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Two Friends Tour Los Angeles

Two Friends | ‘With My Homies’ Tour | Party of the Year!! [Review]

by Meag Bo

Last weekend I attended the Two Friends show in Los Angeles at The Fonda Theater. The duo completely rocked the3 floor venue located on Hollywood Blvd. This show marked the sixth city on their “With My Homies” Tour throughout North America. Being from LA themselves, this show was special to them and it showed in every song.

Two Friends brought the Party!!

From the moment I passed through the metal detector, to when the show closed out I was dancing. Each song they chose to play was familiar enough for me to sing along to. Lucky for everyone else it was loud enough I couldn’t be heard! I’d say my favorite part was that even though I attended alone, I still felt amongst friends. The vibes were great and the spirit was high, similar to a house party. Not only did the guys put on an energetic & lively show, but they also had one of their homies playing live instruments such as the trumpet and saxophone. This was hands down my favorite show of the year thus far. The light display, insane transitions, and mixes, and them jumping around the show made for an amazing Friday night in Los Angeles.

I had never been to The Fonda Theater before the Two Friends show. I was very impressed with the amount of space including one large bar downstairs, a small one upstairs, and a large outside patio including covered cabana areas. Two Friends are heading up to San Fransico tonight, followed by Denver, and then Colorado Saturday night. If you’re in need of some tunes to pump you up before the weekend, definitely check out their Spotify. If you live in a city lucky enough to have them drop into, I would highly recommend not missing the opportunity! At each stop on their tour, they are taking a single picture with a disposable camera- kicking it old school, how cool! If fans are lucky enough they will drop Just a Kid for them also! We’ll see you Freaks there!

*Featured Image Via Buzztonight.com*

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