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“Throw Your Hands” “Dive” It’s “Time 2 Go” to The Fresh New Music! | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Sunny Lax “Mother”

Anjunabeats favorite Sunny Lax has shown a flair for effortlessly catchy melodies and uplifting chord progressions that have seen his music take flight on some of the biggest stages worldwide. This May sees the release of his first extended body of work, “End Of Our Time” EP five tracks celebrating the sound of Sunny Lax. “Mother” is the first euphoric single to emerge from the EP and it will definitely be a new club favorite.

Daniel Dejman – “STTÆB”

Chicago based techno extraordinaire Daniel Dejman navigated his way through the electronic music sphere before recently solidifying his prowess as a hard house/techno producer. He returns to the studio to deliver a jarring three-track EP entitled STTÆB“. Propulsive energy permeates each of the tracks, showcasing Daniel’s sonic palette with galvanic flair and tethering the edits to the roots of their counterpart.

Solomon King – “Throw Your Hands”

London’s Solomon King releases his latest single “Throw Your Hands”. Featuring an iconic vocal hook and one of the filthiest basslines you’ll hear in a long time. This track is a serious dancefloor weapon!

D Block & S-TE-FAN – “Love On Fire”

D-Block & S-te-Fan are ramping up their studio output with their third solo release of 2020, “Love Is On Fire”. This track is an eruptive speaker-buster made to wreak havoc all year ‘round. Infused with fiery vocals and searing synths, the record saw the Dutchmen embrace more trancy influences whilst making sure it’s more than capable of setting the world ablaze.

Anna Reusch & Torsten Kanzler – “Flying”

German techno producers Anna Reusch and Torsten Kanzler release “Flying”. They combine their complementary styles of groovy and powerful techno to deliver a pair of peak-time cuts, with thunderous kicks and intricate drum patterns held together by a huge synth refrain that dominates both edits throughout. Their distinctive production versatility has a deeper, more melodic sound on the B-side tracks. The pair builds an impressive assortment of growling basslines and ethereal arpeggios across both.

Fisher – “Freaks”

FISHER drops another irresistible anthem, “Wanna Go Dancin”. The track captures the collective yearning for the day we can all be back in the clubs. This track will definitely be a new dancefloor favorite!


Two of bass music’s most fearless warriors have teamed up for a collaboration of epic proportions. SVDDEN DEATH and SNAILS unite for their first-ever collab, “Deathmatch”. Packed to the brim with booming bass, this release is a journey to the frontlines of dubstep and riddim’s most speaker-rattling sounds.

Lex Leosis – “Mythologies”

Lex Leosis releases his new LP “Mythologies”. The album has three sections; Life, Destiny, and Death. It was inspired by the Moirai (the Fates) – Clotho who spins the thread of life, Lachesis who weaves each person’s destiny, and Atropos, the one who could not be turned away, taking her abhorred shears and cutting the thread at death. Within these songs, Lex explored the idea of a cyclical journey; that new starts, growth and your higher self can happen simultaneously. That it’s okay to get stuck, and it’s okay to be oscillating through life. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Louis La Roche – “Saturday Night Griever”

Prolific British Nu-Disco Producer Louis La Roche released his latest albumSaturday Night Griever“. Starting with the soulful sounds the album progresses, skillfully displaying different genres with reverence. Bouncing from nu-disco and French house to modern electronic pop aspects throughout.

Moody Good – “Swervy”

Chugging guttural basslines and bone smacking drums, Moody Good is back on his business with gnarly dubstep sounds that continue to evolve the genre. “Swervy” is the latest single from the legendary producer and gives fans some new twisted rhythms to snap their necks too!

Frythm – “Colors”

Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Frythm released his latest single, Colors”. This track is the first release from his upcoming album, “Flow” which is out in May. “Colors” carries the influences of hip-hop along with the airy atmospheres of ambient music. The resulting lo-fi soundscapes that carry strong aspects of chillout soul meeting lighter elements of R&B to smooth out any possible rough edges. Taking hazy vocals and hypnotizing flows, Frythm breathes an air of pure contentment as he croons and sighs his way through the single. 

R3HAB & Andy Grammer – “Good Example”

If you need an emotional release from the current state of the world, look no further than R3HAB‘s new collaboration with Andy Grammer, “Good Example“. The song takes the format of a parent speaking to their child, and Grammer’s voice on the tender lyrics is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. The track opens with Grammer’s soulful performance over delicate acoustic guitar melodies, which break down into a groovy and melodic drop courtesy of R3HAB’s expert touch.

Pablo Nouvelle – “Obsolete”

Few artists have a creative output as consistent and free-flowing as Pablo Nouvelle, and his current release spotlights that gift of his. “Obsolete” touches firmly on the theme of mankind’s non-sustainable way of living. Classified by its creator as music to dance and dream to, the album brings together the colorful and warm as well as the dirty and playful. Suitable for all kinds of listening sessions, ‘Obsolete’ constantly flirts with the idea of escaping to outer space, and that’s exactly what draws listeners in.

Carrousel – “Magnificent Desolation”

Los Angeles-based indie duo Carrousel are revealing their multidimensional 10-track album “Magnificent Desolation“. Carrousel’s futurist pop melodies wane toward the prophetic, delineating several genres at once with enigmatic cohesion and surprising grit. Composed of neither the present nor past, Magnificent Desolation belongs instead to the illusory future and the possibilities awaiting us there, including this new momentous ringing of sound.

Zeal – “Time 2 Go”

Australian producer Zeal unveils “Time 2 Go” featuring SODA. This single challenges the status quo of contemporary dance music. Featuring a conscious lyrical flow from rapper SODA, “Time 2 Go” is a syrupy hit with a signature swagger that angles Zeal as a performer that transcends genre.

*Featured image | via Sunny Lax, Fisher, R3HAB, and SVDDEN DEATH*

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