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Fresh Music - June 25, 2021

This Week’s New Music Gives You ‘No Other Alternative’ Than To ‘Shine On’ | Fresh Music Friday

This week’s new music from the likes of David Guetta, Becky Hill, MaRLo, Justin Martin and more gives you ‘No Other Alternative’ than to ‘Shine On’.

Kryder x Natalie Shay – ‘Rapture’

Ideal material for an artist as free-range as Kryder, his interpretation of ‘Rapture’ retains the original’s stylistic ambiguity, setting its feel within an ever-shifting nexus of melodic, trance and house. Natalie Shay meanwhile brings a vocal delivery that manages to both subtly channel Nadia Ali’s iconic tone, whilst also leaving her own mark on the track. The purring allure of her opening minutes and verses allow it time to smoulder, before that unforgettable chorus finally sets light to the room.

MaRLo – ‘No Other Alternative’

Australian-based producer MaRLo has crafted the perfect tune for dancefloor reunions this summer in the form of his thumping rave anthem ‘No Other Alternative’. The tune kicks off with a staccato synth siren before the hypnotizing vocals take over. ‘No Other Alternative’ quickly shifts into high gear with quaking bass thumps, but lets listeners catch their breath during soft synth breaks.

Tchami – ‘Shine On (Justin Martin Remix)’

Tapping into the deep, bass-heavy sound that he has become synonymous with, the Justin Martin remix of Tchami’sShine On’ sees him trade in the blissed-out energy of the original for an expertly refined club track that’s underpinned by impassioned vocals from the legendary Chuck ‘The Voice’ Roberts and George Banton, euphoric breakbeats and rousing synth stabs.

Becky Hill x David Guetta – ‘Remember’

“My whole career has built up to this moment! I have a sure-fire single [‘Remember’] with David Guetta, and an album I’ve spent my whole adult life making finally coming out. I’ve grafted and strived to reach this milestone for a few years now, and my patience has definitely been tested! But it’s definitely been worth the wait, as my creativity and vision for the album has now come to full fruition. It’s been an honour to collaborate with David Guetta on this release too. I feel so proud of the work I’ve created, and so thankful for the team around me who’ve stuck by me throughout this process. To the first of many, and to a very bright future ahead!”

Becky Hill 

Shaun Frank x Takis – ‘Don’t Say I Love You (feat. SHELLS)’

“To me, ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ represents the final chapter in a relationship. While you’re ready to move on, someone else is trying to show you that they care. Disinterest colliding with overcompensating is a strange and conflicting imbalance that I’ve certainly felt. Even saying “I love you” feels too little too late. 

As a Canadian DJ coming up, I looked up to Shaun Frank for years, he’s been an inspiration of mine since I started making dance music. I remember DJing for like 5 to 10 people in my hometown, playing his records in every set. Creating ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ with him was surreal and beyond the song, this is a moment in my career that I’ll never forget. Gaining the respect of those you came up looking up to is really special to me.”


Anakim – ‘Virtual Faith’

Virtual Faith is a concept EP that speaks in intonations of deep dark techno chalk full of grumbling basslines, one shots, and afterhours 305 loops. Composed of three original tracks written by Anakim himself, Virtual Faith is a sonic journey inspired by the HBO Max drama series Raised by Wolves about an android who is tasked to restart humanity on the planet Kepler-22b.

Daniel Dejman – ‘ŌRU’

Blossoming from the Chicago underground, rising producer Daniel Dejman returns to the release radar with an epic two-track offering. His new EP, ‘ŌRU’, features a tantalizing blend of techno sensibilities that serve as another shining addition to expanding discography. Daniel Dejman continues to showcase his knack for hard-hitting techno productions with each subsequent release.

N3WPORT – ‘Best Part Of Me’

Although only his first extended-release on SLANDER’s new label Heaven Sent, N3WPORT immediately fits the imprint’s ‘emotional music sent from above’ ethos. Following the title track lead single, N3WPORT returns with the complete melodic bass-inspired ‘Best Part Of Me’ EP, striking an evocative balance between tear-jerking vocals/instrumentation and forceful synths.

Skyler Madison – ‘Iridescent’

Skyler Madison is forging her own path to success as a future bass great and Circus gets to boast being there at the start! After deeply immersing herself in club culture as an international headline DJ for almost a decade, it’s time to let loose the fruits of the fine-tuned production war chest she’s been crafting in the studio. Skyler has switched it up to bring us her own take on bass music. Get ready for the ‘Iridescent’ EP!

Jaffna – ‘Oslo’

“We actually created the group Jaffna while we were on a Christmas trip to Oslo. This is where we wrote our first ever track — ‘Oslo’. However, we kept it aside for a while until now! The cold temperature sure inspired us, but also the tranquility in the north.”

— Jaffna

Luke The Knife – ‘Disco Nap’

After establishing a noteworthy career in the band Lotus, Luke The Knife is finally ready to unveil his debut album under his solo project. With over a decade of honing his artistic abilities, Luke The Knife’s debut LP, ‘Disco Nap’, effortlessly showcases his undeniable musical prowess and groovy sensibilities. The nine-track offering takes the listener on an eclectic journey filled with funky beats and experimental melodies that form a sonically cohesive package.

Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘Time Wasted (Emma-Jean Thackray Remix)’

Rising UK talent Emma-Jean Thackray has reworked ‘Time Wasted’ by Cosmo’s Midnight. Injecting some jazz-inflected horns and percussion, Emma-Jean Thackray delivers an airy, carfree remix of ‘Time Wasted’ that stays true to the original.

AFK x Doctor P – ‘Destroyed’

Over 10 years ago, Doctor P and Flux Pavilion formed Circus Records and soon after, FuntCase joined the roster as an exclusive artist. A decade later, the tables have turned as DPMO is proud to welcome Doctor P and his collaborator AFK with their label debut release ‘Destroyed’. Expect face slapping whomps, and bass heavier than a tonne of bricks!! AFK and Doctor P are notorious individually for their weighty wubs and destructive basslines, so it seems the stars have aligned to bring them together on this track.

Highup x Tigerlily – ‘Lollipop’

Australian talents Highup and Tigerlily join forces on their new track ‘Lollipop’, a sultry, fun gem that was born to fill up dance floors around the globe. Opening with a catchy vocal riff and a kickdrum-focused beat, ‘Lollipop’ wastes no time heating things up; Highup and Tigerlily coax the beat into a driving, bouncy drop, making for a foot-stomping and booty-shaking culmination to this fire track.

*Featured image via David Guetta, Becky Hill, MaRLo and Justin Martin*