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This Week’s New Music Is What You ‘Never Knew’ You Were ‘Craving’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Markus Schulz x Giuseppe Ottaviani x Sunlounger – ‘In Search Of Sunrise 16’

Further anchoring this year’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ is Markus Schulz, who — returning for a third expedition — heads up its DJ contingent. Beatport’s biggest selling trance artist of the last 12 months Giuseppe Ottaviani’s also on board, bringing a clutch of his own exclusives to its middle disc. Completing ISOS’s 2020 commission (and in a selection many will see as overdue), the ever-so-chilled Roger Shah dons his Sunlounger gear to wheelhouse its third disc.

Super8 & Tab – ‘Calm The Storm (feat. Roxanne Emery)’

The Finnish duo’s next high-caliber collab on Armind, ‘Calm The Storm’ ticks all the boxes of a signature Super8 & Tab production. From the rough-and-tough bass blasts to the emotive, vocal-led breakdown to the melodic outburst, this link-up with leading Trance songstress Roxanne Emery will prove a true fan favorite and integral part of Super8 & Tab’s ‘These Little Stories’ album.

Protoculture – ‘Shine’

Spotlighting a deeper side to his trademark touch, South African studio magician Protoculture offers up quite the soundscape in this new release on A State Of Trance. Sporting a super-melodious blend of Trance and Progressive that pulls listeners further in by the second, ‘Shine’ makes for a sonic spectacle no dance music fan can resist.

David Gravell x Corti Organ – ‘Bliss’

Designed to send fans into raptures at any time or place, David Gravell and Corti Organ’s melodious link-up is their first joint effort on inHarmony Music. Decked out with emotion-drenched tones and melodies that hook listeners only to never let go, this record is exactly what you can expect from such as high-caliber link-up: pure ‘Bliss’ from start to finish.

Morgan Page x Mark Sixma – ‘Our Song (Orjan Nilsen Remix)’

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Morgan Page’s and Mark Sixma’s work and when I saw they had a collaboration, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to put my touch on it. Both the melody and the vocal set me in the mood for summer and I really wanted to have an anthem version of it even though we don’t really have festivals right now. I guess it’s the one way of bringing myself closer to that festival-vibe feeling during these challenging times. I loved the result, I made it a bit more trancy and I hope people will love it as much as I do.”

Ørjan Nilsen on ‘Our Song

Joe Smooth – ‘Promised Land (Cosmic Gate’s No Gravity Remix)’

Doubling up on the timeless character of the original release, Cosmic Gate’s No Gravity Remix of Joe Smooth’sPromised Land’ shows that the empowering message of the iconic record still holds true today. Taken into a new direction to strengthen the legacy and help it appeal to an even greater audience, this club-tinged slice of paradise is meant to inspire the global crowd as the original did so many years ago.

BRKLYN – ‘London Girls (feat. Brando)’

A super-infectious collab between BRKLYN and Brando, ‘London Girls’ is as ear-popping as you can expect from these esteemed creators. Pairing the gritty production of BRKLYN with Brando’s standout vocals and a surge of crossover potential, this record has all the hallmarks of instant playlist material.

ARTY x Audien – ‘Craving’

ARTY and Audien’s brand-new single represents the rebuilding of confidence after a break-up, and is easily one of the most colorful collisions of trademark sounds in dance music today. With Ellee Duke’s crystalline vocals adorning the inspired, super-melodious instrumental that shines and sparkles at every turn, this is exactly the kind of record that will have the global crowd ‘Craving’ for more.

Carnage x The Martinez Brothers – ‘Together (feat. Elderbrook x Mike Dean)’

A lush escapade into the musical worlds of Carnage, The Martinez Brothers, Elderbrook, and Mike Dean, ‘Together’ is a song for the ages. Dissolving genre barriers, each artist plays to their strengths while simultaneously elevating each unique style to its peak. Smooth house beats swathed with percussive techno elements set the stage early as Elderbrook’s soft croonings carry into a mirage of synths. A textured track littered with nuanced flare, ‘Together’ is a luminous triumph from four impressive artists.

