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This Week’s New Music Will Teach You To ‘Never Surrender’ And ‘Party On’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC & Pulsedriver – ‘Lift Off (Pulsedriver Remix)’

Pulsedriver is the co-mixer of the latest ‘Technoclub Vol. 63’ compilation along with That’s Trance owner Talla 2XLC. His remix for the main theme called ‘Lift Off’ follows his more commercial oriented sound with his well-known much loved energetic bass and kick identified with him through the years. His brilliant melodies, melancholic orchestral strings and well-known spacey vocal samples turn the track into a timebomb ready to explode in a club near you. If you love the more popular, hands-up trance then this remix will please you for sure.

Super8 & Tab – ‘Live For Tonight (Scorz Remix)’

Back on Armind, Scorz delivers a standout remix treatment of one of the brilliant singles from part one of Super8 & Tab’sThese Little Stories’ album. Full of melodic flair and vocal brilliance, this rendition of ‘Live For Tonight’ serves as a reminder to make the most of every moment.

Alan Fitzpatrick – ‘Machine Therapy’

“The time [‘Machine Therapy’] I had in the studio was like a therapy session. Particularly with the pandemic, not knowing what was happening, what the future might look like, what  might happen in the scene; being able to get into the studio with no time constraints and just really pour my heart into making music really helped get me through the last  year and definitely help keep my mental health in check.”

Alan Fitzpatrick 

Vintage Culture x James Hype – ‘You Give Me A Feeling’

Vintage Culture and James Hype have joined forces on new collab ‘You Give Me A Feeling’ for Insomniac Records. ‘You Give Me A Feeling’ is the perfect marriage between their ear-hooking sensibilities resulting in a slick house groove.

David Forbes – ‘Sail’

While the world’s still buzzing from his latest offering, U.K. creator David Forbes slams down on Who’s Afraid Of 138?! in signature fashion. From the energetic bassline and waves of euphoria to the exceptional melody at the helm, ‘Sail’ is taking listeners straight to cloud nine.

Dave Neven x GXD – ‘Allies’

Proudly standing shoulder to shoulder, A State Of Trance regulars Dave Neven and GXD come up trumps with their first collaborative effort on the label. Ticking all the boxes of an uplifting masterpiece with its incredible melody and surging energy, ‘Allies’ shows exactly why these guys are ones to watch within the Trance realm.

Chris Lake x NPC – ‘A Drug From God’

GRAMMY-nominated, chart-topping house artist Chris Lake collaborates with NPC on the ambitious single ‘A Drug From God’. Lake creates an ominous, futuristic soundscape that escalates to spine-tingling heights as the distinctive vocals of NPC extend a thought-provoking invitation. 

XiJaro & Pitch – ‘Party On’

Dutch-Belgian pair XiJaro & Pitch deliver another surefire stomper. Released on Who’s Afraid Of 138?!, this highly melodic banger is sure to make the crowd ‘Party On’.

Kita-Kei – ‘Adolescence’

The second release on ZYX Trance by Kita-Kei just arrived in your beloved download/stream portal called ‘Adolescence’ carefully selected by Talla 2XLC. Get ready to fly high with a solid, tight arrangement of all the usual elements that turn any trance track into a spaceship ready to take off. The main melody is magnificent combined with powerful thumping kicks, metallic raw basslines, energetic drive and melancholic piano chords to create magical moments as you let yourself go and fly high with a big smile on your face.

Rules Don’t Apply – ‘SPLITS 001’

Walker & Royce have long conjured excitement with their every move – and their budding label, Rules Don’t Apply, promises the same buzz and brilliance. The duo now presents their latest creation in the form of SPLITS, a new RDA release series. ‘SPLITS 001 is led by their Ardalan-collab project, Escapade, and features a reunion between VNSSA and Lenny Kiser.

