veggies.

Step 3. Add a drizzle of olive oil to the pot and add your veggies. Stir these around with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, and paprika. We want to continue to add and build flavor every step of the way! After the onions have softened, add 3oz, or half of a small can, of tomato paste and a squeeze of basil paste if you have it. If not, dried basil will work great, or another Italian seasoning mix. After all of the tomato paste has been thoroughly mixed in with the veggies, add your browned beef back into the pot and stir all together. Take a moment to breathe in and smell your creation thus far while enjoying Kayzo’s insanely heavy beats with all your favorite metal bands echoing from the ghost of emos past.

Step 4. Add a Big Daddy can of petite diced tomatoes and a Mother Load of spices. I added garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, cumin, paprika, cayenne, salt, pepper, oregano, and cinnamon (YES) to the mix. The pot should be at a frightening simmer. Your fear is a good thing, at this stage. Stir the mixture until all is combined and then add all of your beans. I chose pinto, chili, and kidney beans which I drained and rinsed before adding to the pot. Mix, and add a few dashes of soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Stir your mixture and taste for spice level and flavor. The base of your chili is ready. Sob quietly to yourself as your marvel at your creation and as Kayzo gives you a break from the raging BPMs from the first half of the set as we move on into the second hour of Unleashed Online.

Step 5. Add 2 cups of beef broth to the mixture. Stir, bring to a boil, and reduce to a simmer by adjusting your heat to low. Cook the chili COVERED for 30 minutes to let the flavors continue to come together. Stir occasionally, and then cook an additional 30 minutes UNCOVERED to let some of the excess liquid evaporate and further concentrate your chili flavors. Once you’re happy with the consistency, you’re done! Top with your favorite fixings, like cream cheese, shredded cheese, onions, tomatoes, Bass, or a cinnamon roll if you live in Nebraska.

Since this incredible release of the Unleash tour, Kayzo was also featured in the Lost Lands live stream weekend of Couch Lands 2020 where his 2019 set was played in its entirety. During the Unleashed Online set, Kayzo also teased listeners by showcasing his new song with Calcium titled “Spin it Back” which is out now! He’s also released “Furious” with Calcium, “The Fire” with Crankdat, and more are on their way! Follow Kayzo for more tunes, photos of Beef the dog, and updates on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

*Featured Image from Kayzo Official Soundcloud*

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