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There’s No Need To ‘Wonder’ What New Music You Should Listen To Right Now | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Elevven x Ruben de Ronde – ‘Lucky Penny (XiJaro & Pitch Remix)’

Following a year in which all of this record’s credited artists drew closer to their fan base through Twitch, XiJaro & Pitch turn Elevven and Ruben de Ronde’s progressive piece into a huge uplifting banger. Complete with a high-octane bassline, an emotional, piano-led breakdown and a super-melodic beat drop that combines sheer power with pure euphoria, this remix of ‘Lucky Penny’ is the kind of record any Trance fan could instantly fall head over heels in love with.

Matt Fax – ‘Torn / Wonder’

French producer Matt Fax continues to impress in 2021, following up his three-track EP from January with this slick double header. ‘Torn’ is a driving progressive production in classic Matt Fax style, with effervescent synths layered over a hypnotic rhythm section. ‘Wonder’ sees him explore a softer, more ethereal sound, with delicate percussion, mesmerising vocal snippets and breathtaking synth pads fusing together to create a transcendent track.

Deathpact – ‘ID (Jean-Michel Jarre Remix)’

Deathpact is an absolute unique act with a singular sound. This ‘ID’ is a great schizophrenic track with different moods. This is what I tried to push in my Rework.”

Jean-Michel Jarre

Jonas Blue x AWA – ‘Something Stupid (Majestic Remix)’

North London DJ/producer and KISS FM Radio Host, Majestic, has delivered his superb remix of Jonas Blue’s track, which adds breakbeats and a deeper bassline to an already dancefloor-infused hit. Having already remixed songs for the likes of Ava Max and 220 Kid, ‘Something Stupid’ is another impeccable addition to his armory of tracks.

DIM3NSION & DJ Nano – ‘Shoganai’

DIM3NSION and DJ Nano have been successfully collaborating for years and their latest team up proves this in all its glory. Following up their previous works such as ‘Santa Monica’ and ‘Retrovision’, they reveal a strong new anthem that triggers goosebumps galore. It is a dark and pounding record that brings the euphoric festival vibe we want back so badly while lifting up your spirit. This is ‘Shoganai’.

Tripp St. – ‘Welcome To Tripp St.’

“My whole life led up to this project. My and my team’s heart and soul have been put into these albums and mixes. Getting to release on CloZee’s label Oydzey Music is a dream come true and I’m honored to be the first album. The love and support this project has been receiving has been so amazing, so we had to go all in with ‘Welcome To Tripp St.’. Thanks to Dr01D visuals who created incredible animations to go along with the music, and Odyzey’s incredible team for the support. We have something we’re truly proud of and excited to put out.”

Tripp St.

Whethan – ‘All In My Head (Saint Punk Remix)’

The genre-blending original track, ‘All In My Head’ was released last year as part of Whethan’s groundbreaking debut album ‘FANTASY’. Utilizing his rock background, Saint Punk creates the perfect blend of grunge roots with today’s evolving electronic scene, producing a new style of enticing dance music that has been coined as “Grunge House” — as seen in this spectacular remix. 

WOLFCLUB – ‘Just Drive (Part 1)’

WOLFCLUB’sJust Drive’ plays like the soundtrack to a film that is yet to be made, the sound of an endless summer, long gone but never forgotten. Cinematic textures, driving analogue bass riffs, crunchy guitars and melodic vocals aim at creating euphoric-nostalgia heavy-anthems. Dreamy synth textures and hard guitar rhythms blend together to create the perfect retro inspired pop song mixtape that has touches of Synthwave, Dreamwave and Indie Rock.

Hannah Wants – ‘Oh Really’

“I’m super excited to be releasing ‘Oh Really’ with Armada… this is a track that was tried and tested in the clubs and on dance floors pre COVID and now, with some light at the end of the tunnel (finally!) re: being able to rave together again soon, it’s the perfect time to drop it! It’s vocal heavy, it’s groovy and I hope you love it!”

Hannah Wants

Nicky Night Time x Ali Love x Breakbot – ‘Ubiquity (The Magician Remix)’

Globally renowned producer The Magician adds his signature touch to Nicky Night Time and Ali Loves’ recent heater ‘Ubiquity (feat. Breakbot)’. The remix highlights the original’s funk elements and punchy drums while maintaining the driving bassline from the original. Merging disco with French touch, The Magician accentuates the cut-off and phaser effects for a playful and energetic remix.

