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Fresh Music - August 16, 2021

‘Together’ We Will See ‘Brighter Days’ With This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

‘Together’ we will see ‘Brighter Days’ with this week’s new music from the likes of Loud Luxury, ilan Bluestone, Justin Martin, Shaun Frank and more.

Armin van Buuren x AVIRA – ‘Sirius’

Drawing from The Alan Parsons Project’s creation of the same name, ‘Sirius’ sees Armin van Buuren and AVIRA get down to collaborative business again. Coupling the classic rock elements with a more electronic approach manifested in the soaring synths and high-paced arpeggios, this track stands tall as a cross-audience masterpiece that will light up the dance floor.

Talla 2XLC & Yakooza – ‘City 2 City (Talla 2XLC Mix)’

Two well-known and highly regarded figures in the trance scene, the maestro Talla 2XLC and the mysterious Yakooza collaborate for the recreation of the massive ‘City 2 City’ track originally released back in the glorious days of 2002. There’s a psy-tech-trance foundation of monstrous beats with dark moody synthy ravey riffs and the spoken male vocals that travel the listener through the biggest capitals of the world ready to rock and rave. Uplifting and rough, this Technoclub Retro release will stand out this summer.

Loud Luxury – ‘Holiday Hills’

“‘Holiday Hills’ is the place you grew up. It could be anywhere in the world. To us, it represents the idea of order, rules and being told no when you were younger. We think everyone dreams of going back to that place and turning it upside down. This EP is nothing more than our favorite songs, which we feel bring color to the dull, a party to the boring and chaos to the order. The neighbors can definitely hear us.”

Loud Luxury

Chicane – ‘Capricorn (Black Pedal Brakes Remix)’

Adopting a simpler beat so that the enchanting atmosphere shines even brighter, the Back Pedal Brakes Remix of ‘Capricorn’ only adds to the magic of the original single, taken from Chicane’s eighth studio album. Oozing with both warmth and wonder, this version is perfect for a night of stargazing.

Tensteps x Amin Salmee – ‘Brighter Days’

Characterized by the mesmerizing piano play and reassuring vocals that effortlessly spearhead the melodic drop, Tensteps’ collab with Malaysian artist Amin Salmee is proof that music has the ability to lift moods and spirits. Sparking hope for change in the times ahead, ‘Brighter Days’ calls out to all who need a little bit of light in their lives right now.

Veracocha – ‘Carte Blanche (Ilan Bluestone Remix)’

London’s Ilan Bluestone cements his status as a remix grandmaster by putting his hand to another timeless classic. Keeping the irresistible atmosphere and melodic core of the original intact, this 2021 version of Veracocha’sCarte Blanche’ will have the global Trance crowd on cloud nine in mere seconds.

Justin Martin – ‘Eye Of The Storm’

“There is a serene beauty that always takes place in the ‘Eye Of The Storm’, amidst all the violent chaos that surrounds it. Capturing that extreme juxtaposition was my goal.”

Justin Martin 

Luke Bond – ‘Habitat (feat. Duna Lua)’

U.K. creator Luke Bond pushes the envelope with another sublime offering. Featuring the haunting vocals of Duna Lua on a moody and energetic production that opens up once the uplifting melody enters the equation, ‘Habitat’ was made to thrive in any dance music environment.

Anyasa – ‘Gaya’

Gaya’ EP sets the tone for Anish’s new style under his new moniker Anyasa, which is a unique blend of electronic production that has become his trademark over the past decade and Indian classical vocals that represent his roots. Gaya, a derivation from Gaia the Greek goddess of Mother Earth, is an ode to feminine energy, the raw creative force from which all artistry is born.

Wave Point – ‘Blurry Lines’

Detroit-based DJ and producer Wave Point, formerly known as one-half of Golf Clap, unveils his anticipated debut album, ‘Higher Dimension’. The quiet of quarantine spurred the launch of his solo Wave Point project, under which Bryan Jones is the mastermind behind serving up slick, soulful grooves. The album ‘Higher Dimension’ is a product of a virtual collaboration with musicians from around the world, contributing to each track’s masterful mix of live instrumentation. Because he was stuck in isolation, Jones went online and hired bass players, string quartets and a myriad of other musicians from around the world who he had never even met, making ‘Higher Dimension’ a showcase of an artist in total control.

