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This Week’s New Music Will Help You ‘Rise Up’ And Begin ‘Chasing Stars’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Cosmic Gate – ‘MOSAIIK’

“When we laid all of ‘MOSAIIK’s ideas, drafts, and demos for new avenues out, it almost overwhelmed us. That played a part in the decision to split the album into two. There was such a span to it that Bossi and I both felt there was almost a danger of ‘too much, too soon. So ultimately the two Chapters of ‘MOSAIIK’ will click together to present that broader vision of our music.” 

— Nic Chagall of Cosmic Gate

“It’s all about proportion. They fit in as part of a vision which is wider – and is only going to become more so. The singles ‘Your Mind’ and ‘Feel It’ attest to this, and when testing the album tracks at some recent live shows, ‘Vertigo’ – with its dark and techno-ish vibe, got some incredible crowd reactions.”

— Bossi of Cosmic Gate

Leaving Laurel – ‘Leaving Laurel’

One day in Laurel Canyon, California, the pair (Leaving Laurel) were sharing their own unfinished music with one another. Pierce had an idea for a demo of Gordon’s, which spawned an impromptu writing session lasting the rest of the day.  Elated by what had just happened, they continued to write together over the coming weeks, but just as they were getting new momentum, Pierce had to head back to his home on the east coast.  The final song they wrote together before his flight was called ‘Leaving Laurel’. The music Pierce and Gordon made together is rich with emotion, densely packed with atmosphere, and often featured Gordon’s own gentle vocals.

Pierce always envisioned the music they made together in California as an album, and after having released many of their early songs over the past year on Anjunadeep, they set out to finish everything they had started during that time. In revisiting the rest of their ideas from that era, they had realized – it all felt like one moment in time. One feeling. One chapter. The pair finished their debut album [‘Leaving Laurel’] at the start of 2021, just prior to a horrible tragedy.

R3HAB x Sigala x JP Cooper – ‘Runaway’

R3HAB teams up with UK sensations Sigala and JP Cooper for their collaboration ‘Runaway’, a stunning coming-of-age saga that fuses the best of dance and pop. The song reflects each artist’s signature sound, from R3HAB’s dynamic and high-energy style and Sigala’s radio-friendly beats to JP Cooper’s soulful vocals. Opening with undulating, upbeat melodies, ‘Runaway’ rides on a combination of muted basslines and heartfelt vocals; its powerful lyrics about taking a risk to realize a dream or happiness is something many listeners will be able to relate to. The track is the first confirmed as part of R3HAB’s new studio album, which will be released this fall, and offers a sneak peek into what fans can expect from his newest body of work.

Above & Beyond – ‘Almost Home’

“This is a track that we originally wrote with Justine Suissa some years ago. Like many musicians during the lockdown, we buried ourselves in the studio and had plenty of time to pick through old ideas. ‘Almost Home’, with its ’80s production influences, caught our ear. We sent it across to Justine again, and she rewrote the second verse to reflect her feelings on it today – we won’t tell you what it’s about though, we’ll leave that for you to decide. This track started in quite a different form, so we’ve also done a Club Mix to bring it a bit more up-to-date. It’s quite emotional to think that we’ll be able to play this one live for you all very soon. Take care for now!”

Above & Beyond

Alesso x Marshmello x James Bay – ‘Chasing Stars’

A beautifully detailed look back at a broken relationship, ‘Chasing Stars’ opens on a poignant, piano-accompanied vocal performance from James Bay (who also created the single’s enchanting artwork). From there, Alesso and Marshmello work their undeniable magic, layering in driving beats and folk-infused guitar work before building to a heart-stopping drop. Equal parts bittersweet and euphoric, ‘Chasing Stars’ then transforms into a full-tilt anthem, its chorus lit up in gloriously soaring synth lines that perfectly reflect the track’s no-regrets sentiment. 

Axel Theselff – ‘Timeflow’

“My latest single, ‘Timeflow’ is an introspective techno banger that takes the listener on a ride through the very fabric of spacetime. It features a poem I wrote and narrated by voice-over artist extraordinaire Jonathan Hutchings. This cross-arts piece articulates the fleetingness of the present moment as well as the mysterious nature of the future and the obliviousness of the past. It’s a constantly evolving and metamorphosing adventure that shifts through a mutating landscape of lush chords, pulsating bass, thumping drums and gritty synths as well as cascading melodies and evocative cadences that bring the listener to the point of sheer vertigo and catharsis in the end.”

Axel Theselff

Hydraulix x Doctor P – ‘Wrench’

Wrapping up his album rollout with a bang, Hydraulix is pulling the curtain on his latest offering, a collaboration with bass music stalwart Doctor P, ‘Wrench’.  His latest production elevates his sound to a high-octane dimension, fusing his and Doctor P’s respective styles to form a concoction of dub-filled extravaganza. ‘Wrench’ marks the Australian DJ and producer’s fifth and final single ahead of unveiling his highly-anticipated debut LP, ‘Imposter Syndrome’. 

