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This Week We Are ‘On The Run’ To A ‘Paradise’ Filled With New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Robert Nickson – ‘Tilslørte Bondepiker’

The one and only Robert Nickson drops a massive slab of acidic, driving melodic trance on Pure Trance Neon. And of course you are wondering what the title ‘Tilslørte Bondepiker’ means. Well, it is a Norwegian apple parfait pudding and the title translates roughly as ‘farmer girls dressed in veils’. Serious trance with a silly name.

We Are Loud – ‘On The Run (Ferry Corsten Remix)’

The highly anticipated ‘On The Run‘ by We Are Loud and Katie DiCicco needed a special treat, and who else to do the job than label boss Ferry Corsten himself! Keeping the original alive but adding his Trance vibe, his remix is ready to put on repeat in all your playlists.

Joel Hirsch x Jennifer Rene – ‘Pieces’

Joel Hirsch is all about evoking emotion, and he does just that with his next masterpiece on the A State Of Trance label. With Jennifer Rene’s stirring vocals adorning the high-energy, melody-driven instrumental, ‘Pieces’ is bound to strike a chord in Trance fans worldwide.

Allen Watts – ‘Another You (feat. Gid Sedgwick)’

Another scorching production from Who’s Afraid Of 138?! regular Allen Watts, ‘Another You’ is that surge of energy that gets the crowd going every time. From the ever-ascending melody to Gid Sedgwick’s soaring vocals to the ferocious beat drop, this record equals pure uplifting bliss for Trance enthusiasts from all over the world.

Tinlicker x Helsloot – ‘Paradise’ EP

In August, Tinlicker and fellow Dutch DJ Helsloot shared the ‘Paradise’ EP’s title track, featuring a swoon-worthy performance from R&B vocalist Saro, who soars above their cloudy house beats. The release is rounded out by another track called ‘Like’, a stormier effort that starts with some rumbling basswork before returning to the stratospheric realms the producers often inhabit together. It’s a more straightforward dance cut, in contrast to the feathery lightness of the title track’s R&B refractions. The EP also includes extended mixes of each song.

ZHU – ‘Risky Business’

Today, Astralwerks released ZHU’s new single, ‘Risky Business’. At once ominous and mesmerizing, the track unfolds by turns languid and propulsive but always with an underlying tension. ZHU’s hushed vocals lure the listener to “risk it all” and enter into the dark, enticing world of the unknown.

Ka Fu – ‘The Hope Is Open’

“This track is about the neverending path of finding your own home. Everyone was born somewhere and that is our physical home but still, our soul is always in search of the place to be connected with. My experience is that it’s all about my internal world and not the pictures around it. For instance, if I’m ready to open my heart to everyone I meet on my way, accepting people as they are without any fears, means that my home is open and it’s everywhere I go. I tried to compose the track as deeply as possible with big bass lines that then are overflowed with other bass elements – all to create the floating feeling of calmness and inspiration at the same time, like in my life – I’m always interested in what comes next.”

Ka Fu on ‘The Hope Is Open

Le Couleur – ‘Concorde’

Le Couleur flirts with the unusual in their magnificent album, ‘Concorde’. Finding inspiration in some darker topics, the trio approach each song with respect and reference. The overall album carries itself with a synth-pop infused dignity, gently easing the listen along a sparkling, French-disco journey of historical importance.

Moore Kismet x Bajillionaire – ‘Drift’

Moore Kismet is the brilliant bass project of the teenage wunderkind that has taken the scene by storm. After a steady stream of releases on the lauded Never Say Die stable, they are now making their debut on Bassrush Records via a touching new collab alongside emerging beat-maker/vocalist Bajillionaire. ‘Drift’ is a melodic single that embodies the mood swings that result from having your heart broken.

Naderi – ‘Stardust (Reo Cragun)’

Known for his undeniable ability to make hits across various genres including R&B, hip-hop, pop, indie, and electronic — Reo Cragun is teaming up with Naderi for ‘Stardust’. The collaboration incorporates elements of R&B, pop and electronic as Cragun’s tender, contemporary delivery and vocal cadences reside on a futuristic, experimental soundbed provided by Naderi.

Ruby – ‘Carondelet (Me Too Mix)’

Carondelet’ is the latest in a string of releases from Salt Peter that Ruby has been putting out this year in celebration of the album’s anniversary. This time around, Ruby is keeping the work in-house for a more personal touch, with Rankine overseeing production and her brother Scott Firth (PIL bassist) at the mixing board. 

Gerry Read – ‘Shit Can’t Make Anything’

Gerry Read’sShit Can’t Make Anything’ is a track that reveals itself in stages: a chopped up disco guitar line begins the track, overlapping with a psychedelic synth line that weaves its way through the early stages of the song. It’s with the introduction of the string section that the track shifts into new realms, unlocking a wave of euphoria that recalls a studio 54 disco classic as if viewed through a kaleidoscope. ‘Shit Can’t Make Anything’ is both playful and deceptively well put together: the cheeky dancefloor banger of the lost summer of 2020.

Lucas Nord – ‘Undeniable’

“I randomly just came up with a lil melody and the title ‘Undeniable’ on the treadmill one day and recorded it on my phone. As with many musicians, my phone is filled with strange melodies you can barely hear that just pops up in your mind right when you’re about to fall asleep. Anyway, when I got back home I instantly did a lil draft of the track, which basically ended up being the plucky chord synth the songs starts off with. The next day, I had a session booked with my friends Melo and Husky&Pug so I played them the idea and just said I had a title I liked so we started writing from that. The concept of the song is really just about two people who ended a relationship when it’s undeniable that they should be together.”

Lucas Nord 

Wuh Oh – ‘Softstyle (Dance System)’

Night Slugs label head Dance System has released his dynamic rework of Wuh Oh’s latest anthem ‘Softstyle’. Dance System delivers a unique take on ‘Softstyle’, injecting his signature blend of high energy techno, house and garage with a floor filling breakdown.

Bourgenvilla x Mairee – ‘Somebody To Love’

Known for the melodic, yet hard-hitting sound Bougenvilla, the Dutch powerhouse duo returns to FHM with a new anthem titled ‘Somebody To Love’ — this time they teamed up with their Slovakian friend Mairee.

Niiko x SWAE – ‘Friends’

Friends’ kicks-off with a vibrant vocal sample that is supplemented with Niiko x SWAE’s slick production. Enriched with playful drum patterns and deep basslines, ‘Friends’ will leave listeners reminiscing about those pre-quarantine nights spending time with their best pals. Whether it’s a bonfire, riding bikes side-by-side, or partying until the morning light, the single serves as the perfect reminder of the special moments made when spending time with friends.

*Featured image via Ferry Corsten, Robert Nickson, Tinlicker and Helsloot*

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