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Unknown Brain Share Their Favorite ‘Faceless’ Artists’ Tracks

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Some people fear the unknown, but in the world of music — the unknown is usually a dose of pleasure which we haven’t explored yet. One electronic music duo that shouldn’t be kept secret is Unknown Brain. This mysterious pair is the powerhouse behind many recently released hits that you may not have heard yet. 

With their latest work being ‘Faceless’, a 17-track album — listeners are taken on a journey through genres such as future bass, future house, trap and pop. With such ease, Unknown Brain seamlessly blends these elements together to create a masterpiece of magnificent sounds. 

To go along with the theme of the album’s title, we asked Unknown Brain — ‘what are some of your favorite tracks by “faceless” artists?’ And the result follows as such…

WATEVA – ‘Rear View Mirror’

Rear View Mirror’ by WATEVA is a refreshing and chilled song. The chords of it create a mysterious feeling. Emily J fits perfect to it because of her soft and lovely voice leading smoothly into the amazingly unique sounding drop. WATEVA always try to create a special vibe with their tunes which makes their music so interesting. 

Marshmello – ‘Tongue Tied’

Tongue Tied’ by Marshmello is a smooth combination of singing, rapping and a synthesized drop. Marshmello always incorporates his vocalists perfectly. He made it work so that YUNGBLUD’s rock voice and blackbear’s smooth voice fit into the same song.

KLOUD – ‘Save The World’

KLOUD is the cyberpunk sound you definitely got to know! With his cover version of ‘Save The World’ he combines the commonly known vocals with his new electronic touch.

Whethan – ‘Savage’

Savage’ by Whethan was actually the first song we discovered by him. Since then we’ve become big fans of his work. It is always refreshing and somehow new to listen to his music. For us Whethan the modern sound of pop.


Cazzette – ‘She Wants Me Dead’

The combination between the 808 and saxophone in Cazzette’sShe Wants Me Dead’ is really clean. This is the definition of ‘simplicity is key’.

deadmau5 – ‘Strobe’

Strobe’ is an EDM classic. No words needed for this. deadmau5 is a genius producer and of course the most famous musical mask in the world! 

Claptone – ‘Under the Moon’

Sit back and enjoy this absolute beauty from Claptone. ‘Under the Moon‘ brings the perfect vibes when drinking the first coffee in the morning.

Malaa – ‘Revolt’

Deep, deeper, Malaa. Malaa’s single ‘Revolt‘ brings that deep hitting bass slaps – perfect whenever this gets played live.

Unknown Brain – ‘I’m Sorry Mom’

Of course we want to put a couple in from us here. ‘I’m Sorry Mom’ by Unknown Brain is a new sounding Hip Hop and Future Bass combination. The song is about a guy saying sorry to his mother that his life went in a different direction than he would have liked to have. He apologises for getting a fucked up life. You can definitely feel that whole ‘fucked up’ vibe in the drop.

Unknown Brain – ‘Dancing On The Moon’

Dancing On The Moon’ delivers a feeling of being in space from the beginning to the end of the song. The simplicity of the song drags the listener into the song and then when you put that together with Luke Burr’s vocal, it creates a really beautiful, emotionally charged firework of a song.

*Featured image via Unknown Brain*

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