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This Week’s New Music ‘Promises’ To Bring You ‘Love & Give’ You Happiness | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

VASSY x GT_Ofice – ‘TUFF’

VASSY and GT_Ofice’s new single ‘TUFF’ begins immediately with VASSY’s unmistakable and heavenly vocals as she sings inspiring lyrics about resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. She vocalizes the message of becoming stronger from struggles and proving doubters wrong as the beat builds to an exuberant and driving melodic house climax that is sure to move dance music fans around the world.

Icarus – ‘Only’

“We’ve really been enjoying writing at slightly quicker tempos lately. 130 bpm + just feels so energetic to us, and we’ve been feeling inspired by the resurgence of the garage sound, especially with a lo-fi texture to it. With ‘Only‘ we wanted to create something that was melodic and enjoyable in headphones but still upbeat and grooving enough for a club environment. We recently dropped this tune at Printworks and the reaction was great, so we hope we’ve achieved our aim!”


Hermitude – ‘Promises (feat. Andie)’

In celebration of the announcement of Hermitude’s forthcoming album ‘Mirror Mountain’, the news comes alongside the release of the latest single ‘Promises (ft. Andie)’ accompanied by a charming music video that tells a story of a man trying to deliver heartfelt flowers to whom he cares about most, peppered with humor and whimsy.

Tommy Trash – ‘Jaguwawa’

Ever-evolving Australian producer Tommy Trash returns to Sweat It Out to deliver yet another inventive release in the form of ‘Jaguwawa’. Showcasing his aptitude for versatile production, Tommy Trash presents a euphoric offering capturing hypnotic rhythms and tropical percussion, for a track that is equal parts vibrant as it is uplifting. Melding electro-pop beats with house textures, Tommy Trash has crafted the ultimate sun-soaked hit, with ‘Jaguwawa’ further cementing his place as one of dance music’s premiere acts.

helloworld – ‘afterthought (with Luma)’

Tapping into what is quickly becoming the trademark helloworld sound, ‘afterthought’ combines glistening synths and exhilarating drops with Luma’s pitch-perfect vocals. It marks helloworld’s second release of 2022, following on from the stripped-back version of ‘only way out’, which saw him fearlessly embracing his identity and showcasing it to the world after previously releasing music as a faceless performer.

Mz Worthy – ‘Love & Give’

“‘Love & Give’ is a message that I wanted to give to the world. That we all need to Love ourselves and to Give that gift to ourselves. So many times we look outside of ourselves for love when what we need to do is find that love from inside. Everyday on the inside. I wanted to launch my journey as Mz Worthy with ‘Love & Give’ because this song has such a strong message of accepting who I am. I am finally accepting myself after hiding from myself. The addition of ‘Mz’ to my name is a symbol of me finding my femininity and of me loving and giving myself this gift.”

Mz Worthy

Nitepunk – ‘Grounded’

Nitepunk is not letting up as he brings the ruckus on his next offering ‘Grounded’, a growling and chaotic masterpiece that is arguably his most mental creation yet. It finds him employing his trademark brokenbeat sensibilities while boasting a triplet hip-hop flow that’s paired nicely with suspenseful piano keys, tense padlines, pipe organ chords, and some soothing cello embellishments.

Chime – ‘Cloud Factory’

Cloud Factory’ is a classic colour bass tune, fueled by scintillating synth work and pixelated tonality. Highlighting Chime’s variegated mechanics, melodic harmonies are mutated into bouncy, swing-powered chromatic breakdowns. Flickering between metallic growls and symphonic chord progressions, ‘Cloud Factory’ displays the meticulous artistry behind the creation of colour bass.  


REAPER has turned the corner with his next single on Bassrush Records with ‘XLR8’. The masked madman has established himself as a mainstay on the label after numerous high-powered drum & bass singles that have stretched back to his debut on the imprint in 2019. REAPER is switching gears as he pens a love letter written about the relationship between dance and DJ, bridging the gap between jungle/D&B and growling dubstep with his signature grit sound design that is elevated with a earworming vocal hook.

