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This Week’s New Music is “Music 4 The People” To Show You The “Real Me” Through Sound | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

ESCPE – “Cloud Walk”

ESCPE‘s releases their newest EP, “Cloud Walk. Reality is based on what one submerges themself in, and ESCPE encourages listeners to engage in an absence of mind and exist in their own universe through six ethereal offerings. Presenting five solo productions and one collaboration with Axel Thesleff, Cloud Walk is a transcendental tapestry of sonics that resides in the heavens.

Billy the Kit – “Thinking About You”

Billy the Kit is not one to let a global pandemic set him back. One of Holland’s hottest house talents, the Dutch DJ/Producer has just announced the official launch of his very own imprint Rise Recordings, with the label’s first release, “Thinking About You“.  This new release is the perfect feel-good house track that is sure to light up dancefloors house parties and radio waves alike.

Kina – “Tell Me About You”

21-year-old Italian producer Kina has released his new single “Tell Me About You” featuring lo-fi singer Mishaal. In speaking about the collaboration, Kina says: “I heard this song on Mishaal’s Instagram and saw that all of his followers were tagging me to collab on it. The lyrics, mood, melody, everything, was what I try to express with my production and my music: being honest about your secrets and open about who you really are.”

Illenium – “Paper Thin” (Brooks Remix)

Illenium releases “Paper Thin” (Brooks Remix). This release is the second in a series of three remixes. Illeniumn expansive sound mixes elements of celestial electronic, mellow alternative, rock-fuel dubstep, emotional indie, and pop-tinged bass music.

Nicky Romero – “Nights With You”

Following Nicky Romero‘s debut on Universal Music with “Nights With You,” the dance music mogul has released additional versions of the milestone single. His own festival mix as well as a special remix by UK producer Harrison. The alternative interpretations explore Nicky’s famous progressive house sound and Harrison’s deep and cinematic style. The festival mix incorporates an energetic, bouncy bassline that begs to be played at the mainstage, evoking fond memories of live events for every dance music fan. In Harrison‘s rendition, deep undulating sounds add an element of darkness while dreamy instrumentals give it an emotive feel.

Comisar – “Lights”

Comisar shares his lead single “Lights” off of his forthcoming album release, “Make Believe“. The multi-dimensional producer takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey into new realms of the sonic experience. Moving from the darkness towards the light, Comisar delivers a fresh melodic twist to the global bass genre. Painting a tapestry of funk, deep groove, world music, hypnotic beats, and glitchy sounds,

Black Coffee – “10 Missed Calls”

South African superstar DJ Black Coffee has joined forces with musical icon Pharrell Williams and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jozzy on new single10 Missed Calls. An emotion-tinged modern pop jam! This release sees Pharrell and Jozzy trade pitch-perfect vocals amidst delicate piano keys and poignant synths.

Sneijder & Billy Gillies – “Afterdark 003 Belfast”

Mirroring a musical region that’s had a particular impact on him has been the M.O. of Sneijders “Afterdark” album run since it embarked back in 2018. It’s ‘Buenos Aires’ and ‘Los Angeles’ compilations sent a clear signal of intent, but 2020 – as we all know – has been music-rich… but travel-poor. On his third “Afterdark 003“, right-on-schedule outing, the DJ has taken the chance to bring the Afterdark sound closer to home, and for Sneijder that doesn’t get much closer than Belfast. For the first time in the Afterdark series, he’s given a disc over to another DJ. With close to double-digit entries scored on the Afterdark’s discography, Belfast’s Billy Gillies knows exactly what makes the label tick and his home-turf kick! The trance sound of Northern Ireland, distilled into 40 tracks and 160 minutes of the best type of musical madness, from two of the spinners who know it best!

Mime – “20/20”

Fast-rising enigmatic NYC producer and songwriter and DJ MIME releases his debut electronic pop album 20/20featuring exciting collaborations with emerging vocalists. Within the 14 tracks, this release celebrates the diversity of electronic dance music with a sophisticated collection of melodic house that shapeshifts into a variety of genres and styles. Inspired by newfound clarity in his personal life, MIME titled the album 20/20 to underscore the sharpness of his vision in creating these songs based on a year’s worth of industry feedback. Pitched perfectly between underground dancefloor-ready and commercial headphone-friendly, the songs showcase an artist who is rapidly maturing and expanding the possibilities of house music in the process.

Niiko X Swae – “Blah Blah Blah”

Niiko x SWAE have announced their latest single Blah Blah Blah” feat. Canadian-Lebanese singer Mougleta. Mougleta kicks off the single and lends her sweet and sultry vocal notes over the delicate piano chords as she continues to build the song’s momentum with her belting melodies. Niiko x SWAE lay the foundation for the track where they add their signature heavy undertones and rhythmic flair to craft the perfect pop-dance record.

