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Fresh Music - September 5, 2021

This Week’s New Tunes Will ‘Take Control’ Of You And Have You ‘Lost’ In The Music | ICYMI Monday

This week’s new tunes from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Morgan Page, Gareth Emery, Dirty Audio and more will ‘Take Control’ of you and have you ‘Lost’ in the music.

Armin van Buuren – ‘A State Of Trance FOREVER’

“I started A State Of Trance to share the music I love with people from all over the world, and I’m so proud that it turned into a full-blown community for everyone who loves Trance music. A State Of Trance has not only allowed me to stay in touch with my fans and share my own music, but also to spotlight the established and up-and-coming artists I admire. For ASOT1000, I wanted to do something special. So I decided to do a collaboration album with some of my favorite artists and sat down with them to create trance tracks that will last the fans at least another thousand episodes. We have put a lot of love in these records and hope you will have a blast listening to them, especially since there will be more albums to come in the ‘A State Of Trance FOREVER’ series. Every track, from 123 bpm to serious uplifting, will also be a big part of my upcoming sets. So are you ready to get into A State Of Trance?!”

Armin van Buuren

Talla 2XLC feat. Bogart & Gable – ‘The Dragon’

When you feel down, trance can offer the remedy to lift you up and carry you away for a nice journey to the Asian territories. Talla 2XLC’s remake of ‘The Dragon’, originally produced by Bogart & Gable back in 2000 is coming on That’s Trance. The synthy chords in the breakdown are so distinctive and ear catching that it will be difficult not to feel the melancholic but at the same time epic effects in your soul. Straight to the point uncomplicated arrangement and melody focused trancer with hypnotic orient feel to it.

HALIENE – ‘Glass Heart’

HALIENE, the voice of some of the biggest tracks in dance music returns to center stage with her new original production, ‘Glass Heart’. HALIENE opens up her soul on the song, revealing a vulnerability that many people face in their closest relationships. The inimitable voice is the main instrument here, deftly and beautifully delivering the song’s message while coated in a gentle electronic music cocoon.    

Morgan Page x Gian Varela – ‘Lost (Gareth Emery Remix)’

Deliver a rendition full of thrill and suspense, electronic music phenomenon Gareth Emery expertly sends Morgan Page and Gian Varela’s recent collab into overdrive. From Fagin’s wandering and contemplative vocals to the driving bassline and synths oozing melodic intent, this remix of ‘Lost’ will have fans retracing their steps as soon as the record ends.

Ferry Corsten x Ruben de Ronde – ‘Bloodstream (Ben Gold Remix)’

Once again pushing his signature sound to the max, Ben Gold continues to cement his reputation as a Trance mainstay and expert remixer. Moving into uplifting territory after a dark but sturdy build-up, his version of ‘Bloodstream’ is bound to get the adrenaline surging and minds reeling.

Leaving Laurel – ‘Winter In The Woods (Daniel Avery Remix)’

“I hadn’t touched a remix for a long time and had no real intention of doing so before Leaving Laurel got in touch. They wrote with a passion I could feel ran throughout their music and I was proud of the version [‘Winter In The Woods’] I handed back to them. Tragically, several months later we were told the news that Pierce from the band had passed away following a long struggle with his mental health. Time stands still in those moments. I’m happy to play a small part in this project which, alongside honoring Pierce’s life, hopes to shine a light on normalizing vulnerability and mental health discussions in society, particularly amongst men. Love to Gordon, the Yellow Tulip Project, and everyone involved in this release. Love to you, Pierce — we’re playing this one extra loud for you xx.”

Daniel Avery 

Cubicore – ‘Holding On’

Cubicore has been on a roll as of late, and the Ukrainian creator is set to magnify the momentum with another tantalizing vocal record. Hitting the sweet spot between euphoric Trance and underground-tinged progressive, ‘Holding On’ bears all the hallmarks of a cut ready to rock worlds.


Dipped in the Trance feel of old, STANDERWICK’s new offering to the A State Of Trance label answers the prayers of both the genre’s early adopters and new fans. Helmed by plucked melodies that radiate euphoria and a sense of timelessness, ‘Amen’ is that one track you can always place your faith in.

Eli & Fur – ‘Burning’

Riding high off the back of their debut album release earlier this summer, Eli & Fur make their return to UK house giant Positiva Records with ‘Burning’. Adorned with the illustrious vocal alchemy of London based songwriter Camden Cox, this powerhouse trio of female energy burn brightly. Packed full of attitude and unquestionable atmospheric groove, the subtle growl of the track’s low end feels akin to a prowling tigress. ‘Burning’ wades smoothly through hypnotic pads and gently rising chordal elements, whilst Camden Cox’s infectious vocals glow like polished rubies shining vibrantly atop Eli & Fur’s composition.

