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This Week’s New Music Performs ‘Miracles’ And Will Have You Feeling ‘Like Gold’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Nocturnal Knights – ‘Reworked & Remixed Vol. 1’

Following his 2019 label change-up, those fearing a revoke for RAM’sReworked & Remixed’ series can breathe easy! Autumn sees the convention-countering mix-series jump the label tracks to find a new home at the Dutchman’s Nocturnal Knights imprint. Joining RAM for a new edition of this epic back-to-the-future ride are UK DJ/producers Darren Porter and Ciaran McAuley and collectively the trio have rallied close to 50 tracks to its triple-mix cause.

Fatum – ‘Kenshō’

Revealing its true nature from the off, Fatum’sKenshō’ could easily be one of the most suspenseful cuts you’ve ever laid ears on. From the highly atmospheric intro to the heavy bass drops and dark melodic tinges that take over, this record is a floor thriller that’ll keep the mind buzzing for quite some time afterward.

Alesso x Charlotte Lawrence – ‘THE END’

Equally parts heavy-hearted and effervescent, ‘THE END’ centers on Alesso’s immaculate sound design, revealing his undeniable pop sensibilities and gift for crafting addictive beats. The song’s bright textures build a brilliant tension with its narrative — a detailed story of a toxic romance, beautifully captured in Charlotte Lawrence’s dreamy vocals and gut-punching lyrics. 


“Ultimately, HAPPY TUNES is a place where people can explore and discover uplifting music and sounds while knowing that its creator is also going through the same experiences and struggles as you.”


AVIRA – ‘Miracles (AVIRA’s Unplugged Mix)’

Cultivating a sense of wonder with every turn it takes, the Unplugged Mix of AVIRA’sMiracles’ brings to light some of the most amazing qualities electronic music has to offer in a way that doesn’t require dance floors. Telling a compelling, heartwarming story through warm vocals and delicate guitar touches, this record perfectly mirrors the marvels of life and the comfort it brings.

Camelphat – ‘Dark Matter’

Multi-platinum and Ivor-Novello nominated duo Camelphat have released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Dark Matter’ via RCA UK. The album showcases Camelphat’s sonic diversity, encompassing dance floor techno, sultry trip hop, and the anthemic hits. 

Loud Luxury x Frank Walker – ‘Like Gold (feat. Stephen Puth)’

Following on several top-drawer singles released through their ‘Nights Like This’ EP, ‘Like Gold’ marks the next dance-pop hybrid track from Loud Luxury. Combining a suspenseful instrumental backdrop with immersive vocals that draw listeners in by the dozen, this 24-karat collab with Frank Walker and L.A.-based singer-songwriter Stephen Puth is as pure, precious and sought-after as its title implies.

OTIOT – ‘Show Me Your Power / Letters’

Sending his already high-impact trademark sound into overdrive, Israelian DJ and producer OTIOT brings forth a tandem of feisty cuts that pulls no punches. From the anthemic ‘Show Me Your Power’ to the slamming beats and highly energetic drop in ‘Letters’, this two-piece power surge makes for quite the peak-time sensation. 

NOTD x Catello – ‘Nobody’

“We’re so excited to finally release ‘Nobody’, a song that has been in the works for a very long time. We loved this one from the second we first heard the demo, and then we worked really hard to get it to the final version that exists today. We’re also pumped to help introduce Catello to the world, and we love how the song has a darker feel than most of our previous releases. We hope our fans love it as much as we do!”


Syn Cole – ‘Time’

Beautifully encapsulating a sense of metronomy to the entire composition that befits the title of ‘Time’, Syn Cole flows effortlessly between warm, twinkling organic and dynamic, synth-led electronic sections. A sense of delicate pace runs throughout the track, Cole establishing a mood of airy energy with shuffling cymbals, trilling percussion and deft little rivulets of piano across analogue and digital. It’s a sumptuous masterpiece from an artist who continually delights and excites with his work.

STANCE – ‘Discordance’

Making emotional music for the times, STANCE delivers their brand new ‘Discordance’ EP. Traversing through motifs of guilt, joy, uncertainty, and growth, the duo push towards new beginnings through their three track EP. Highly introspective, this new EP is inspiring to its core.

Computa – ‘32bit’

It’s been more than a year since the noise-making producer, Computa first emerged on our imprint with his chaotic cut ‘Distorted’. Now, he’s ready to upload his sophomore single on Bassrush with a growling chunk of digital disarray in the form of ‘32bit’. 

HARBER – ‘Stayin’ Alive’

Multi-talented producer, DJ, songwriter, and musician, HARBER releases his latest single, ‘Stayin’ Alive’. HARBER’s exceptional interpretation of the 1977 smash single from the Bee Gees. Originally made famous by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, and Maurice Gibb, HARBER breathes new life into his modernized 2020 rendition of the disco classic. 

CloZee – ‘Neon Jungle (Remixes)’

A pioneer of world bass and cultured sound, CloZee is revered for her ability to dissolve the geographic and regional barriers that exist in modern music. Now hand-picking artists to reimagine her own tracks, CloZee breathes brand new life into her already outstanding second studio album, ‘Neon Jungle’. 

Das Mörtal – ‘Miami Beach Witches’

“‘Miami Beach Witches’ is a collection of uplifting tracks that gradually became tainted by feelings of loneliness and social anxiety.”

Das Mörtal

DJ Politik x DeathbyRomy – ‘WOLF’

One of the most celebrated club DJs who’s made his move into the producer realm, DJ Politik, has linked up with dark pop provocateur DeathbyRomy on new single ‘WOLF’. Marking his first ever original release, ‘WOLF’ sees DJ Politik channel an enthralling modern alt- indie-dance sound all his own, combining DeathbyRomy’s seductive vocals with ominous trap snares and cinematic synths.

Sharam – ‘Exodus (Pin Drop Mix)’

Reimagining his 2019 instrumental techno track ‘Exodus’ — Sharam recreated a new and groovy house jam, tapping the James Baldwin speech hoping to help educate others in the same way.

Lucas Nord – ‘Boy Restless’

“After a long break of not doing any solo stuff and just writing and producing for other people, I started thinking about working on some type of project for me. But this time the project would be more of a “producer/artist” project rather than me singing. I think it all started when I first made “No One Even Knows My Name” that I found some type of direction and an idea of what my new project could be. After like a year and a half of writing and travelling, these four songs stood out to me. The songs just naturally found a way to fit together and the project felt like a “Lucas Nord release” and what I was trying to create – Dancey, a bit melancholic, soulful and catchy. I honestly thought I was gonna be done with releasing solo projects for a while, but I guess I just can’t help myself, haha. Sonically things are a bit all over the place in this release, but in a good way… Just like me, hence the name, ‘Boy Restless’.”

Lucas Nord

Felix Cartel – ‘Harmony’

Sweeping vistas and striking dance moves dominate the music video for ‘Harmony’ as the driving bassline and unstoppable beat highlight the sense of pure freedom that guides the dancers. This is Canada at its finest with the music, scenery and people all calling out and demanding appreciation. Forget anything less than radiant positivity and the urge to let loose as Felix Cartal takes you on a journey of wonder and spontaneity.

*Featured image via Alesso, Camelphat, AVIRA and Loud Luxury*

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