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This Week’s New Music Is ‘On My Mind’ ‘Tonight’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

RRAW! – ‘Goetterdaemmerung’

Technoclub Pure presents one of the huge techno bombs of 2022. Talla 2XLC’s techno alias RRAW! comes back with a vengeance for the massive ‘Goetterdaemmerung’. Hard dark kickdrums, driving moving and grooving basslines, sharp snares and a long atmospheric breakdown paired with a cinematic melody, exotic female vocals and the male voice stating the title ‘Goetterdaemmerung’ make for a perfect techno banger. The climax comes fast, raw and in your face with dark acid lines that create a hypnotic moody atmosphere.

Alesso x Katy Perry – ‘When I’m Gone (VIP Mix)’

Through Alesso’s adrenaline-pumping combination of skyward electronics, stadium-filling synths, and thundering drums, ‘When I’m Gone (VIP Mix)’ adds heightened emotion to Katy Perry’s stirring lyrics about a failed relationship. “When I’m gone I’m never really gone,” she sings. “You think you’re moving on / but it won’t be for long, you’ll see.” Though there’s sadness on the song’s surface, ultimately it’s an anthem of liberation and knowing your worth. There’s a feeling of joy and triumph that this new version’s soaring arrangement only emphasizes.

Fedde Le Grand x American Authors – ‘One Way Up’

Fedde Le Grand and American Authors’One Way Up’ is any crossover connoisseur’s dream come true, and sure to captivate fans of various different genres alike: an opening that sees Barnett’s raspy voice describing sinister scenarios along to dark, heavy sounding chords leads to an emotional, anthemic bridge and ultimately a drop that kicks off into an utterly optimistic, uplifting and explosive refrain. It’s the best of indie rock melancholy and house music’s magic knack to empower and invigorate, blended into one irresistible mix.

G Jones x EPROM – ‘On My Mind’

On My Mind’ stuns with an assault of driving acid melodies, mangled breakbeats and distorted 808 kicks. This incendiary joint effort slams on the gas right at the start and refuses to hit the brakes. Overdriven synth work meets a skipping slew of guttural basses, broken by anthemic vocals and samples of shattering glass and blades whistling through the air. In its entirety, ‘On My Mind’ puts G Jones’ and EPROM’s unmatchable production prowess on full display.

Snakehips x Tchami – ‘Tonight’

For their latest release on their label Never Worry Records, esteemed UK duo Snakehips link up with Tchami on ‘Tonight’, a monster collaboration that brings together the production powerhouses’ respective styles in one enormous track. ‘Tonight’ features choppy, nostalgic R&B vocals and piano stabs that erupt into a melodic synth dancing over a grinding bassline.

DGTL Records – ‘5YRS of DGTL Records’

5YRS of DGTL Records is a perfect reflection of not just of the label itself but also its global event patron: headliners sitting equally alongside local talent and up-and-coming acts.. Holding a great variety of forward-thinking house and techno, the label stays true to the same formula of the festival shows. Over the past five years, DGTL Records has grown into its own as a fully-fledged musical arm of the overall DGTL musical experience, introducing new sounds and acts to an international audience. 

Matt Sassari – ‘Goi’

“I produced ‘Goi’ a couple weeks after the first lockdown here in France. It was an uncertain time – full of stress and anxiety – but in a strange way, I found it very inspiring. ‘Goi’ means many things to me; I started to produce the track with a soulful vocal, adding punching bass and industrial noise with a classic touch of Sassari.”

Matt Sassari


Both sonically and visually, H3NRY THR!LL has started 2022 by transitioning his style as an artist. With ‘EMOTIONLESS’ the 19-year-old producer has employed elements of the cinematic and psychedelic sound he’s become known for, within a catchy house banger. Lyrically the track tells the story of a toxic relationship, a comment on modern romance.

mOat – ‘Paradise (Âme Remix)’

Flaunting their lauded production aesthetic, German pair Âme take control of the dance floor with their take on mOat’sParadise’. Helmed by an edgy offbeat bassline, organ-like synths and a near-utopian vocal presence, this remix is a blissful soundscape just begging to be explored.

Superpoze – ‘Geneva’ 

Superpoze’sGeneva’ is a cinematic experience that plays upon the build and release of tension through the laying of instruments, synthesizers, and organic sounds. The mystical track recalls a glorious hymn that encourages you to forge your own path.

Akinori Ogata x Ray Hikari – ‘Red Zone’

For this collaboration, SUPER EUROBEAT has produced and digitally released ‘RED ZONE’, a signature song created especially for Ogata by Ray Hikari. The track was produced in consultation with Akinori Ogata and expresses his essence through music and lyrics, as a warrior behind the wheel in the rough and tough races of the NASCAR Series, and as an icon of Japanese taste and American racing.