SLANDER x Ganja White Knight – ‘Miss You’

SLANDER and Ganja White Night have teamed up on a massive track together titled ‘Miss You’ on the former’s Gud Vibrations imprint. The dance music titans SLANDER are back with another high-caliber collab. This time around, they are joining forces with the live electronic 2-piece outfit from Belgium, Ganja White Night, on a gripping dance record about being absorbed with someone who is no longer in the picture. The forlorn vocal hits the soft spot with an orchestral drop before descending into a guttural final section that shows the two dubstep forces answering back in true form.

Monsieur Frazier – ‘Monsieur Frazier’

“The inspiration for this EP [‘Monsieur Frazier’] came about during quarantine, when I was unsure of what the future would hold for both myself as a DJ and the music scene in general, while also feeling like I had been given a giant opportunity to start over and reset. I felt that there was no better time to finally just go for it as a producer.”

Monsieur Frazier

Will Clarke – ‘Sometimes You Gotta Let It Go’

Will Clarke has made his debut on Factory 93 Records with his latest single ‘Sometimes You Gotta Let It Go’. The seasoned dance music veteran from Bristol has been making some serious headway in the techno lane. His latest creation lands on Factory 93, and it’s a haunting brooding techno number that has been a secret weapon in his sets for a while now. The warm analog bassline and thumping percussive rhythm are met with a gripping vocal hook that speaks to his meticulous craft, and knowing when to put perfectionism back in its place.

Dirty Audio – ‘Take Control’

Dirty Audio has returned to Bassrush Records with his three-track ‘Take Control’ EP. The bass music heavyweight has been dominating the trap and dubstep scene with a well respected discog. He’s now packaging the effort with two new offerings, the titular ‘Take Control’ and ‘Tell Me’, which finds him tapping into his trap roots and rehashing those influences with modern day sounds and techniques.

Ali Bakgor x DLAY – ‘Lightning Bolt’

“‘Lightning Bolt’ is a song that is driven by its melancholic atmosphere together with a deep melodic beat. The harmonies from the vocals blended very well with the idea we had in mind, which made our job much easier as producers. From the first second of the song, we could instantly picture the connection it would have with the listeners as the song progresses from dark and emotional chords to a hypnotic drop.”

Ali Bagkor and DLAY

Zen Dub – ‘Suffuse’

Following the success of his earlier transcendental single, Zen Dub pairs with the dulcet tones of Michael Baron on ‘Suffuse’ – a single that pays respect to DnB, while challenging it and pushing the genre further. The fourth track on the artist’s forthcoming album ‘Enigma’, the single gives listeners perhaps the strongest taste of what’s come to define Zen Dub’s part-meditative, electronic sound.

Parker – ‘Dynamite’

Parker is back with the third peek at his debut album in ‘Dynamite’. Yet another masterpiece from the emerging producer, ‘Dynamite’ bursts with emotional melodies and crisp synths, swallowing the listener with a billowing wave of lush tones. The best music is said to allow people to escape for a moment and Parker’s newest track fits the bill. 

Teddy Killerz – ‘Dangerous Levels’

“We had a lot of fun writing these tracks, and both tunes flowed very naturally for us. This EP [‘Dangerous Levels’] is a twist on the traditional Teddy Killerz DnB sound; we really wanted to put out our take on dubstep. We enjoyed collaborating with Protohype, and we hope you love our new EP.”

— Teddy Killerz

Lupa – ‘For The Ride’

A wolf in women’s clothing, Lupa dares to be different. Making her triumphant debut on deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint, the Bay Area-based breakout star unleashes her nefarious ‘For The Ride’. 

Waveshaper – ‘Lost In The Cloud’

Step into the world of dreams with us as we become ‘Lost In The Cloud’ with Waveshaper’s latest single. Opening with a few darker tones, the song gradually builds as a ship might as it’s taking off into the sky. The dark of the storm, the weightless atmosphere of the clouds and the stunning, light break at the end as we come out atop the clouds, the single encompasses it all.

Joachim Pastor – ‘Greater Message’

“The past years have been full of inevitable change for me. Stepping away from something familiar to jump into the unknown is always scary, but I landed at Armada Music with hope and am now proud to present my debut album [‘Greater Message’]. It symbolizes what I love about music, as each track has a life and a soul. I tried to combine the energy of electronic beats with the emotion of melodies to create something unique.”

Joachim Pastor

*Featured image via Armin van Buuren, Morgan Page, Gareth Emery and Dirty Audio*