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This Week’s New Music Is ‘The Answer’ To Your Problems | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

i_o – ‘Castles In The Sky’

i_o’s latest release on Armada Music pushes his hybrid trademark sound back into the limelight. Juggling heavy, tremor-inducing Techno beats with swirling melodies and heavenly vocals that make listeners reminisce of the Trance music from back in the days, ‘Castles In The Sky’ makes for a sonic experience that transcends genres from start to finish.

Marsh – ‘Lailonie’

“‘Lailonie’, pronounced ‘Lay-lah-knee’, has been a safe place for me to express a multitude of feelings, moments, and memories I’ve experienced over the last three years. The album is a series of snapshots taken at different points as I’ve processed moving to a new country, getting married, traveling to different places. I’ve also experienced the pain of loss. We unexpectedly and suddenly had to say goodbye to Maddy’s Mom Carme at the end of 2018. I’ve had to rapidly learn how to love and stand by Maddy as we process this pain. We live in a world with so much going on. I think it’s important to have a safe place where you can go to catch your breath, process life, and grow.  Lailonie has been that place for me. I hope it can be that place for you.”


Gundamea – ‘I’m Running / Landungsbrücken’

The ball starts rolling for new label, EDCT (an encryption of ‘Educate’) now. Having already released music through Statement! Recordings, Electronic Elements and other broader-genre imprints, German duo Gundamea (aka Stoneface & Terminal) deliver it its 001.‘I’m Running’ pares back the melody and ups the drum thump, while shrouding itself in darker atmospheres and effects. Kite-high on reverb and hissing industrial percussion, its dissonant vocal will beam you down to some moody late-night spots. Half late-80s Detroit, half 21st Century Berlin, ‘Landungsbrücken’ meanwhile brings more bounce to its bass and soar to its chords, whilst lending no small degree of floor-drama to the end of its break.

STANDERWICK x Gid Sedgwick – ‘Bringing Me Up’

Taking on a more progressive and suspenseful approach, STANDERWICK once again shows his versatility as a producer in collaboration with Gid Sedgwick. From the soaring vocals to the glowing harmonies and the minimal drops, ‘Bringing Me Up’ will lift listeners higher with every play as his latest standout release on Armin van Buuren’s Armind label.

Allen Watts – ‘High Voltage’

Electrifying from the first thumping kick drum till the last, Allen Watts’High Voltage’ deserves quite the word of caution. With surging acid lines, supercharged synths and a lethal drop that can knock any listener senseless, this monstrous record from the Who’s Afraid Of 138?! regular pushes the concept of sound system shredding to a whole new level.

ReOrder x Jordan Tobias – ‘After Tomorrow (feat. Alexis Naylor)’

Together with Jordan Tobias and songstress Alexis Naylor, ReOrder hammers down on the A State Of Trance label. Armed with dark synth stabs, gliding saw waves and atmospheric vocals that hypnotize listeners from the off, ‘After Tomorrow’ stands tall as a fiercely destructive Trance-Techno hybrid track that can lay waste to any kind of dance music environment.

Bob Moses – ‘Falling Into Focus – Live 2020’

Falling Into Focus’ follows Bob Moses’ Desire’, a love tale for the digital age: all about the positives and pitfalls of humanity’s driving wants, especially in these technology-driven times. Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance present six continuously mixed tracks, bringing together a thematic style of songwriting with the flow of modern electronic music.

St. Lundi x Kygo – ‘To Die For (Acoustic Rework)’

We are now seeing the release of his own acoustic rework of ‘To Die For’. The original composition was created by Kygo and Dermot Kennedy — Dermot writing the lyrics and then deciding to use them for another project. Left with the stripped-back production, Kygo reached out to St. Lundi to write a completely new concept using his production. Over the course of a weekend, St. Lundi wrote ‘To Die For’, which ended up being a last-minute addition to Kygo’s billboard charting ‘Golden Hour’ album. 

Chris Lake x Armand van Helden – ‘The Answer’

The Answer’ EP, one of the year’s most epic collaborations, was sparked by a chance encounter at a Miami pool party. That’s where Chris Lake — the British-born, L.A. based producer/DJ whose monumental discography includes a series of chart-topping hits and a GRAMMY Award nomination – ran into his longtime hero, Armand Van Helden. Taken as a whole, the EP provides a much-needed dose of sheer joy in these challenging times. That such a consequential project should come out of an accidental meeting is nothing short of kismet.

