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Interview - September 15, 2020

This Rocketship Is Set To Launch Us To The Cosmic Gate | Interview

Cosmic Gate has done some exciting live streams since the onset of the pandemic and that has helped myself and others stay sane through these times. I was able to catch up with the boys and talk to them about these streams and much more.

Over the last six months, we’ve all been experiencing life in a much different manner than we’re used to. However, we’ve had artists like Cosmic Gate to help get us through these strange times. 

With a continual flow of awe-inspiring new tunes and exciting live streams, Cosmic Gate have been crucial in helping myself and many others maintain sanity in these days where raves are non-existent. I was able to talk with them about how they’ve been getting themselves through the pandemic, upcoming new music and much more. 

FMF: We’re living in strange and tough times right now your music has been helping me and many others get through this pandemic. What have you been doing to stay sane throughout these times?

Cosmic Gate: As everyone else, we had to slow down our lives in March and at first it wasn’t bad, we could recharge our batteries and not rush, which after a tight agenda is nice and even welcome for a certain time, and we enjoyed it. After some weeks and months went by though, and everyone realised this was something that might accompany us for way longer than we imagined at first, we felt for sure that something was missing big time. To be touring 25 years more or less non stop and then to literally not be able to go out and leave the house, to go from 100 to zero, and no end in sight, sure was a challenging thing. The good thing though, even without touring, there is always something to do. Studio work, the radio show, interviews, online meetings, and streams — it’s not like we were sitting home bored and didn’t know how to kill time. In regards to a stable mental health, we feel it’s most important to accept what is going on, try to make the best out of it, keep busy, and prepare for when things get back to normal, which we hope to happen — like everyone else — more sooner than later.

With all the extra time you have at home, surely you’ve been cooking up some tunes in the studio. What can you tell us about some of your upcoming productions?

Yes indeed, we have been working on new music! Remixes, like for Joe Smooth’sPromised Land’ which was released the beginning of August, and there is another one coming for Andrew Rayel’s new single ‘Everything, Everything’ (but that’s still un-revealed – so shhhh hahaha), we have no release date for that one so far. Furthermore, our mix compilation ‘Wake Your Mind Sessions 004’ was produced and recorded during the Covid lockdown, its release accompanied by the single releases of ‘Your Mind’ and ‘Universal Love’. Last Friday, we also released our brand-new single ‘The Launch’, in collaboration with Andrew Bayer, which is getting some great feedback since its first release on Above & Beyond’sAnjunabeats 15’ compilation. More stuff is cooking but it’s too early to speak about it as of now, more info soon. 

Speaking of getting in the studio; you’ve both been based in different parts of the US. What is the process like working on music when you aren’t in the same room?

The two of us are not living next door anymore, actually we have not in fact for more than 10 years, and actually with how we work now, it does not make a big difference anymore. Thanks to the World Wide Web times have really changed with how productions work, compared to our start in the late 90s. These days we share song projects and files via the internet, so we both have access to it all the time. When we started this years ago, it took a while to find a flow and get used to it, but all this didn’t change the outcome and sound of our music, which we feel is most important.

A lot of artists have started streaming on Twitch to share music and a live experience with fans and I know you have too. You’ve each had your own special live-streams from Miami and NYC. What was that like and how did those ideas come about?

Crazy times ask for different concepts. The Miami Balcony Rave and New York City Rooftop Live Streams are definitely experiences we will never forget. We were simply lucky to have had the chance to stream from such fine locations that we live in, including our neighbours who were totally supportive in what we were planning. Only this support made us able to come up with these two unique setups and share them with our fans, thanks again to everyone that was involved! 

Personally, I loved those sets and would love to see some more from you guys. Will there be any more live streams in store for us in the near future?

Thank you very much. And yes, absolutely! We have used the time and prepared to play two very unique shows in Miami, which we can’t wait to share. After all the positive feedback on our previous streams, we put a lot of work and effort into this project to make it really unique and stand out from the crowd, we feel we have stepped up our game to the next level. We found one dream of a venue and created some crazy custom made visuals; get ready for a double two-hour trip of sound and visual effects to follow us to the Cosmic Gate! If you liked our New York City Rooftop and Miami Balcony Rave streams, we are sure you will love what we have prepared here. Stay tuned, full announcement is coming next Tuesday, September 15th 2020.

I know I can’t wait to be back out at festivals and clubs and I wanna hear every tune imaginable. But what will be the first track you play out when you get back on stage?

Hm, that’s a good question, I guess the intro mix of our latest single ‘Your Mind’, which starts with the vocal “something for your mind, your body and your soul”. We cannot wait to return bigger and better than ever to the live stage for our fans!

*Featured image via Cosmic Gate*