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This Week’s New Music Is The ‘Stepping Stone’ To Help You ‘Recover’ FromThe Weekend | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Ferry Corsten – ‘Punk (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)’

Reinier Zonneveld unleashes his contemporary Techno twist onto Ferry Corsten’s nearly twenty-year-old classic. Coupling the original vocal shouts and raw synths waves with stomping kick drums and an omnipotent low end, this take on ‘Punk’ is bound to go rampant through the dance music landscape.

Above & Beyond – ‘Homecoming (LTJ Bukem Remix)’

“Firstly, it was an absolute pleasure remixing Above & Beyond. The music we both represent draws from such similar influences. ‘Homecoming’ gave me a sense of warmth and calmness that I wanted to represent in my remix. I built the remix around the most important elements, the piano chords, and melody. I replayed the chords as a starting point and the rest just fell into place. I also love the analog synthesized arpeggios that run quietly through the original, so I resampled a few of them and made them louder in my mix. Again, thanks to the guys, and hope you enjoy my interpretation.”

LTJ Bukem

Roger Shah x Sian Evans – ‘Hide U (AVIRA Remix)’

Canadian tastemaker, AVIRA showcases his lauded production capabilities with a raw, underground-tinged take on Roger Shah and Sian Evans’Hide U’. Bursting with rhythmic prowess and melodic flair, this remix enables listeners to experience the peak-time thrill at the press of a play button.

Jeffrey Sutorious x Timmo Hendriks – ‘The Afterlife (feat. LUX)’

Jeffrey Sutorius (former member of Dash Berlin) has joined forces once again with Timmo Hendriks on their new track ‘The Afterlife’, featuring singer/songwriter LUX, out now on Protocol Recordings. Look no further than this gem for the big room feels you’ve been craving since your last festival; the track opens with ethereal vocals and melodies that build into a swelling, goosebump-inducing drop that will conjure memories of dancing under the stars at your favorite stage.

Mike Sanders – ‘Babayaga’

ZYXTrance, curated by Talla 2XLC delivers another stunning trance anthem in the making by the safe and trusted hands of the Spanish DJ and Producer Mike Sanders. His track ‘Babayaga’ is a powerful, epic trance slammer with breakbeat in a section, a psy-tech-trance beat with rough kicks and a metallic raw bassline with acid touches on the top. The main hook will raise the club roof with big synths. ‘Babayaga’ sounds like a super modern trancer, but with some hints of old school flavors too. Play it and watch the crowd go nuts!

Purple Haze – ‘Recover’

From the airy spoken-word vocals in the intro to the blossoming melodic hook, Purple Haze’s next offering to Armind has listeners on the edge of their seats from the get-go. Steeped in the innate suspense of its creator’s deep progressive sound, ‘Recover’ is the much-needed cure after so many months spent off the dance floor.

KSHMR – ‘Over You (feat. Lovespeake)’

“It was a pleasure working with Lovespeake on this track [‘Over You’] which is about moving on from something that was important to you. All respect goes to the writers who made this one incredibly infectious and catchy.”


Tinlicker – ‘Be Here And Now (feat. Nathan Nicholson)’

Acclaimed Dutch duo Tinlicker have released their stirring new single ‘Be Here and Now’ on London-based independent label Anjunadeep. A collaboration with vocalist Nathan Nicholson, ‘Be Here and Now’ presents as a part ballad, part progressive house anthem. Featuring the ecstatic builds and strings that have become synonymous with Tinlicker’s hair-raising sound, the single invokes the emotions of looking back at what once was.

Chris Lorenzo – ‘California Dreamin’ (feat. High Jinx)’

Chris Lorenzo has released ‘California Dreamin’ (feat. High Jinx)’ via Black Book Records/Astralwerks. The pioneering UK bass-house producer transforms The Mamas & The Papas’ timeless song into a high-octane dance floor anthem – a kaleidoscope of a cappella harmonies, throbbing beats, and windswept echoes.

Claude VonStroke x Harry Romero – ‘House Stepper’

After a hiatus in 2020, Dirtybird is thrilled to be going back to Camp for their flagship event, Dirtybird Campout! Ahead of the music, games, and wild shenanigans-filled weekend, Dirtybird has released a soundtrack full of brand new music to go along with the party. This year’s comp album features two tracks with Boss Bird Claude VonStroke’s name on it – his first and long-awaited collaboration with NYC house icon Harry Romero, ‘House Stepper’. 