Manu Dia – ‘Promise’

“‘Promise’ is essentially about the feeling of being in love. I think it’s the most emotional song in the album without having lyrics or a single word spoken—which I think is the beauty of this project and electronic music as a whole. After having had a pretty lonely and weird year, I had this realization of how grateful I was to have someone like my girlfriend that is on this journey with me. I am immensely grateful for my girlfriend and the support she gives me. This song is for her.” 

Manu Dia

syence – ‘don’t you wanna know me (feat. britt lari)’

Released on Armada Music, ‘don’t you wanna know’ is the latest offering from bass pop pioneers syence. The track sees the pair collaborating with Britt Lari, a rising dance music star known for her sweet, angelic vocals. Lari’s coy delivery of the lyrics give ‘don’t you wanna know’ a flirtatious yet fun edge, allowing syence to explore new sonic ground with their production.

King Henry – ‘Fall With Me (feat. Delilah Montagu)’

Soft, romantic, and aching, ‘Fall With Me’ is the first original single of the year from GRAMMY-nominated producer King Henry. Linking with the bright new talent of London-based singer Delilah Montagu, ‘Fall With Me’ effortlessly joins heartfelt singer-songwriter ballads with delicate pianos and sun-washed percussive elements. King Henry once again shows his mastery of all facets in the creation process, flexing his chops as an in-demand songwriter and his extensive experience as a producer revered by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Wax Motif – ‘House Of Wax’

House of Wax is a seventeen-track LP that showcases Wax Motif’s abilities to stretch beyond the bass-house genre on which he made his name. The album incorporates electronic music euphoria as easily as it does hip-hop swagger, journeying through meditative, chilled-out vibes, summery, highway-cruising bops, and dancefloor bangers. It’s also a warm welcome to Wax’s friends and collaborators, with many songs made with fellow artists who elevate the project into a family affair.

Parov Stelar – ‘Akh Odessa (feat. Russian Gentleman Club)’

Established Austrian musician and artist Parov Stelar returns with another groundbreaking sonic masterpiece in the form of ‘Akh Odessa’. The venerated talent’s latest original production features his signature electro-swing flair in addition to propelling vocals courtesy of Russian Gentlemen Club, and serves as an enthralling dance remix of the group’s 2018 single of the same name. 

Pascal Dechmann x Sonna Rele – ‘Break Me’

The sprightly tune, ‘Break Me’ immediately kicks off with the piano, quickly followed by Sonna Rele’s rich, flowing vocals. Flawlessly executed, her melodious singing is paired perfectly alongside the four-on-the-floor ambiance courtesy of Pascal Dechmann. Emotionally-charged from start-to-finish, the touching lyricism is optimistic and heartening, audibly boasting an important message of self love that’s ever-so crucial to hear. In all, the nu-disco masterpiece is a larger-than-life party anthem that truly celebrates what it means to embrace and love oneself wholeheartedly.

Lewis OfMan – ‘Sonic Poems’

Lewis Ofman unveils his first full-length album, ‘Sonic Poems’, a collection of musical vignettes that traverse the dreamy, complex emotions of the buzzworthy 24-year-old. With a palette of jet-setting ‘70s disco, luminous French touch, and grimy indie sleaze, Lewis Ofman paints a portrait of a young man exploring life one night out at a time.

Ship Wrek x MKLA – ‘Show Me A Sign’

“Working with MKLA has been one of our favorite collaborations. She came to our studio a few months ago and we instantly knew we would create something amazing together. We wrote the song in a couple hours and it’s now become one of our favorite records. ‘Show Me A Sign’ showcases a deep/vibey side to our style that we haven’t shown too much in our music. We’ve been testing the song out at our shows over the past couple of months and the crowd reaction has been awesome.”

Ship Wrek

Louis The Child – ‘Blow The Roof (feat. EVAN GIIA)’

Blow The Roof’ starts off mellow with EVAN GIIA’s smooth vocals, building into a bright and energetic production cultivated by Louis The Child’s signature style, and flawlessly enhanced by Kasbo. The music video is a colorful and surreal interpretation of the phrase ‘Blow The Roof’. It focuses on a single house filled with a variety of colorful rooms, each containing their own theme, creating a psychedelic environment packed with visual eye candy. Eventually, it turns into a house party where everyone seems to have let their worries disappear.

*Featured image via Snakehips, Tchami, G Jones and EPROM*

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