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This Week’s New Music Comes In Like ‘Rolling Thunder’ And Will Make You Want To ‘Hit The Dancefloor’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Stoneface & Terminal x Robert Nickson – ‘From The Sun’

Two of the trance scene’s most prolific and consistent acts, Robert Nickson and Stoneface & Terminal collaborate here on the Vangelis inspired ‘From the Sun’. Taken from the acclaimed ‘Pure Trance 9’ compilation (co-mixed by Stoneface & Terminal) this is an example of a studio team-up really hitting the spot on all levels. Majestic is the best word to describe this veritable audio feast, where flamboyant cinematic themes meet explosive rhythms, bass and FX on a compelling odyssey.

Above & Beyond – ‘Almost Home (The Remixes)’

Anjunabeats presents new remixes of ‘Almost Home’, the latest joint effort between label founders Above & Beyond and long-term collaborator Justine Suissa. This latest package combines Above & Beyond’s original and deep mixes of ‘Almost Home’ with new reworks from MitiS and Ashibah.

Tom Exo – ‘Tachyons’

ZYX Trance’s service for trancers ‘Tachyons’, the track that travels faster than light produced by Tom Exo. The upcoming talented German trance producer who runs his own successful radio show Exosphere delivers his massive epic anthem that stands out instantly. Metallic hard basslines, driving kicks, Ibiza style carefree summer melodies, airy piano chords, and acid layers come together with a massive hook that leads graciously on its crescendo to please any trance fanatic.

Marcel Woods – ‘Advanced (Maddix Remix)’

Hard trance that absolutely blasts off the launchpad, Maddix winds up the G force for Be Yourself Music when taking on Marcel Woods’ world-beating ‘Advanced’ from 2005. Sticking with the original’s clinical dialogue now describing the experience of Maddix’s rocket rattling around your system, and restoring Woods’ Casio riff straight from the retro-futuristic space-time continuum, crowds can’t do anything else but lose it when this one drops, especially when the track streaks out of the breakdown like there’s no tomorrow. Hectically-synthed, higher fire power where MPH overwhelms melody.

ReOrder x Jordan Tobias – ‘Great Ocean Road’

Another standout production from ReOrder and Jordan Tobias, ‘Great Ocean Road (feat. That Girl)’ has everything you look for in a Trance record. Uplifting, touching and pure at heart, this vocal-infused masterpiece guarantees maximum euphoria across its duration.

Rub!k – ‘Luna’

Reigning supreme in the dead of night, Rub!k’s Luna’ instantly has clubbers stretching their arms to the skies. With luminous melodies guiding listeners toward the cosmic drops, this track is set to become a staple in dance music’s night-time landscape. 

Cloverdale – ‘Hit The Dancefloor’

“‘Hit The Dancefloor’ is everything I wanted it to be and more. A love affair between the pounding kick and sultry vocals. A bass line that thumps along with energy poised to rattle the dark rooms of the underground. This record means business.”


Chris Schweizer – ‘The Other Side’

Argentinean Trance titan Chris Schweizer is back on the imprint with another mammoth production. Spearheaded by a super-anthemic melody that can count on a delirious reception from fans, ‘The Other Side’ is designed to bulldoze stadium-sized dance floors for a living.

Will Sparks x New World Sound – ‘LSD’

With ‘LSD’, it’s clear that Will Sparks is once again embracing his love for modern house and techno music as he fearlessly embarks on this exciting second wind of his musical career. ‘LSD’ features repetitive, breathy feminine vocals that offer a delightful juxtaposition to the track’s deep bass and powerful beat. The end result is a futuristic-sounding dance track that skillfully weaves together Will Sparks’ signature danceable beats with a complex melody that’s a joy to listen to.

Psycho Boys Club – ‘Rolling Thunder’

Lucid purveyors of the sounds of the underground, Psycho Boys Club synthesize the human condition through many sonic influences. The duo are taking to deadmau5′ groundbreaking mau5trap label for their latest invention. A slow-burning hard techno feat, ‘Rolling Thunder’ is the intersection of heavy and acid. Designed with a ripping kick and infectious acid bass lines, ‘Rolling Thunder’ is an expertly cut piece of monstrous techno.

