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Throwback Thursday | Virtual Self | A Journey into Utopia

by Kate Chambers

Seeing Porter Robinson’s alter-ego, Virtual Self, is a completely unique and mind-blowing EDM experience. The set bursts with creativity. Virtual Self’s Utopia Tour came to the Ogden theater in Denver, Colorado on September 10th. The show was opened by Raito, followed by Mat Zo, and ended with Virtual Self.

I showed up just as Porter Robinson was setting up to play. I made my way into the intimate venue and found a spot in the middle of the floor. The crowd felt excited yet relaxed. It was not a packed show, so even though I stood in the most crowded area it still felt comfortable.  

The whole room went dark, signaling the start of Virtual Self. The crowd screamed with excitement. We love you, Porter! The room remained dark. A raspy electronic voice played over the speakers. The voice started out hard to understand, but the words became clearer as it went on. Reality. Eternity. Utopia. Endless. Glow. Mass. Unlimited. VIRTUAL SELF. The black screen illuminated the room with the words Virtual Self as the voice spoke them. A steady heart beat rhythm blasted through the room as Porter was surrounded by a cage of vertical white light beams. I felt chills go through my body. I was already locked in a state of awe.

I remained mesmerized through the whole show. Porter played a mix of well-known Virtual Self songs and old-school techno. Some songs felt dreamy. Others felt like I was in the early 2000s playing classic DDR. The visuals flowed perfectly with the music. The variety of lights put the audience in a trance. There was everything from strobes, to multicolored lasers, to beams of light making triangular patterns across the stage. The screen lit up with static patterns, images, and words. Everything flowed together beautifully.

The Virtual Self Utopia Tour is a technological masterpiece. Words truly cannot describe how amazing the experience is. If Porter brings his creation to your area, I 110% recommend you go and see it for yourself.

Virtual Self performing at Ogden Theater in Denver
Virtual Self performing at Ogden Theater | Photo credit Rooster Magazine | Click photo for more info

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