St. Lundi X Kygo – “To Die For”

St Lundi release his own acoustic rework of “To Die For“. St. Lundi wrote the track which ended up being a last-minute addition to Kygo’s billboard charting “Golden Hour” album. After the initial release, St. Lundi went into the studio and arranged a beautiful acoustic version of the song. This track will be St. Lundi’s final release in what has been a busy 2020. He is currently working on a second EP for release in early 2021.

Night Mode – “Cyberpunk”

Night Mode is dropping its first-ever compilation, ‘This Is Cyberpunk“, in commemoration of the forthcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game. As a gamer-centric imprint, the NM crew is excited to roll out its most ambitious project to date with the release of a 13-track album featuring a stacked list of artists from all across the dance music world, with tracks taking you through the dyspotic futuristic city of the open-world game!

Andrew Pololos – “Control”

Montreal-based Andrew Pololos delivers the lead single off his forthcoming 2021 album “Until We Dance“. Oozing with sultry vocals and sizzling deep house sensibilities, “Control” ft. JT Soul provides a glimpse into what’s to come from the bubbling producer’s upcoming venture. Opening with a subtle melody, JT Soul’s enticing vocals flood the soundscape as the track quickly morphs into a heavy house beat. Pololos’ production shines throughout the track with a layering of groovy synths and a rolling bassline. Designed with the dancefloor in mind, this release has an infectious melody that is sure to resonate with listeners across the dance music space.

Lucati – “Music 4 the People”

Lucati serves up his debut appearance on Wax Motif’s Divided Souls imprint with a thumping single “Music 4 The People“. The house producer has stayed true to an ethos that always puts the music first, whether he’s found himself releasing on labels that appeal to the masses or are aimed at the discerning heads and this new single is no exception!

Coleman Hell – “Real Me”

Toronto’s Coleman Hell releases his newest track “Real Me” which is the first single from Coleman’s upcoming “Topanga” LP. This release is an honest and emotionally vulnerable song with intensely personal lyrics. Written at a particularly low point in Coleman’s life, this release touches on feelings of isolation and loneliness, themes that feel particularly poignant at this moment in time.

Delaney Jane “On Paper”

Singer-songwriter Delaney Jane has unveiled the official video for her latest singleOn Paper“. Shot by friends on a hazy LA afternoon, the official video sees a torn Delaney confronting an internal battle between her head and heart. An ideal visualizer for the track’s emotion-tinged, heart-on-sleeve lyricism. Produced by long-time collaborator Shaun Frank, along with AJ Healey and Hook N Sling. Check out the video HERE.

Distant Matter – “Chrome”

Distant Matter releases his latest single “Chrome”. Distant Matter describes the track as “lots of colours floating in space when listening to this track, and on the second drop it takes you into another dimension of the song. When you close your eyes and listen to it, you can really feel it and see this vivid imagery. I hope that you are reminded of the power of music as you listen.”

MNEXSIS – “Eye of Shiva”

Mnexsis releases his second release “Eye Of Shiva“. Another hybrid production will take you on a new musical journey. Eye Of Shiva is a much darker, harder, and more mysterious track than his previous release “Desert Priestess”. It will take you on a musical journey with its psychedelic elements.

Felix Jaehn – “No Therapy”

Felix Jaehn’s “No Therapy” is an LGBTQIA+ anthem released at the tail end of this August to immense commercial success and much critical acclaim. Now, the highly-regarded single, featuring vocals from L.A.-based artist Bryn Christopher and Swedish singer/songwriter Nea, has gotten its much-deserved remix treatment. Jaehn has enlisted remix duties from Brazilian dance music talent Vintage Culture, Miami-based DJ duo Black V Neck, and burgeoning 20-year old Austrian DJ/producer Toby Romeo. Each rework offers a little something for your musical palette and a fresh take on the all-inclusive anthem.

Jay Wud – “Dark Cinema”

Diverse and multi-talented producer Jay Wud has announced the release of his new album, “Dark Cinema“. The first track off the forthcoming EP is “I Can’t Breathe”. Approaching experimental electronic music with a rock n roll influence, Jay Wud manages to bring all of the years erraticism and combines it into a smorgasbord of sounds that take you on a journey. This release is the sonic embodiment of anxiety, with heavy breathing and scattered electronic stylings. This single is just a taste of what’s to come on “Dark Cinema”.

*Featured Image | via Jay Wud, Felix Jaehn, Nicky Romero, and St. Lundi*

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