Yves Larock x Steff Da Campo – ‘Rise Up 2021 (feat. Jaba)’

Swiss artist Yves Larock has teamed up with one of house music’s unstoppable forces, Steff Da Campo, for the re-creation of his renowned dance classic ‘Rise Up‘ featuring Jaba. The result is a sweet 2021 rendition that builds on the original’s feelgood vibe while adding tasty deep house rhythms and a refreshing reggae breakdown to provide the song with a brand new appeal.

ATTLAS – ‘Into Arms Of Lovers (feat. MAYLYN)’

Born out of passion and patience, ATTLAS and MAYLYN’sInto Arms Of Lovers’ is a soul-stirring reverie for wandering ears. Swathed in ambient euphoria, MAYLYN’s pulsing vocals ebb and flow, weaving tales of solace and solitude in love. Impassioned symphonies of elegant synths carry the spell-binding single, as ATTLAS’ highly technical musicianship shines through. Blending his signature piano elements with nuanced electronic flare, ATTLAS puts forth his emotive best in ‘Into Arms Of Lovers’. 

Eden Prince – ‘Don’t Need U (feat. Akua)’

“‘Don’t Need U’ was a song straight from the hearts of me and Akua. We searched into our souls for a message that captured the essence of house music and that meant a lot to us. The theme of the song is heartbreak and independence. It’s a tune with power and drive both emotionally and sonically, and I can’t wait to play it out in my sets.”

Eden Prince

Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘Titanic’

Cosmo’s Midnight returns to share their new scintillating single, ‘Titanic‘, out via Sony Music (Australia) and RCA Records (USA). Opening with glittery chords and a pulsating bassline, ‘Titanic’ builds on their distinctive sound with a fusion of funk and house. The uplifting sonic canvas is rich with guitars, shimmering synths and a classic four on the floor drum pattern, as Pat’s dynamic falsettos bridge a juxtaposition of dejected lyrics on past regrets, signalling an evolution from last year’s LP.

Pixel Terror – ‘Empire’

Pixel Terror is exploring new worlds on their forthcoming four-track ‘Empire‘ EP on Bassrush Records. The 8-bit loving production pair recently flexed their worldbuilding skills with the ethereal single ‘Elysium’, which saw them creating a futuristic cityscape pulled straight from the deep expanse of their unbridled imagination. More than a month after its release, the duo is ready to up the ante with the release of a four-track melodic dubstep package that finds them implementing new techniques to explore uncharted territory for them. Gravitating towards different genre influences, Pixel Terror is ready to open their universe up to endless possibilities.

Zen Dub – ‘Invoke’

As drum and bass pushed the boundary of what electronic music could be, Zen Dub pushes the boundary of what drum and bass can be in his transcendent single ‘Invoke’. Heavily inspired by the musical practises and philosophies of cultures across the world, Zen Dub merges the spirit of freedom with the D&B/electronic production that has hooked audiences at Boomtown and beyond.

Eric Hilton – ‘Ceremony’

“‘Ceremony’ acknowledges the exercise of sitting alone to draw musical vibrations from the ether, which I do regularly. It’s the most centering, grounding thing I do, and I didn’t do it until I became a solo artist. Now I’m hooked. Interpreting life experiences, consciousness, and putting that into a musical form – that’s the ceremony.”

Eric Hilton 

Niiko x SWAE – ‘Eeny Meeny’

Don’t let the title fool you; there’s nothing tiny or insignificant about Niiko x SWAE’s latest offering on Armada Music. Packing enough electro house firepower to punch holes in sound systems and dance floors alike, ‘Eeny Meeny’ is simply a stadium-quaking banger in pocket size.

Sam Blacky – ‘Summer Solstice’

Always one to create a vibe through her music, Sam Blacky’s first EP on her label Stabby Records is clearly inspired by her love of travel and musical experiences in the most beautiful of places. Driving basslines, booty-shaking rhythms, and sultry vocals are the main theme of ‘Summer Solstice’, making for a sonic journey that you’ll want to never end.

The Course – ‘Ready Or Not (BEC Remixes)’

Brighton-born BEC stands as one of the most exciting UK components on the current techno circuit, championing a strong female perspective with unbounded creativity and scope. Entering the next phase of her meteoric rise, BEC takes on The Course’s debut 1997 single ‘Ready Or Not’, which sampled the truly iconic 1996 original by the Fugees. Delivering two stylish interpretations in the form of a ‘High Vibration’ and ‘Rave’ remix, BEC provides a fresh listening experience for the modern audience — out via the original Dutch label Altra Moda Music.

Waveshaper – ‘Friends Again’

“‘Friends Again’ is about reuniting. In this case, in a spaceship but it might as well be in your living room. In this synthesizer adventure, I am creating a journey of interesting soundscapes and themes which hopefully will make you feel joy and hope.”


*Featured image via Alesso, Marshmello, Cosmic Gate and Above & Beyond*

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