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Fresh Music - August 13, 2021

This Week’s New Music Brings Us ‘Hope’ And Lifts Our ‘Endorphins’ | Fresh Music Friday

This week’s new music from the likes of Purple Haze, Luccio, Sigma, Salvatore Ganacci and more brings us ‘Hope’ and lifts our ‘Endorphins’.

Mercurial Virus – ‘Paramount’

ZYX Trance welcomes the brilliant Mercurial Virus aka Darren Jones with ‘Paramount’. We deal here with a stunning harder edge uplifter that hooks you instantly and invites you on the dancefloor. It creates inside you that instant rush and excitement that is hard to explain to non trance lovers. Rough edgy hard beats, Massive epic synthy leads, classy opera style voices and strings that deliver the goods right and exact as it has it all you need! This one is simply a winner and a must-play-unforgettable summer trance anthem.

Party Favor – ‘Save Me’

“‘Save Me’ is an ode to the demons we’re all fighting constantly. Everyone’s going through something different all the time, and for me that’s dealing with anxiety. This song comes from the perspective of a person’s subconscious mind trying to rid itself of those demons, even when they keep coming back time and again.”

Party Favor

Luccio – ‘Peace In Qroo’

Luccio is the man behind Florida’s top venue TreeHouse Miami, and he shows his depth of knowledge for the deeper sounds in our latest release. ‘Peace in Qroo’ pairs dubbed out vocal phrases and a larger-than-life sense of space with arpeggiated flair in the synth work. This release includes a full vocal mix and a more stripped-back instrumental, which keeps itself more grounded in the 4×4 beat.

Purple Haze – ‘Faces’

The atmospherically entrancing techno tune by Purple Haze immediately kicks off with a pulsating kick drum alongside propelling hi-hats and a heady, filtered vocal cut. The pace of ‘Faces’ gradually begins to slow, leaving enough room for the listener’s mind to wander throughout the dusky sonic space. A rising tension is introduced, quickly followed by the return of the energetically commanding ambiance present throughout the first half. In all, the nearly six-minute masterpiece is a testament to Sander van Doorn’s sheer production prowess, as well as his laudable versatility as an inimitable creative force in the electronic dance music landscape.


“I will always remember 2020 as the year I finally understood my purpose as EVAN GIIA. To uplift, motivate and inspire my fans. Coming from a background in fitness, I have always envisioned people moving, sweating and being active to my songs. While running on the treadmill one morning it dawned on me, I was trying to infuse my fans with endorphins! The EP is an exploration of each way that I experience ‘ENDORPHINS’ in my life. From watching someone I love sleep to blasting my favorite song while working out, each song embodies a different feeling. I am incredibly proud of this body of work and hope that after listening, my fans will have the motivation to tackle their life head on.”



Iconic bass music DJ, producer and label owner SNAILS releases the highly-anticipated second edition of his ‘SLIME TIME EP’ series. Well known around the world for his unparalleled sound design that combines bass, trap, dubstep and metal, the Montreal native gifts us with three high-octane tracks in ‘SLIME TIME PT. 2’. 

220 KID x LANY – ‘Stupid Feelings’

True to form and in typical 220 KID style, authentic collaboration is at the center of this record sparked by 220 KID and LANY front man Paul Klein’s blossoming friendship and shared love for creating anthemic crossover pop music that evokes positivity and joy amongst listeners. ‘Stupid Feelings’ is a musical juxtaposition with heartfelt and emotive lyrics from LANY in contrast with a light, uplifting and progressive beat delivered by 220 KID.

Sigma x Carla Marie – ‘Hope’

“‘Hope’ is a record we want to make people feel like whatever is going on in your life there is always a new day. The last 18 months have been challenging for us all on numerous levels and this record hopefully puts across the positivity we can all spread.”


TRUTH – ‘Acceptance’

Certified mainstays of New Zealand’s electronic music scene and award-winning duo TRUTH are champions of contemporary dubstep. Following two celebrated lead singles ‘Pages’ and ‘Acceptance’, the tandem storms 2021 by way of their first studio album in over four years, ‘Acceptance’. 


Relentlessly funky and far out to boot, LA-based electronic crossover act CAPYAC are anything but ordinary. The duo, comprised of Eric Peana (P. Sugz) and Delwin Campbell (Potion), breathe a new life into disco, house, and everything in between. At the heels of their celebrated single ‘Ooeeooeeoo’, CAPYAC delivers their second debut album ‘CAPYAC FOREVER’. 

TheFatRat – ‘Our Song’

“‘Our Song’ is a track that I’m particularly proud of. Emotionally and sonically, it’s very different from anything that I have done before and it opens a door to a new sonic world that I will further explore in the future. It’s special to me because it’s almost an anti-electro track. Unlike most electronic music, the drums are loose and often off timing. Also there is no Autotune or other pitch correction on the vocals. Everything is rough and natural and still the track sounds unlike anything that I have ever heard before.”


Michael Oakley – ‘Odyssey’

There are few artists who manage to strike a balance between the shimmering calm of the water’s edge and the deep inner call of adventure within the pounding heart. And yet here we stand, awash with synths and gentle bathing in retro tones while a tangible hint of hope lingers in the air as we embark on an adventure with Michael Oakley. ‘Odyssey’ draws us into the world of retro, neon lights and an undying passion for dance.

Kito – ‘Steal My Clothes (feat. Bea Miller)’

Kito returns with ‘Steal My Clothes’ featuring Bea Miller — a highly relatable tale about being irresistibly drawn to someone despite their capacity for wrecking your life and raiding your closet. Kito creates an effervescent dance-pop track with her signature production elements and distinct distorted vocal chops as Miller wryly lays out a sequence of chaotic situations.

At 1980 – ‘Late Night Calls’

“This album [‘Late Night Calls’] has been like writing a diary and has been a very cathartic experience. It can sometimes be hard to say how you feel to loved ones in the heat of the moment so writing a song is a second chance to say how it should have been said the first time. The songs tell the story of the struggles and victories that we have gone through over these last few crazy months.”

At 1980

COFRESI – ‘DAYLIGHT (feat. Matisyahu x KING DYCE)’

Combining the forces of reggae legend Matisyahu and Kingston rapper KYNG DYCE, COFRESI unveils his exhilarating new single ‘DAYLIGHT’ taken from his forthcoming album. The star-studded single is available for streaming and purchase now. 

Salvatore Ganacci – ‘Fight Dirty’

MDLBeast Records welcomes Salvatore Ganacci with his new single ‘Fight Dirty’, a unique house track accompanied by a visually stunning music video. The track opens with an energetic, driving beat, while Ganacci ups the ante with a bouncy buildup and groovy vocal riffs for a bit of 80s disco influence. The music video is an Anime-infused animation and takes the viewer on a wild journey as our protagonist attempts to battle the infamous Ganacci gang and its thugs.

*Featured image via Purple Haze, Luccio, Sigma and Salvatore Ganacci*