Union of Knives – ‘Like Butterflies’

Scottish electronic act Union of Knives have released their new single, ‘Like Butterflies’, from their forthcoming sophomore LP ‘Endless from the Start’. Built on a funky backbeat, ‘Like Butterflies’ is a block-rocking track that unfurls like an anthem packed with complex polyrhythms set against a dark atmospheric backdrop.

Everyone You Know x Joy Anonymous – ‘Just For The Times’

Multifaceted sibling duo Everyone You Know (EYK) and rising artist and producer Joy Anonymous have teamed up to release their club-ready anthem ‘Just For The Times’. The single reflects on the past year and taps into the current collective optimistic feeling that the good times are now just round the corner.

Olivia Morreale – ‘Parasomnia’

“It [‘Parasomnia’] sounds like a normal pop song until the breakdown/bridge, where it warps into a sort of nightmarish and dark space. We [Olivia and her co-collaborator, Eli Koskoff] let the idea of a nightmare and of the thoughts we can’t control be our guiding force during the production.”

Olivia Morreale

Silience – ‘I Don’t Wanna Know (Alex Adair Remix)’

DJ and producer Alex Adair has unveiled his glistening remix of Silience’s latest single ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’. Adding his signature sound to the track, Alex Adair delivers an atmospheric edit, adding a unique four-to-the-floor blend of piano house to the rework.

ISQ – ‘Ode To Myself (Arthur’s Baker Remix)’

It’s rare when a remix blends so seamlessly with an original. Arthur Baker entwines his own electronically driven sound with Irene’s stunning vocals — creating a sound that is unmistakably unique. With an old-school intro of 90’s balearic beats meeting jazzy scat singing, the remix of ‘Ode To Myself’ quickly develops into something modern and new as the entrancing basslines keep listeners hooked. Ultimately, the single is an intimate gesture of self-care brought onto the dance floor.

Thomas Blondet x Steven Rubin – ‘Sea Sons’

A continuously evolving sonic journey of mellowed soundscapes meeting deep and irrefutable grooves, Thomas Blondet and Steven Rubin’s Sea Sons’ calls to mind the turntable alchemy of the 90’s, revelling in its own entrancing beat. An unmistakably smooth element is incorporated – like a fine whisky that’s slowly making its way down,  warming the back of your throat as your mind wanders into unknown dimensions.

bad tuner – ‘Coming Down’

“I made the track in my bedroom during quarantine. All we can do is think about what life and dancing will be like when shows return. ‘Coming Down’ is about missing family and friends, and realizing how much you appreciate the little things!”

bad tuner

Photon – ‘Bubble Up’

Photon will release their debut single on ‘Bubble Up’ on Color Red. The high-impact electronica trio is comprised of Neal Evans (Dopapod) on drums, Dan Africano (Ghost Light) on bass, and James Dunstan (Yamn) on keyboards. ‘Bubble Up’ takes cues from jazz-house, psychedelic fusion pioneers such as The New Deal and  Medeski, Martin, and Wood, and more to create a new iteration of eclectic, improvised electronic trio music that blends infectious house beats with virtuosic instrumental storytelling. 

Sinego – ‘Veneno’

Colombian/Mexican multi-instrumentalist, DJ & producer Sinego is back and sharing an exquisite track, yet again combining Bolero, the romantic Latin music developed in Spain during the 18th century and Dance Music. His latest release ‘Veneno’ (Poison), is out on Sony’s ORIANNA Imprint. The vocals are by Daniela Blau (songwriter for Danna Paola), with violin work by Alfredo De La Fe (Main violinist for Hector La Voe and La Fania), and the guitar portions were recorded by Leonardo La Croix, (“Duele” collaborator). Overall, the track is a gorgeous and sultry melodic number, with captivating lyrics (in both English and Spanish)… “you want to f*ck with my mind…”

Tyler Young – ‘My Time’

Los Angeles-based house music producer and DJ Tyler Young makes his debut with new single ‘My Time’. Groovy and filled with funky basslines, plucky strings, and shimmering synths, layered over hair-raising vocals from sought after U.K. vocalist Hayley May, Tyler shines providing a taste of what’s to come. 

*Featured image via Matt Fax, Jean-Michel Jarre, XiJaro & Pitch, and Saint Punk*

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