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Trance Wax Mayana EP

Trance Wax Releases His First EP “Mayana” on Anjunabeats

by Tanya Rincon

Calling all Trance lovers, pay attention! There is some new music that you have got to set aside some time for. Garry McCartney has been active in the Electronic music world for quite some time now. He’s spent time exploring Trance and Techno music through the years and has perfected a beautiful repertoire ranging from melodic Trance to the intense and driving sides of Techno. Producing spectacular underground hits, McCartney has earned a name for himself as Ejeca

But I’m not here to talk about his work as Ejeca. In 2016, McCartney found a new passion project and pulled the thread. He took a dive into reworking classic Techno and Trance hits to create unique tracks that pay homage to the original sounds. He did this with the intent of drawing in the next generation of Trance lovers and revitalizing the current generation. For those unfamiliar with the artist name Trance Wax, let me give you a quick background to help understand how truly amazing this new release is. Originally in 2016, he was producing these tracks anonymously but as the years passed it became more apparent he was attached to the project. In 2018, McCartney featured both of his musical personas in his BBC Radio One Essential Mix where he finally stepped into his true form as Trance Wax. He’s since gained notoriety in the Electronic Dance music world and has been featured in an impressive selection of DJ sets including Axwell, Above & Beyond, Charlotte De Witte, Calvin Harris, and Dusky

Fast forward to today and his first official EP, “Manaya”, is now available on Anjunabeats. I find this an incredibly fitting addition to the Anjunabeats library as they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary through the year 2020. Expanding to bring Garry into their family of artists shows their continued dedication to Trance as an evolving genre. This EP features three tracks and each offers something a little different. The title track “Manaya” is a wonderful build of energy that highlights the classic sounds of Trance that have enthralled audiences for decades. Things move seamlessly into the second song “Alone Again” which features angelically feminine vocals that pair exquisitely with the complex musical track Trance Wax put together. It starts off soft and minimal, lending to an ethereal atmosphere. I, personally, view this as an excellent example of how a strong emotion can be portrayed through subtlety in the Trance genre. The EP wraps up a delicious trio of music with “Northern Sky”. In this track, he features the opposing energies of Trance music with a delicate upbeat start leading the way only to be me about halfway through by a contrasting beat that features a darker and slower focus. With this being our first official taste of Trance Wax’s original work, I can only imagine what he could do with a full-length album. It’s clear he is a natural at utilizing music to tell a story. This is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on! 

“Glad to release my first original Trance Wax productions on Anjunabeats. They’re a follow-on from the OceanLab remixes I did last year and a personal reinterpretation of classic melodic dance music. I hope you enjoy them, there’s a lot more to come.”
 – Trance Wax

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