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There’s ‘Only One Night’ To Let This Week’s New Music ‘Touch’ You And That Is Tonight | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Tinlicker – ‘In Another Lifetime’

“These last two years saw the creation of a parallel universe in which human beings had to reinvent themselves whether they wanted to or not. We experienced a lot of lows in this process, but also beautiful highs – in some moments it felt like everything was about to slip through our fingers, while other days the process brought a lot of peace. For us, the title ‘In Another Lifetime’ captured this journey.”


Ferry Corsten x Morgan Page – ‘Wounded (feat. Cara Melín)’

Ferry Corsten and Morgan Page aren’t two names you’d normally expect on a record together, but that’s exactly what makes this team-up of giants all the more exciting. A perfect mix between Ferry Corsten’s trance-oriented sound, Morgan Page’s house-infused style and the signature vocal presence of Dutch songstress Cara Melín, ‘Wounded’ will soon hold a special place in the hearts of countless dance music fans.  

Will Atkinson x JES – ‘Long Way Home (Will Atkinson Club Mix)’

One listen to ‘Long Way Home’ though will explain all. Tonally, the track shares much DNA with its predecessor: an unabashed slice of peak-of-the-night-ism that doesn’t quit till the club floor job’s been done. For her part, JES has written an end-of-the-night anthem, the lyrics of which will speak to everyone who’s never wanted that incredible night to end. Through his production, Will Atkinson takes ‘Long Way Home’ to its natural conclusion, with pulse-racing tempo & bass, carry-you-away chords, pad-perfection and a mainline that’ll get you time after time.

Sander van Doorn – ‘Breakfast in Vegas’

The newly-reimagined track begins with a pulsating bass, quickly followed by entrancing production sensibilities. A four-on-the-floor beat is introduced, paired perfectly alongside the propelling rhythm and heady ambiance. Pivoting stylistically, Sander van Doorn maintains the same hard-hitting acid flair present in the source material whilst adding a newfound techno quality that serves as a perfect addition to the tune. Praga Khan’s textured vocal hypnotizes and lulls the listener throughout its entirety, lending yet another atmospheric element to the rapturous sonic endeavor. In all, the new take on ‘Breakfast in Vegas’ is a monumental release that nostalgically harkens back to the rave days of the early 2000s.

R3HAB – ‘Put Your Hands On My ___ (feat. Saucy Santana)’

Freak Nasty revolutionized the dance floor when he dropped ‘Da’ Dip’ 25 years ago. The song’s hook is timeless, and Saucy Santana and I had a blast reimagining it [‘Put Your Hands On My ___’] for 2022. Can’t wait to see how the crowd reacts to my version.”


Kodak Black – ‘Super Gremlin (David Guetta Trap House Mix)’

Paying homage to his house music roots and ability to merge dancefloor sounds with hip hop records as a unique producer, the ‘Super Gremlin (Trap House Mix)‘ showcases David Guetta’s unique ability to effortlessly cross genre boundaries. The ‘David Guetta Trap House Mix’ of ‘Super Gremlin’ sees the French maestro inject some invigorating dancefloor energy into the infectious original with the inclusion of a slick, chunky bassline and mammoth drops.

Alex Di Stefano x Zach Zlov x EverLight – ‘The Art Of Skullduggery III’

Where the others tap out… stylistically, the Skullduggery starts! We now see Greg Downey’s label back with a bang. Better make that three bangs in fact, as not only has Skullduggery gone ‘Vol. III’, it has also expanded plans to add a third disc. Greg is dedicating this volume to his label’s brightest artistic talents, and thus has passed its mix-reins to Alex Di Stefano, Zach Zlov and EverLight. With them, they’ve brought close to sixty tracks and near two hundred and forty breakneck minutes of fast, furious and downright dangerous-to-know dance music.

Cedric Gervais – ‘Only One Night (feat. Tudor)’

French DJ and producer Cedric Gervais has unveiled new single ‘Only One Night (feat. Tudor)’ on Armada sub-label Delecta Records. Punctuated by the sultry vocals of Welsh singer-songwriter Tudor, ‘Only One Night (feat. Tudor)’ is a seductive dancefloor bomb characterised by melodic breakdowns and a deep, brooding bassline.