David Solomon – ‘Heatwave (feat. Robbie Jay)’

With a groovy beat and smooth vocals from Robbie Jay, ‘Heatwave’ is a warm slice of piano house that showcases Solomon’s clean and streamlined production. ‘Heatwave’ encapsulates David Solomon’s evolution as a producer, as he continues to incorporate new musical influences — in this case, a funkier, UK-influenced sound.

Mont Duamel – ‘Days With You’

“It’s [‘Days With You’] about guiding someone along into something new in their life. Someone who’s been hesitant to make the jump and is overthinking it by fear of making a mistake – trying to meet in the middle with them.”

Mont Duamel

Diego Miranda x Mad M.A.C. – ‘Moonlight’

NFT-backed label Purple Fly now welcomes Portugal’s top DJ Diego Miranda and British/Greek duo Mad M.A.C. to their ranks with the new single ‘Moonlight’, featuring Brazilian singer/songwriter Lucas Pretti. The label keeps up their diverse repertoire with this groovy progressive gem, featuring soulful vocals and a deep, driving bassline that begs for late-night soirees. It’s a welcome addition to REGGIO’s big-room release, setting up Fly Over to be positioned as a place for festival-oriented music and beyond.

Kavinsky – ‘Zenith’

Kavinsky has shared his new single, ‘Zenith’. Greatly inspired by cinema, the acclaimed French producer envisioned ‘Zenith’ as the sequel to his breakthrough hit, ‘Nightcall’. Muted and futuristic, the new song reveals Kavinsky’s romantic side. Like ‘Nightcall’, it’s a duet between man and a woman. Yet with ‘Zenith’, he flips the script, featuring the female character, Prudence (formerly of the duo The Dø), on the verses while Morgan Phalen (who sang with Justice and is the vocalist of Diamond Nights) takes the choruses, playing the male lead. A soulful, sensuous saxophone adds a distinctive third voice as the song plays out.

The Private Language – ‘Afterglow’

With this smooth and evocative single, The Private Language continues down a path of merging cutting edge electropop, future funk and indie sounds. The music video for ‘Afterglow’ gives fans a look into the live performance that the guys have been working hard on – the duo performs with Blake on vocals, keyboards and programming, and KJ on drums, percussion and bass, of course with their signature eye and face adornments. 

Win and Woo – ‘Vanilla Sky’

“We are really excited about this record [‘Vanilla Sky’] we made with Wrabel. We looked up to him as a songwriter and fell in love with this as soon as we heard it. We finished it while writing our album and it perfectly fit into the overall message of the project.”

Win and Woo

Cyran – ‘Figure You Out’

We all need a bit more summer in our lives, and Cyran brings those easy – going moods like a human sunbeam. After promising to ‘Take You Where It’s Sunny’, ‘Forever Far Away’ it’s time for Cyran to ‘Figure You Out’!

Jax Jones – ‘Where Did You Go? (feat. MNEK)’

GRAMMY® and BRIT-nominated producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist Jax Jones reunites with GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter MNEK on the euphoric banger ‘Where Did You Go?’ Paying tribute to the iconic genre Eurodance – which originated in the late 1980s and reflected a collective desire to have fun, party and be happy after a period of strife in Europe – ‘Where Did You Go?’ reflects a similar mood for the world in 2022, with people desperate to feel joyous again and be able to celebrate with unity + togetherness. MNEK’s emotional vocals tell a poignant tale of a search for the partner that inexplicably left him alone on the dancefloor as Jax conjures up an indelible hook that’s every bit as mesmerizing as the one that got away.

Stevie Krash x Al Sharif – ‘The Way’

Displaying Stevie Krash and Al Sharif’s penchant for the progressive, ‘The Way’ is clad with an atmospheric vocal and is also packed with a slick and brooding build typical of the style we’ve come to expect from both artists.

Jonas Blue x Why Don’t We – ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’

Multi-Platinum producer Jonas Blue and hotly tipped U.S. band Why Don’t We have scored one of the earliest hits of 2022 with ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ (Astralwerks), which ranked as the top debut on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart earlier this month and went on to amass 20 million combined global streams in a few short weeks. Today, they teamed up to unveil the adrenaline-fueled official video for the pop hit.

*Featured image via Robert Nickson, Stoneface & Terminal, Will Sparks and Maddix*

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