Unknown Brain – ‘Phenomenon’

Diving down the register through rumbling, thundering, tumbling bass lines, ‘Phenomenon’ is a dark and brooding slice of uncompromising electronica from the trio of producers. Using tightly wound percussion and immense, reverberating drops to add tension and depth to the production, they layer trap rhythms and stuttering melodies with ease to provide the perfect canvas for Dax and VinDon to unleash almighty hell on top of. Canadian artist Dax and Jamaica’s VinDon are rising stars from the worlds of hip hop and dance hall and inject the track with unbridled energy, their vocals bristling with furious energy and more than holding their own against Unknown Brain and Hoober’s collaborative work.

Jori Sjöroos – ‘Sjöroots’

“In July 2019, I asked, what would happen if I sit down in my studio, wait and listen? I chose not to limit myself in what would come out, or through me. That led me on a journey, a journey into myself. Of darkness and struggles, fear and hate, light and love, and everything in between. It was a spiritual journey, a healing journey. I touched the infinity, the eternal source of creativity and let it guide me. The journey turned into sounds, into songs, and into energy.”

Jori Sjöroos on ‘Sjöroots

Prince Paris – ‘Ordinary Fools (feat. Claire Ridgely)’

A “summery” anthem that calls to mind bikinis, poolside bars and melting, sticky cocktails ‘Ordinary Fools’ featuring Claire Ridgely makes all thoughts of social distancing a thing of the past as it urges its listeners onto the dancefloor. Prince Paris infuses all of the recklessly positive aspects of vocal house into one, ever so sweet single that will call to the romantics at heart.

EVAN GIIA – ‘tiny life (Duskus Remix)’

Astralwerks released British producer Duskus’ feel-good remix of EVAN GIIA’s new single, “tiny life’.

Marauda – ‘Avoidable Cause’

Celebrated Australian dubstep producer Marauda brings a spirited, fierce edge to modern bass music. His heavy-hitting single ‘Avoidable Cause’ is out now!

Foxtrot – ‘Run Back (feat. Katie Sky)’

Foxtrot ​makes his debut on ​Kryder’​s ​Sosumi Record​s label with ‘Run Back’. This record is looking to tread a path of success, the track features a pulsating bassline which has a real dancefloor destroying feel to it, with Katie ​Sky​’s soaring vocals adding a delightfully emotive twist to the release. Equally at home in various playlists as it would be rocking venues as a true club weapon, ​‘Run Back’ ​will no doubt be finding its way into various DJ livestreams before the current pandemic ends.

Rad Cat x Armen Paul – ‘Levitate’

Rad Cat continues to provide a soundtrack for feels with his latest release ‘Levitate’ featuring the vocals of burgeoning indie pop artist Armen Paul. The track cements Rad Cat’s duality and ability to express a range of emotions through his production. Coming out of a breakup earlier this year, Rad Cat saw his sound shift towards a darker, more emotional electronic sound, blooming into a self-expression that resonates with fans and ‘Levitate’ is no exception.

BMW Kenny – ‘Wipe It Down (STIKMATIK and Mike Renza Remix)’

Wipe It Down’ has received an official deep house makeover from STIKMATIK and Mike Renza. Adding nuanced dance flair to an already bustling track, STIKMATIK and Mike Renza add a four-on-the-floor spin to ‘Wipe It Down’. Tactfully chopping up BMW Kenny’s signature vocals, STIKMATIK and Mike Renza flip the track with a driving kick and heavy 808s. Burgeoning house synths propel this 2 minute and 30 second official remix, putting the rework in a prime position for the next wave of TikTok virality.

Ahee – ‘Future Escape’

Ahee presents 8 track EP ‘Future Escape’, a mind-blowing set of alien bass music straight from the outer reaches of space.

Dua Lipa x DaBaby – ‘Levitating’ (KUU Remix)’

Exciting new dance music outfit KUU have remixed the Dua Lipa hit ‘Levitating’, featuring US rapper DaBaby, out now via Warner Records / Higher Ground. Combining tropical synths, a rolling bassline and euphoric piano chords with Dua Lipa’s pitch-perfect vocals, the KUU remix of ‘Levitating’ delivers a hedonistic, punchier reimagining of a global pop smash.

Fancy Inc x Drunky Daniels x Vintage Culture – ‘Happy (feat. Msiz’Kay)’

Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc, Drunky Daniels and Msiz’Kay have joined forces on new single ‘Happy’. Combining tropical African percussion, euphoric synths and Msiz’Kay’s impassioned vocals, ‘Happy’ is an inspirational club track with love and happiness at its core. The similarly upbeat official video is shot in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Msiz’kay’s hometown and captures him jovially walking the city streets, capturing the unbridled energy and joy that emanates from passers by.

*Featured image via Armand van Helden, Chris Lake, Allen Watts and Marsh*

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