Kasablanca – ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’

First heard in Lane 8’s winter 2021 mixtape, ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ is the latest from one of dance music’s most intriguing acts — Kasablanca. We’re excited to say that there’s more to come!

Feint x R7CKY – ‘Lost & Found (feat. Skyelle)’

“Part of the message behind ‘Lost & Found’ is not being afraid to be the best version of yourself without caring what anyone else thinks – even if you have to lose parts of yourself to find that potential.”


Jim Rider – ‘The Final Straw’

All Day I Dream has pioneered an imaginative blend of melodic house music that explores a spectrum of emotion and energy. On its latest 2022 release, ‘The Final Straw’ EP from the UK’s Jim Rider, the imprint showcases the heavier, upbeat side of its sonic palette.

helloworld – ‘warning signs’

The breakout bass artist helloworld makes his label debut on Bassrush Records with ‘warning signs’, a button-smashing trap single that reveals a new dimension of his signature sound. 

MNI x Pascal Letoublon – ‘Touch’

Touch’ immediately takes listeners into an intoxicating, lush soundscape. At the apex of MNI and Pascal Letoublon’s sound, the alluring new hit delivers a synth ladden, pop infused sonic space. Showcasing a driving melody with pulsating production elements, the track provides atmospherically entracing sensibilities with a propulsive flair. Continuing to solidify MNI’s style and sound, the latest hit gives fans an awe-inspiring listening experience with an enchanting vocal cut and pulsating rhythm from start-to-finish. 

Black V Neck – ‘Rewind It Back’

Black V Neck serves up their debut release for Insomniac Records, looming into the frame with their new two-tracker ‘Rewind It Back’. Wrapped around a swagged-out hip-hop sample, the title cut ‘Rewind It Back’ revolves around a loopy rhythm that moves along the axis of an unwavering groove. An elastic bassline recoils mercilessly over tumbling percussive programming, refusing to ease up amid head-spinning vocal chops and slippery textures that move in and out of the fore with a nimble panache. As the name itself suggests, this sample-loaded number is going to rack up endless replays for the foreseeable future. 

LODATO x Janice Robinson – ‘Dreamer’

“Growing up I loved the original ‘Dreamer’ from the ‘90s and always wanted to give it a fresh take. There is no one on this earth that could capture the vocal quite the way the original singer Janice Robinson did. We got connected and she sounds just as good as she did in the 90s!”


Crystal Skies – ‘Not Since When’

Electronic duo Crystal Skies have dropped their hotly-anticipated debut album ‘Not Since When’, out on Lost in Dreams. A 13-track release, Not Since When is Crystal Skies’ biggest and most ambitious release to date: a vivid sonic snapshot of their sound that also features an array of star-studded collaborations.

Softest Hard – ‘Do Over’

The head-turning dance producer Softest Hard makes the most out of the moment on her first solo outing with HARD Recs, darting into the frame with her new single ‘Do Over’. 

Renaissance Records – ‘Merin Vol. 4’

Renaissance Records returns with the fourth edition of ‘Merin’ and a tracklist that highlights how broad and far the term house runs; it is, without question, their most diverse selection to date.

Friendzone x Parker – ‘Read Your Mind (feat. sad alex)’

Friendzone and Parker combine their strengths on their first-ever collab together for the Lost In Dreams imprint, taking the form of their new single ‘Read Your Mind’, featuring the viral-worthy vocal talents of sad alex

Tibi Dabo – ‘Isla’

“What to do with our time on earth? Find an island of joy and comfort, a modest retreat. A place to stay sane… I was feeling quite empty during our months of isolation, no influences and no external inputs. Then this idea of creating a conceptual island came to existence, an entity where I could play and put contrasting influences of electronic music together in one place. My little island was born, a space I feel as an optimistic outlook towards the future, something that I find hard to achieve.”

Tibi Dabo on ‘Isla

*Featured image via Cedric Gervais, Tinlicker, Ferry Corsten and Morgan Page*

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