DVBBS x Space Primates – ‘Say It (GASHI)’

Say It’ opens with a twinkling acoustic guitar paired with the divine vocals of GASHI, effortlessly showcasing the larger-than-life track’s captivating ambiance from the first beat. Transitioning to an electric guitar, DVBBS and Space Primates increase the intensity by introducing a thumping bassline intertwined into an atmospheric melody.  A slow build  climbs to reveal a culmination of striking synths with a pulse-raising drop, juxtaposed by the heartfelt message illustrated in the lyrics. In true DVBBS fashion, the Canadian duo have delivered another addictive, radio-ready tune.

Axel Thesleff – ‘Pouring Down’

“You ever get those days where nothing is going right, and on top of everything it starts raining and you don’t have an umbrella? My new song ‘Pouring Down’ is a reminder to just keep calm and take it all in with acceptance and perseverance, because what’s the other option? Being angry and bitter won’t get you dry. Might as well enjoy the free shower.”

Axel Thesleff

Chris Burke x Audiosonik – ‘Bad Girl (Klaas Edit)’

Next up from NFT-fueled record label Purple Fly is ‘Bad Girl’, a sultry big-room house gem from German artist Klaas, British producer Chris Burke and Italian Audiosonik. This talented trio of artists represents what’s most valuable in music — a mixture of talent and experience, and their new collaboration brings all of the key elements — energetic melodies, a driving, bouncy bassline, and a catchy vocal hook, which turn up the heat whether you’re at home or in the club.

Haywyre – ‘Wisdom (Amidy Remix)’

Earlier this year, the Grammy-nominated virtuoso Haywyre dropped a nugget of feel-good knowledge by way of the keyboard champion’s label debut, ‘Wisdom’. The uplifting creation is now getting a reimaging from the cinematic mastermind Amidy, who is not only giving the tune the proper remix treatment but has also laid down his own rendition of the vocals alongside poignant piano and violin arrangements. His version adds a whole new dynamic to the fold.

KLAXX – ‘Stepping Stone (feat. GLNNA)’

SoCal-based producer, KLAXX has been making melodic waves with a string of emotional releases. On his latest creation, he’s recruiting the remarkable vocal talents of GLNNA on a stunning release titled ‘Stepping Stone’ — a woozy dance-pop track written about coming to the realization that the person who you thought was the one is actually just a pitstop on the way to your soulmate.

Nick Newhouse – ‘Even Heat’

New York-based electronic musician Nick Newhouse makes his debut on Mat Zo’s imprint, Mad Zoo, with ‘Even Heat’. The single fades into a submerged atmosphere with the use of enchanting, melodious synths. Soon after, the track eases into a beat that’s gentle enough for easy listening while remaining undeniably danceable.

Themba – ‘Modern Africa, Pt. I – Ekhaya’

Esteemed South African producer Themba has unveiled his debut album ‘Modern Africa, Pt. I – Ekhaya’ via Armada Music. Translating to ‘home’ in his mother tongue Swahi, ‘ekhaya’ sees Themba explore themes of sanctuary, solace and staying true to your heart on his maiden LP. A record conceived between Ibiza and Johannesburg, it depicts the journey of an individual through the various phases of their life. 

Noizu x Disciples x MOYA – ‘Catch My Love’

Catch My Love’ highlights Noizu and Disciples’ ability to produce tracks ready for the club and radio alike, combining thunderous kick drums and classic rave elements, all topped by the stunning vocals of MOYA to create an infectious crossover single.

Bingo Players x Oomloud – ‘Holiday (feat. Séb Mont)’

Bingo Players and Oomloud team up to bring you much-needed vacation vibes with their latest release ‘Holiday’ featuring vocals from Séb Mont. Whether you’re opening presents under the Christmas tree, lighting a menorah, or sipping’ Coladas at the pool, a holiday is a holiday. Bingo Players’ and his collaborator friends’ newest track capture these upbeat and laid-back vibes for a joyous sonic ride that’s bound to hit the sweet spot all year round.

Stimming – ‘10 000 Miles from Home (Club Edit)’

“The only reason for me to be ‘10 000 Miles from Home’ is when I’m playing dance music! I put into the original track all the different impressions, which can be overwhelming at times, about the experience, but I was curious how well the 4/4 club perspective would fit on that track. I’m happy with the result and looking forward to playing it again – in a club, 10 000 miles from home…”


Olovson – ‘Paloma Blanca’

A bird soars through the air, finding purchase on the currents and gently stirring its wings to remain elevated. In the gentle swinging, to and fro in the sky, we encounter Olovson and his latest creation. The uninterrupted simplicity found in a fleeting moment of time is narrated by the delicate piano tones found within ‘Paloma Blanca’.

*Featured image via Purple Haze, KLAXX, Reinier Zonneveld and Jeffrey Sutorious*

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