Shaun Frank – ‘Together (feat. Prinze George)’

“I’ve been dying to do a record with Prinze George ever since I heard their ‘Letting People Go’ record with Carnage. We wrote this ‘Together’ during the pandemic about dancing through the mess we’re in. I truly believe music kept a lot of us sane through this crazy year, and this track is my homage to that.”

Shaun Frank

ATB – ‘Like That (feat. Ben Samama)’

Today, German dance music legend ATB releases his brand new single ‘Like That’, featuring LA-based artist Ben Samama. Punctuated by Samama’s soaring vocals, ‘Like That’ is an emotion-drenched modern dance jam that juxtaposes idyllic guitar riffs with an infectious bassline.

The Age Of Love – ‘The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte x Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)’

Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano have come together to serve up a very personal remix of the hugely influential self-titled classic by The Age Of Love, out via the original Belgian label Diki Records.

Black Caviar – ‘Collect Check (feat. EMIDA)’

“When I first heard EMIDA’s smooth vocals I was blown away. Her style, tone and delivery reminded me of Sade. I wanted to make sure the production [‘Collect Check’] sat in the right place that would compliment her vocal.”

Black Caviar

Martin Jensen – ‘Can’t Come To The Phone’

Martin Jensen wastes no time in building the momentum that has been flowing off the back of recent releases as he works alongside esteemed singer/songwriter Amber Van Day and production talents N.F.I for his latest offering, ‘Can’t Come To The Phone’, out via Astralwerks. ‘Can’t Come To The Phone’ emanates with a playful nature, the perfect track to signal summer fun and for times when you are too busy making memories to deal with life’s serious side.

J. Worra – ‘some ppl fall’

LA-based DJ and producer J. Worra has garnered a global fanbase from her fresh take on house music. J. Worra continues to move and shake dancefloors with the release of her EP ‘some ppl fall’, out via Club Sweat.

Said The Sky – ‘Treading Water’

“While a lot of the music I’m sitting on is definitely a little left of center, I think ‘Treading Water’ feels like early Said The Sky days. I hope people that hear it can find it sounds somewhat familiar, unlike my last release, ‘We Know Who We Are’, which for me was a bit of a step in a different direction and something I plan on digging into more.”

Said The Sky

Louis The Child – ‘hate u cuz i don’t (feat. Bea Miller)’

Chicago-bred production duo, Louis The Child, release their brand-new single entitled ‘hate u cuz i don’t’ featuring breakout singer-songwriter, Bea Miller, along with the music video. The track’s up-tempo production paired with Bea Miller’s slick pop vocals makes ‘hate u cuz i don’t’ yet another head-bopping earworm by Louis The Child. The single will be featured on their upcoming ‘Euphoria Project’.

NATIIVE x LAYNE – ‘Choices’

As elusive percussive elements wrap around the whimsical plucks of a guitar, the track gradually swells in sentimental furor. With a crackling whip of oscillating synths, ‘Choices’ descends into a flurry of passionate chord progressions meeting pulsing basses and LAYNE’s stellar vocal addition. Joining an already impressive discography as heard from NATIIVE, ‘Choices’ solidifies this emerging LA-based artist as a driving force in the contemporary fusion of pop, R&B, and electronic music.

Adventure Club x Nurko – ‘Colorblind (feat. Dayseeker)’

“One of our favorite dream collaborations [‘Colorblind’] to date. We absolutely love everything Nurko has been releasing, pushing melodic bass boundaries. Dayseeker is currently one of our favorite bands, so we’re completely honored to have Rory contribute his incredible vocals.”

Adventure Club

*Featured image via Loud Luxury, ilan Bluestone, Justin Martin and Shaun Frank*