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franc moody, illusionize, somna, and cubicolor in black in white.

‘Wake Me Up’ for all the Stunning New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Franc Moody – ‘Skin on Skin’

Franc Moody unveiled ‘Skin on Skin, the latest single from their forthcoming album ‘Dream in Color‘. ‘Skin on Skin’ is an irresistible mix of dancefloor-pop grooves and soulful vocals.

Franc Moody releases 'Skin on Skin'.
Click on image to stream ‘Skin on Skin’ on Spotify!

Nick Olivetti – ‘Orange Juice’

Nick Olivetti debuts his first solo release on Box Of Cats with ‘Orange Juice. This track has thumping techno drums, completely oversaturated synths and a vocal hook which will leave you begging for more!

Nick Oliverri releases 'Orange Juice'.
Click on image to stream ‘Orange Juice’ on Spotify!

Illusionize – ‘Distortion’

Brazillian DJ Illusionize has teamed up with Visage for this house hit. ‘Distortion‘ is a slow-burning, body-moving collab that rides on the back of a distorted vocal loop, tumbling drum work, rumbling basslines, whistling synths, and a wicked riff during the breakdown.

Illusionize releases 'Distortion'.
Click on image to stream ‘Distortion’ on Spotify!

Somna – ‘Stars Collide’

Somna partners once again with Jennifer Rene for his new single ‘Stars Collide’. This track is simply beautiful with driving bass beats and harmonious lyrics.

Somna releases 'Stars Collide'.
Click on image to stream ‘Stars Collide’ on Spotify!

Emancipator – ‘Labyrinth’

Emancipator is kicking off 2020 with a hot new single ‘Labyrinth’ off his upcoming album ‘Mountain of Memory‘ which will be out later this year. ‘Labyrinth’ has a quest-like, adventurous spirit and reflects that part of the hero’s journey toward enlightenment.

Emancipator releases 'Mountain of Memory'
Click on image to stream ‘Labyrinth’ on Spotify!

Cubicolor – ‘Wake Me Up’

Cubicolor releases their second single ‘Wake Me Up  off their upcoming 2020 album ‘Hardly a Day, Hardly a Night’. This new track utilizes the trio’s unique sound design and Tim Digby-Bell’s siren-like vocals to tell a story about the impermanence of self-identity.

Cubicolor released 'Wake Me Up'.
Click on image to stream ‘Wake Me Up’ on Spotify!

Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries – ‘Falling In Love Will Kill You’

Tommie Sunshine teams up with Disco Fries for this dazzling new single, ‘Falling in Love Will Kill You’. This track thrives somewhere in between a sweaty nightclub and a packed arena rock show. It’s peak time with lights blazing electro-pop flavor that will definitely be a new dancefloor favorite!

Tommie Sunshine & Discofries releases 'Falling in love will Kill you'.
Click on image to stream ‘Falling in Love Will Kill You’ on Spotify!

13//ali_fawn – ‘Mirrorshade’

Detroit-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Alister Fawnwoda AKA 13//ali_fawn releases his new single ‘Mirrorshade‘. This track is an otherworldly psychedelic crooner. Its soulful groove takes you to another planet.

'Mirrorshade' is out now!
Click on image to stream ‘Mirrorshade’ on Spotify!

Madame Ghandi – ‘See Me Thru’

Artist/activist Madame Gandhi kicks off a new year and decade with her new single, See Me Thru‘. The vibey, downtempo R&B song celebrates the idea of consistency in a world that is overwhelmed by distraction.

Madame Gandhi releases 'See Me Thru'!
Click on image to stream ‘See Me Thru’ on Spotify!

Alex Winters – ‘Hearts on Fire’

Singer/Songwriter Alex Winters amazes with her new single ‘Hearts on Fire’. This track has a distinctive rock feel but keeps intact her soulful introspective spirit.

'Hearts on Fire' is out now!
Click on image to stream ‘Hearts on Fire’ on Spotify!

Little Snake – ‘I.OYU3.33REA’

Little Snake shares “I. OYU3.33REA”, the lead single from YATDC which will be out next month. This new track is a hypnotizing futuristic voyage through sound.

'I. OYU3.33REA' is out today!
Click on image to stream ‘I. OYU3.33REA’ on Spotify!

*Featured Image | Franc Moody, Illusionize, Somna, and Cubicolor*

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Cubicolor’s New Album “Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night” Transcends Deep House February 21, 2020 - 7:33 AM

[…] “Wake Me Up” picks up the pace once more and plunges the listener right back into that classic Deep House sound. This track reminded me of why I can always count on Anjuna artists to create a magical music experience. Wake Me Up made me feel deeply, but I never stopped smiling or dancing while I listened.  […]

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