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Magma-Hot Must-See Artists at the Volcano Stage | Seismic Dance Event 4.0

by Speed Raver

Prepare yourself for an eruption of explosive rave energy, Seismic Dance Event 4.0 is nearly here and the Volcano stage will be popping OFF. The techno-centric warehouse space of Austin’s The Concourse Project venue is hosting heavyweight international DJs all weekend, so here are the top 10 sets guaranteed to blow you out of the waters of the Tsunami stage and raise your vibration higher than the Frequency stage.

Patrice Bäumel – Friday 6-8 PM

Dive into the deep end of the Volcano with the progressive techno compositions and moody melodics of Patrice Bäumel. Friday’s lineup at this stage mostly showcases entrancing, softer sounds of spacey synths for sailing across a sea of stars (Öona Dahl, Luttrell, Ben Böhmer, Stephan Bodzin), with Bäumel steering the ship on a compelling course of ethereal euphonics.

Amelie Lens – Friday 12:30-2 AM

The Volcano stage switches gears into turbo intensity when the Belgian battle angel of dark techno, Amelie Lens, closes out Friday as a perfect fit to epitomize the iconic underground vibes this warehouse can invoke at its peak. Lens has rapidly ascended the ranks of the techno greats since 2018 with her propulsive, adrenaline-pumping productions and hypnotic mixing. In this ideal setting, she’ll lay waste to the dance floor in a vigorous, atmospheric blitzkrieg of electrifying beats. 

Rebūke – Saturday 6-8 PM

Drifting between house, techno and old-school rave tracks, with a scintillating signature of trilling reverberations in his chart-topping bangers, Irish phenom Rebūke has built a reputation as the Rave Ringmaster thanks to his extraordinarily kinetic fusion of sounds. His sets ooze with exhilaration and engage the body in a sweaty, non-stop ruckus of movement, primed to turn the Volcano stage into a stark-raving-mad circus.

Ida Engberg – Saturday 10 PM-12 AM

A staple of her husband Adam Beyer’s renowned Drumcode label, Swedish selector Ida Engberg spins magnetic techno heat mixed with soulful melodic treats, featuring flourishes of tribal and deep house beats that elevate the rhythm of your dancing feet.

ANNA – Saturday 12-2 AM

Brace yourself for an extremely fierce climax to Saturday as Brazilian badass ANNA unleashes an enthralling barrage of gritty, unflinching techno fury. There’s a blistering edge to her hardest-hitting tracks, sure to separate the casual techno fans from the “Forever Ravers” shuffling with a vengeance amidst the face-melting frenzy.

Adriatique – Sunday 6-8 PM

The Volcano stage is utterly STACKED Sunday, but before the fiery fervor truly ignites, Swiss duo Adriatique will take the crowd on a sumptuous journey of awe-inspiring harmonic techno. The wondrous wavelengths they weave together craft a complex, enrapturing tapestry that rarely unfolds in front of U.S. audiences, so center yourself in their enigmatic eye of the storm because people will be losing their minds the rest of the night.

HI-LO – Sunday 8–9:30 PM

Oliver Heldens has been a trailblazer of future house, leading the subgenre with some of its most vivacious anthems. Under his darker, more bass-driven alias HI-LO, the Dutch dynamo goes Super Saiyan and galvanizes crowds with a live wire of zooming techno wrapped in acid aesthetics. This will hit like a slingshot to the solar plexus, boosting body movements into overdrive.

Reinier Zonneveld (Live) – Sunday 9:30–11 PM

Live DJ performances pulsate at a wickedly captivating frequency, impressively combining all the separate sounds, samples and beats you hear together in that moment, operating without the more packaged structure of songs most DJs use. Coming from a classical piano background, Reinier Zonneveld utilizes earworms from his “Filth on Acid” label like an orchestra, conducting synthesizer symphonies live as high-powered, warehouse-rave concertos.

Pan-Pot – Sunday 11 PM-12:30 AM

In the penultimate soundquake, expect German duo Pan-Pot to turn the volume up to throbbing pandemonium with a sonic rocket of that wildly ferocious flavor of heavy Berlin techno. These guys will have the Volcano stage boiling over with pounding basslines, resonant hooks and devious drum patterns bolstered by surreal synthesizer beats.

Nina Kraviz – Sunday 12:30-2 AM

Saving the best for last, the Volcano’s gonna explode under the mystical command of the Empress of Acid Techno, Nina Kraviz. Her mixing majesty may induce psychedelic sensations at one moment, then give way to sublime emotion as her seductive vocals on her own tracks stimulate the heart, mind and soul. This Russian enchantress melds mesmerizing melodies and riveting, delirious rhythms from the depths of the techno spectrum with striking samples into a kaleido-soundscape of spellbinding glory, sure to conclude the festival in spectacular fashion.

Very limited 3-day passes remain at $250 for GA and $360 for VIP. Single day tickets are $120 for Friday GA, $130 for Saturday GA and $130 for Sunday GA. Single day VIP tickets are $160 each day and parking passes cost $25 per day. Next door to The Concourse Project the Mala Santa club will hold the official afterparties from 2-5:30 A.M. each night (for festival passholders only). Jaime Jones and Will Clarke play Friday night ($40), Bedouin and Jonas Rathman play Saturday night ($29), and Solardo and Mark Knight play Sunday night ($29). We’ll see you on the dance floor this weekend!

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