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This Week’s New Music Is The ‘Lullaby’ ‘In My Soul’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Orkidea – ‘Pure Progressive Vol. 1’

Pure Progressive has finally released their first compilation album and they chose none other than the genre prognosticator, Orkidea. His split his edition clean down the middle, dividing it into “Artist” and “DJ” mixes. The former of which offers a major spyglass into what his album follow-up to 2015’s ‘Harmonia’ beholds. In-mixed-form it features no less than 12 tracks, including premieres for new cuts like ‘Rebel Time’ and his Sunscreem team-up ‘Perfect Motion’, as well as the just-out-there ‘That Feeling’. The latter meanwhile comes flush with many edge-cutters from 2020’s prog class. Yotto, Grum, Paul Thomas, gardenstate, Forerunners, Allende and a horde of others pack out the second disc’s tracklist. Collectively ‘Pure Progressive Vol. 1’ serves the clearest possible vision of what’s-currently-what in the world of prog.

ARTY – ‘From Russia With Love (Vol. 2)’

Exactly three months after releasing the first volume of ‘From Russia With Love’, ARTY has issued another quartet of slam dunks as the second installment of his collaborative project. Featuring a pair of high-energy collabs with NK alongside two new originals from ARTY himself, this second volume stands as a very natural continuation of the music released on the first volume, but more focused on cementing its own sound in the progressive house headspace.

Tom Staar x AVIRA – ‘In My Soul (feat. Diana Miro)’

Hot on the heels of AVIRA and Diana Miro’s recent collab called ‘The Worship’, fresh Armada Music signee Tom Staar joins the aforementioned party for another sensational record. Tailored to the smokiest clubs and most underground dance floors, ‘In My Soul’ offers that unique brand of deep-driving, Techno-tinged goodness that’ll prove essential to any dance music fan’s nighttime experience.

W&W – ‘Comin’ To Getcha’

Released a mere six days after their first live show since the near-global lockdown, ‘Comin’ To Getcha’ shines a new light on W&W’s internationally acclaimed sound, expertly hitting the sweet spot between impact and infectiousness. Driving the catchy vocals onward with brisk guitar tones, epic drums and colorful melodies, this record combines the freshness of a new direction with the unstoppable force of any other W&W release.

Marsh – ‘Lost In You EP’

Marsh lends his own vocals to ‘Lost In You’ layered above trademark driving bass and a percussive groove. Next up, ‘Gijpe’ gives a nod to the Anjunadeep’s Explorations festival in Albania last summer, where Marsh performed a secret set in the stunning Gjipe Canyon. Lastly, a highlight from the label’s chart-topping compilation ‘Anjunadeep 11’ earlier in the year, Marsh closes the EP with another meticulously crafted melodic cut with ‘Human’.

Space Corps – ‘Escape Protocol’

Put in place to help avert the most dire of situations, Space Corps’ Escape Protocol’ is a lifeline for anyone in desperate need of stadium-quivering music. With lethal bass growls and ricocheting synths at the ready, this record keeps the adrenaline surging so that listeners can continue fist-pumping without a care in the world.

Leon Bolier – ‘Perpetual’

Leon Bolier is no stranger to us with remixes, though we are very excited to finally bring forward his first Flashover single! The groove, the darkness, the melody: ‘Perpetual’ has it all. If this doesn’t make you Quarandance, we don’t know what does!

Eugenio Tokarev – ‘Melifluo’

Fresh from unleashing a big remix of Shogun’sFind Me’ on Armada Captivating, Eugenio Tokarev debuts on Armin van Buuren’s Who’s Afraid Of 138?! label with the hyper-melodious ‘Melifluo’. Loaded up on glowing harmonies, high-energy synths and an emotion-laden melody, this record is designed to sweep listeners off their feet with every play.

Farius – ‘Enhanced Progressive 400’

In celebration of reaching 400 releases, Enhanced Progressive is delighted to bring you ten incredible reworks of classic Progressive tunes on the label, put together in a smooth DJ mix from UK DJ / Producer Farius.

Diamond Eyes – ‘23’

“Every song written comes from a place in my heart that is real and resonates with me. In fact, that’s when my records are best, when they connect to the heart. The truth in the record excites me because I hope it will talk to those that need the message most. I hope that others will take what they need from the song, nothing less and nothing more. It is enough if it makes you cry, just as it is to give you support through turbulent times. Heck, to others they may just dig the electronic vibes and enjoy the hook. Whichever way it impacts my listeners, is exactly what it needs to be to each individual.”