Will Sparks – ‘Patience’

For ‘Patience’, Will Sparks borrows elements from his much-loved house genre while seamlessly integrating a hardstyle production that results in a truly invigorating track. The track is yet another example of Will Sparks’ willingness to experiment with unique arrangements in a genre that he’s already dominated. 

Lubelski – ‘Happy Accidents’

The premise for the album, ‘Happy Accidents’ is pretty interesting — during lockdown Lubelski ran a weekly modular synth jam show on the Dirtybird Twitch that saw him going down a wormhole of improvised bleeps, bloops and original vocals for hours at a time. It was erratic and strange, a kind of embodiment of a time that was especially tough on young artists in exile from the clubs. Claude VonStroke loved it so much he asked Lubelski to create an album around the concept, which also caught the eye of Twitch who offered him an official partnership on the platform. So for the whole summer Lubelski jammed on his modular setup live on Twitch, asked fans what sounds they liked the most in the chat and in his Discord, then turned those sounds into an amazing album primed for dancefloors and festival stages.

EdOne – ‘Uncontrolled Thoughts’

Spanish DJ/producer EdOne, stands as one of the most authentic rising talents on the underground circuit, championing his own uniquely measured strain of techno that proves both progressive and yet familiar. Making his second coming with Bedrock, the contemporary star hits us with an authentic three-track EP, ‘Uncontrolled Thoughts’ to stir the senses.

Elliot Fitch – ‘What You Do To Me’

“I made this track [‘What You Do To Me’] this summer, which is heavily inspired by the 90’s era of house music: melodic pads and pianos, heavy drums, a catchy vocal and a high level of energy. All to give you that melancholic feeling, which really characterizes that era.”

Elliot Fitch

Adventure Club x Codeko – ‘Never Surrender (feat. Sarah De Warren)’

Out via Ultra Records, ‘Never Surrender’ pays homage to Adventure Club’s established hallmark sound while expanding on the decorated duo’s creative prowess. Welding together addictive basslines and emotive muse with Sarah De Warren’s confident cadence, ‘Never Surrender’ is a single sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Tenaj x CalVee – ‘Forever’

Forever’ kicks off with a captivating piano instrumentation paired with Tenaj’s emotive vocals, bringing forth a palpably rapturous soundscape. The track rises with energy, before exploding with a moving rhythm, transmitting an irresistible fire to listeners’ eardrums. With a propulsive atmosphere and beautiful sound design, Tenaj and CalVee deliver a feel-good energy like no other with ‘Forever’. The latest offering keeps fans anticipating more from Tenaj, showcasing her undeniably diverse talent.

Bensley – ‘No Problems’

Bensley has touched down on NIGHTMODE with his label debut ‘No Problems’. The Toronto-born artist is breaking off a new single NIGHTMODE, which finds the versatile bass producer nodding to his entrypoint into dance music. Paying his respects to the 2010 era of dubstep and UK garage, ‘No Problems’ is a nostalgia-laced number that incorporates bouncy drums, wobbling basslines, uplifting atmosphere, and a catchy vocal.

Edwin – ‘Summer High’

Summer High’ opens with growing instrumentals, directly followed by resonant vocals. With upbeat production, the track envelopes listeners’ eardrums and captivates Edwin’s musical prowess. The twinkling melody of ‘Summer High’ effortlessly showcases the track’s bouncy soundscape, setting it up as a perfect playlist addition. The playful offering serves as another look into Edwin’s masterful musical capabilities as his discography continues to grow.

Ship Wrek – ‘Stimulate’

“We made ‘Stimulate’ during quarantine. We were itching to get back on the road and knew we had to make something fresh for when shows came back. There was a lot of nonsense going on in the world in the last few years and this song is dedicated to opening your eyes to the truth. For the artwork, we teamed up with our boy Zachokami to create something to emphasize the message of mass awakening.”

Ship Wrek

*Featured image via Xijaro & Pitch, Adventure Club, Will Sparks, Lubelski*

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