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This Week’s New Music Gets The ‘Dopamine’ Pumping In Your Blood And Takes You To ‘New Dimensions’ | New Tunes Tuesday

by Guest Contributor

Spencer Brown – ‘Forbidden Flow / 18 Min Loop’

Spencer Brown’s new label, diviine officially launches, today, February 11th, 2022, with its inaugural double-sided release ‘Forbidden Flow / 18 Min Loop’. It’s astounding what Spencer is able to pack into these two tracks. ‘Forbidden Flow’ showcases Spencer’s ability to create an emotional journey through his music. What starts as a dark and brooding techno track, reveals a softer side through the emergence of a minute-long beatless interlude in the center. It’s a listening experience made for both club and home environments. ‘18 Min Loop’ is a beast unto itself. Clocking in at precisely 18 minutes, the track is a true throwback to a time in club culture where DJs performed all night long and producers released music that didn’t need to conform to any industry rules. The track is a glorious slice of progressive house music.     

Siskin – ‘Dopamine’

While some artists use ‘EPs’ as experimental platforms – ones with which to flirt with others’ stylistic areas, in Siskin’s latest EP — ‘Dopamine’s case, it’s the exact opposite. Tonally, its four tracks have a common synergy and feel, which in itself is the perfect echo of the singing/songwriting/production creatives behind them.

Chris Lorenzo – ‘California Dreamin’ (feat. LP Giobbi)’

Boundary-breaking producer and piano house queen LP Giobbi offers up her compelling take on Chris Lorenzo’sCalifornia Dreamin’’ featuring High Jinx, creating striking looped vocals and adding dramatic keyboards atop galloping beats and deep bass tones.

Shapov – ‘New Dimensions’

Underlining Shapov’s broad-range skill set as a music maker, ‘New Dimensions’ bundles four of the Russian producer’s most noteworthy floor slammers. Comprising collabs with Sam Bagira (‘Resolution’) and NERAK (‘Dark In The Light’) as well as two solo offerings in the form of ‘Cornerstone’ and ‘Inside The Rave’, this EP instantly proves itself mainstage-ready whilst simultaneously pushing listeners into new dimensions indeed.

Adventure Club – ‘Love//Chaos’

“‘Love//Chaos’ is a culmination of everything we’ve learned, loved, and lost throughout our career which began in 2011. We searched deep within ourselves for inspiration for this album.”

Adventure Club

Maurice West – ‘Sky Turns Dark’

Foretelling an entire night of hands-in-the-air action, Maurice West’s Sky Turns Dark’ sets the mood as soon as the sun goes under. With authentic synths, gloomy vocals and a melody that pushes the crowd into a state of elation, this track is set to light up the scene come nighttime.

Autograf – ‘Move Up’

Autograf are set to dictate the 2022 groove with their first release of the year. Upbeat, edgy and forceful, this piano-led club anthem is the only reason fans need to ‘Move Up’ to the stage for the ultimate dance floor thrill.

FISHER – ‘Palm Beach Banga’

Palm Beach Banga’ is yet another big, irresistible tune meant for high-energy DJ sets and parties. With his latest track, FISHER continues his reign as one of modern house music’s renaissance men.

Kasablanca – ‘Hold Me Close (AVIRA Remix)’

Putting his famed remix capabilities to the test, AVIRA issues a particularly suspenseful remix of Kasablanca’sHold Me Close’. Permeating the 2020 original with raw, arpeggiated bass, thick acid stabs and gliding synths, the Canadian producer once more blurs the boundaries of genres like a true musical force to be reckoned with.

Bok Nero – ‘No Brakes’

The high energy track opens with a series of metallic synth stabs, and a hard hitting first verse that will have you bouncing with the beat. A swift build then leads you into a deep breakdown of grimey bass and heavy vocal chops meant to evoke a sense of fearlessness from within. Bok Nero is indestructible on ‘No Brakes’, which is about finding power in your journey rather than letting your past be the thing holding you back.

NIMDA – ‘Baddest’

Baddest’ opens with a palpably raw, high-octane energy right from the start, bringing listeners into its rapturous, spine-tingling soundscape. At the 30 second mark, the track erupts into a transmissible fire with a discordant, heavy-hitting bass drop. The bass-drenched offering packs a punch from beginning-to-end with effortlessly glitchy textures and relentless sonic intensity. The heady endeavour is another certified hit, adding more fuel to NIMDA’s entrenched arsenal of bangers.

BURNR – ‘Why Don’t You’

With a name that writes its own headlines about bringing the heat, BURNR asks ‘Why Don’t You’ make the right decision and get this in your ears.

Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘Can’t Do Without (My Baby)’

“It’s strange how people can be nostalgic for eras they’ve never experienced, for ‘Can’t Do Without (My Baby)’ we wanted to capture the feel of coming of age at the turn of the millennium (even though we were just lil babies at the time) when house music was in its golden age. It was celebratory and ecstatic, which is something we really try to bring out in our tunes. This song is really a celebration of that, which feels especially poignant to us, as we all emerge from 24 months of self reflection, isolation and anxiety.”

Cosmo’s Midnight 

Trey Mirror x Leo Stannard – ‘Alpine’

Encompassing a soundscape as spellbinding as the sight of snow-capped mountain tops, ‘Alpine’ ties the mystifying production aesthetic of Trey Mirror to the outstanding vocal performance of longtime friend Leo Stannard. From the brooding, yet light-bringing atmosphere to the moving piano tones and articulated groove, this record perfectly captures the essence of the journey that is life.

Heliotype – ‘Nightshifting’

Representing a different stage of a club night with each of the four tracks, Heliotype’sNightshifting’ EP has a sound and feel for every moment spent on the dance floor. 

Aviella – ‘Comfortable (feat. QUIX)’

The release of ‘Comfortable’ coincides with Valentine’s Day — and stands as a reminder that confidence and strength should be found on your own, and not just with or for a partner. Aviella hopes she encourages fans to stand on their own through the lyrics of the song.

Myd – ‘The Sun (feat. Jawny)’

A perfect pairing of hazy indie vibes, ‘The Sun’ feat. Jawny opens with Myd’s recognisably wonky indie guitar lick, before the beat enters and Jawny’s vocals begin.

Lulleaux x Jay Mason – Your Smile (Leandro Da Silva Remix)

When Lulleaux joined with Jay Mason in 2021, the Be Yourself Music beauty ‘Your Smile’ had you walking on air with its rhythms jumpstarting your heart. Leandro Da Silva decides it’s time to pump up the volume and get you grinning to something a little grittier. So those shiny happy people who swam in the glory of the original now find themselves in swampier, louder territory, thanks to Da Silva throwing generous sprawls of good-natured bass and friendly fire laser beams into the mix.

Martin Badder – ‘Home By Nine (feat. MARIA)’

“I wrote ‘Home By Nine’ on a train one day. I was feeling so overwhelmed, so hurt by everything my friends and I had experienced in our lives. It all came crashing down on me and my heart honestly broke that day. There isn’t a woman in my life who at some point hasn’t been afraid, followed, assaulted, or not believed. Not a single one. I felt like I was burning with anger at the injustice of it… and then the words just came out. I’ve been writing since I was 16, and nothing has ever flowed out onto the page so quickly. It needed to come out. It needs to be said.”

Martin Badder

*Featured image via Siskin, Shapov, Spencer Brown and LP Giobbi*

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