Joji x Diplo – ‘Daylight’

Joji teams up with Diplo on a new collaboration called ‘Daylight’, the latest single from his highly anticipated new album ‘Nectar’, due out on September 25. Just in time for the dog days of summer, this midtempo anthem sets Joji’s lulling vocals against Diplo’s crisp production to create a hazy, shapeshifting aural mirage.

Saint Punk – ‘Molotov Cocktail’

“I’ve been angry and frustrated with how the police and administration have been responding to the protests, and this is my therapy to that frustration. I had been thinking about some kind of protest song and one morning I woke up with the idea and lyric in my head. I recorded a voice memo, then went into the studio and brought it to life. It’s my anthem for everyone’s frustration. I share this with the world.”

Saint Punk on ‘Molotov Cocktail

KSHMR pres. Dreamz – ‘Casual’

World-renowned DJ and producer KSHMR has unveiled new single ‘Casual’, the first release of his new project Dreamz. Underpinned by the powerful vocals of LA singer Nevve, ‘Casual’ is an infectious modern pop track influenced by KSHMR’s dance music background. An extension of our psyche as music lovers, Dreamz aims to create sounds that counteract our daily stressors. Each time the Dreamer lays his head down to fall asleep, he’s whisked away into dreamland where his songs come alive as a story in dream form.

Stratos Union – ‘Voyager’

Stratos Union is a collab-based label focused around the ethos of collaboration, unity and creativity. In its first compilation ‘Voyager‘, Stratos Union’s core artists fused their styles and sounds to create unique music that pushes the boundaries of bass music.

Prince Fatty x Schniece McMenamin – ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica (N.Y.)’

Hot on the heels of their collaboration on Prince Fatty’s rework of Kraftwerk’sThe ModelShniece McMenamin is joining forces with the producer once more, as this dynamic duo team up for another reggae masterclass — ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’. Laying down the effortlessly smooth foundations, the rock steady rhythms and punchy bassline lock the groove in perfectly. Featuring keyboard stabs, a whole host of delay and beautifully crafted percussive fills, Shniece’s vocals are allowed to shine in a truly euphoric record that grooves relentlessly from the get-go.

No Pants Party x Vanilla Ace – ‘Never Knew’

No Pants Party and Vanilla Ace’s collab, ‘Never Knew’ delivers from the moment the needle drops, packed with massive basslines and an insane amount of rolling groove. Each giant build-up fuels overwhelming anticipation, each intense drop leaves the listener pining for a heaving festival dancefloor. With its high energy and sunshine-doused vibes, it’s no surprise ‘Never Knew’ instantly grabbed the attention of the Toolroom family.

Suniel Fox x Henry Strange – ‘Revolution (Remixes)’

To support the release of their debut collaborative single ‘Revolution’, Los Angeles based electronic producers Suniel Fox and Henry Strange have announced the release of their forthcoming accompanying remixes EP. Teaming up with a group of five of their closest colleagues and friends, ‘Revolution (Remixes)’ encompasses a wide variety of genres and styles. Each remix puts Lowman’s super soulful, smooth, and passionate vocals at the very center as he croons, “For you, I’ll start a revolution.”

Volac – ‘Muchacho’

Volac wrapped up a rather productive 2019 with a two-track offering, and now they’re cruising back over onto the catalog with their latest label appearance, ‘Muchacho’. Riding out on a slinky, sweat-inducing groove, Volac’s new single is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re being transported to a tropical hotspot somewhere along the equator. The track flirts around with sultry Latin vocal samples that are plotted perfectly between shimmery chords, clanging percussive hits, whirring synthlines, and a tribal flute melody calling to mind the lush, exotic greenery from a faraway jungle.

Riotron – ‘I’m Sorry (Wuki Remix)’

Hot on the heels of the mind-bendingly wild video for his single ‘I’m Sorry’, Riotron returns with a new remix by LA’s Wuki, who takes the original’s day-glo new wave vibes for a spin on the dancefloor with an infectious four-to-the-floor swag house stormer.

*Featured image via Super8 & Tab, Carnage, Diplo and Joji*

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