Diamond Eyes on ‘23

HOSH & 1979 – ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree) (Remixes)’

Hosh & 1979 have dropped the full remix package for their smash single ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree)’ via Three Six Zero Recordings. The package features previously released remixes from Detroit legend MK, German DJ and producer Henrik Schwarz and South African house legend Themba, alongside the original. There is also a brand-new remix from Slider & Magnet, with the Russian duo delivering a melodic, synth-led version of the track.

Shogun – ‘F*ck Up The Party’

Sultry vocals, contemplative piano chords, and an infectiously atmospheric beat start out Shogun’s latest nearly three-and-a-half minute sonic offering. The track quickly picks up its pace, with an upbeat tempo that effortlessly gives way to a more energetic tone. This fun, uplifting shift can be heard in the lyrics as well, in turn creating a certified summer party  hit. A truly dynamic artist through-and-through, Shogun’s ‘F*ck Up the Party’ serves as a firm testament to the California-based DJ/producer’s progressive versatility in the studio.

Crystal Skies x Luma – ‘Lullaby’

Crystal Skies made a heartfelt statement in June about the killing of George Floyd in police custody and systemic racism. In that statement, they announced that they would be doing a “Make A Track In A Day: A Charity Stream For Racial Injustice” on Twitch where they’d donate 100% of the stream donations, along with the royalties from the release, to a combination of national and local organizations supporting victims of police brutality and racial injustice and promoting police reform and accountability — ‘Lullaby’ is the song they made during that stream and Luma donated the vocal. Crystal Skies also announced that they partnered with their label, Ophelia Records, to donate 100% of their June royalties to the same organizations.

Maya Jane Coles – ‘Would You Kill (4 Me)’

Following on from her dancefloor weapon ‘Run to You’ which dominated charts and playlists and featured the velvety vocals of Claudia Kane, Maya Jane Coles resumes a club focus with the three-track ‘Would You Kill (4 Me)?’ EP.

Riot Ten – ‘Wanna Go (feat. Charly Jordan)’

“Charly and I met via a mutual friend of ours. She thought we could create something cool and decided to make the introduction. Once I heard Charly’s vocals, I knew this had the potential to be a huge record. It’s honestly one of my favorite songs that I’ve worked on, and it’s so different from what I typically release. Can’t wait to hear the response!”

Riot Ten on ‘Wanna Go

UBUR – ‘Bad Ludes’

Bassrush Records is pumped to be bringing on fast-rising bass producer UBUR for his label debut with ‘Bad Ludes’. The SoCal-based producer has had a productive last couple of years since launching the project. And now he puts his self described “scatterbrained” approach to music to the test on a heavily distorted trip through acid lines, chiptune arps, hip-hop leanings drums and a crazy vocal sample.

Ka Fu – ‘Red Coffee’

Sprinkling the occasional male and female vocals across the track, Ka Fu creates an organic listening experience, drawing the listener in to get lost amongst the distorted soundscapes. Carrying an overall calm tone, ‘Red Coffee’ features complex rhythmic patterns, overlayed to a sonorous effect. The single gently leads the listener in, revealing hints of the elaborate production expected to follow in the upcoming album. 

Submotion Orchestra – ‘Blend’

Incredibly cinematic and euphoric, ‘Blend’ comprises of delicate piano melodies, intricate percussive work and a break-beat influenced rhythm that carries the song effortlessly from start to finish. With warm bass rumbles, soft horn lines and an ever-impressive trademark vocal performance, Submotion Orchestra aren’t quite finished yet with 2020.

KUU – ‘How Could I Ever’

Grammy-winning producers Riton and Alex Metric have launched a new collaborative project KUU with debut single ‘How Could I Ever’, out today on Diplo’s Higher Ground label. Harnessing a modern take on the classic Balearic house sound, ‘How Could I Ever’, the first of a slew of new singles to come, combines percussive elements with retro-sounding synths and the confident vocals of LA-based singer-songwriter Shungudzo.

*Featured image via AVIRA, Tom Staar, Orkidea and Farius*

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