Satori – ‘Lalai’

“The song [‘Lalai’] is sung by Iranian opera singer Ariana Vafadari and recorded in a 400 year old water well. Initially she wrote the lyrics for her son, for when she takes him to bed, but eventually we gave it a broader meaning. It became more of a ‘goodbye’ song, that represents the ‘letting go’ of a person or the ‘letting go’ of day into night.”


Sasha Carassi – ‘Ethos / Boreale’

The 2-track EP opens with ‘Ethos’, immediately kicking off with a thumping rhythm. Flaunting an irresistible soundscape, a propelling synth sound rising in tension is introduced, immersing listeners into the world of the EP’s rapturous sounds and textures. Continuing the hypnotic groove of the first track, ‘Boreale Love Song’ takes the reins, bringing the energy down a notch while still delivering a sensational sonic atmosphere. Rife with flawless synth pulsations and flowing palpable energy, the offering pushes the boundaries of Sasha Carassi’s sound design. Showcasing hazy melodic riffs, the track explores a more cinematic side of his production prowess.

Knock2 – ‘PARANOiD’

Knock2 has delivered his sophomore single on NIGHTMODE with his latest creation ‘PARANOiD’. This track is a high energy house number that contrasts its bright melodic chord progressions with a dark vocal and shuffling groove.


Burgeoning French duo KOWZ have been making waves in the bass music scene since their debut in 2019. Gearing up for their biggest year yet, KOWZ reveal their most riveting project with the release of the hard-hitting ‘SEVEN’ EP. The seven-track compilation highlights the pair’s studio precision and sets them up for domination in the coming year.

The Archer – ‘Northern Star’

“‘Northern Star’ is about the magical experience of meeting someone that makes you feel high instantly based on the connection.”

The Archer

Young Parisians – ‘Rediscover (Remixes)’

In the summer of 2021, almost out of nowhere, the Young Parisians recorded and released again, adding a fourth to the discography. Featuring the highly accomplished vocals of Katherine Amy, and 14 years after their last, they re-materialized with (the perhaps appropriately titled) ‘Rediscover’. That track has now passed into the remix hands Norman Doray and Dsnt Matter, who’ve taken an already highly original release in some stunning new directions.

Biscits – ‘Locco’

Biscits has returned to Insomniac Records with his next single, ‘Locco’. The Southampton house producer, Biscits has held on tightly to his position as one of the most exciting names in the house scene. He’s been churning out releases for a whole host of stables such as SOLOTOKO, Sola, Defected, Club Sweat and more. Along the way, he’s made regular appearances on Insomniac’s imprint and he’s making his way back there for his first single of the year.

Lewis OfMan – ‘Too Much Text’

A mischievous and ironic ode to sending spontaneous messages while under the influence, ‘Too Much Text’ is a smooth, sleazy disco jam propelled by an upbeat bassline and Lewis OfMan’s own slick vocals. A throw-back to Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the self-directed, 90s-inspired official video – featuring Lewis strolling through the streets of New York – effortlessly captures the track’s playful energy and takes us into the daily life of Lewis allowing us to delve a little deeper into his quirky universe.

XAVAGE – ‘Hot (feat. The Oshi)’

“I am a huge fan of early 2000’s hip hop and when I first heard her music it gave me major Missy Elliot vibes. While this track [‘Hot’] is our first one released together, fans should know there are many more to come.”


Conrank – ‘21 Madness (Serial Killaz x Jam Thieves Remix)’

Fresh from Conrank’s mind-expanding ‘This Simulation’s Breached’ album, we get an absolutely slamming reworking of ‘21 Madness’ by jungle duo Serial Killaz and Brazilian hot property Jam Thieves! Adding to the original vocals from Ward 21, this one’s a banger.

Dom Dolla x Mansionair – ‘Strangers’

Dom Dolla and Mansionair have unveiled the official video for their smash collaborative single ‘Strangers’. Dom Dolla’s final track of 2021, ‘Strangers’ has quickly become a certified club hit, already amassing upwards of 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone.

*Featured image via Mz Worthy, VASSY, GT_Ofice and Tommy Trash*

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