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The “Vibes” Are “Forever” “After You” When You Listen to New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

3LAU – “Tokyo” (Seven Lions Remix)

3LAU’s debut Anjunabeats smash, “Tokyo” featuring XIRA, returns with a massive rework from melodic bass pioneer, Seven Lions. “Tokyo” is reimagined in Seven Lions’ signature, thumping style. This track will definitely be a new fan favorite!

Louis the Child – “Nobody Like You”

Chicago production duo Louis The Child release brand-new track Nobody Like You featuring Australian up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Vera Blue. The release is an up-tempo dance-pop track with cool vocals over a vibrant beat. This new single excellently showcases Louis The Child’s dynamic sound and makes for the perfect summer soundtrack.

Nya Bloom – “Need You”

Need You” is the second single of Nya Bloom‘s four-part debut project “Exhale” coming out in the Summer of 2020. This release explores motifs of love, loss, and ultimate acceptance, finding respite in-breath is the key to a full exhale. “Need You” is a soul-stirring downtempo gem. The underlying guitar chords and the sensual vocals will leave you wanting more. This track will definitely need to be on your next date night playlist.

Midnight Kids – “The Lost Youth”

Midnight Kids release their new EP “The Lost Youth”. Midnight Kids are paving a road all their own. They combine dreamy 80’s synthwave and anthemic dance productions reminiscent of artists like Avicii and The Chainsmokers; with a touch of indie energy and fantasias similar to Passion Pit. The result is their newest work is an eight-track EP delivering deep messages with the goal of bringing people closer through relatability.

KIDSØ – “Childhood”

Live-electro duo KIDSØ have released their latest single “Childhood“. This is the title track from their highly anticipated upcoming album which is slated for release later this year. Opening with youthful exuberance, the song comes in like a breath of fresh air. Featuring polyrhythmic tones meeting children singing, the single carries a nostalgic element. The cheerful percussion and cascading electronic soundscapes ensure a lightness is maintained throughout the track. Playing around with the children’s vocals that dominate the song.

FLETCHER – “Forever” (SOPHIE Remix)

FLETCHER hit single Forever has been reworked by Grammy-nominated producer SOPHIE. This remix is a club-worthy banger with its catchy lyrics and fresh pumping beat!

Kaskade & Project 46 – “Chains”

Kaskade and Project 46 once again joined forces for their new track “Chains“, a cathartic sonic journey through the myriad of emotions that are so prevalent in our lives today. It begins with angelic vocals setting the stage for a progression of gentle melodies and rolling basslines into a bouncy, big-room influenced climax. This release pulls at the heartstrings of anyone who has felt trapped or restrained in life, either by others or themselves.

Wolvero – “Hitlist”

Wolvero returns with his newest collaboration with Bristol-based Dread MC with “Hit List“. The new track is a testament to the dynamic creative force behind the duo. This latest single is a club-ready weapon and is a master lesson in meticulous four-on-the-floor production from start-to-finish! With a consistent percussive tone, the driving basslines and roaring intensity perfectly complement the heady grit of Dread MC’s commanding vocals. An accomplished master of bass house, Wolvero’s skillful mastery of the genre is flawlessly highlighted in “Hit List”.

Fonkynson – “Falling”

Fonkynson released his sophomore LP “Falling” earlier this year and his newest single off the album is “Giving U Up“. This track is an electro love song about giving love a second chance.

Black Tiger Sex Machine – “Futuristic Thriller”

Black Tiger Sex Machine have dropped their biggest EP to date! Futurstic Thriller is an eight-track super sonic cyberpunk journey. Over the past several months, BTSM have been steadily unveiling this EP through five heavy singles. Three new aural stories are joining the collection to show off the Montreal group’s diversity. This new release has a little something for everyone; electro house, techno, and everything in between.  Futuristic Thriller is a one-of-a-kind adventure that you need to experience first hand!

Jay Hardway – “Vibes”

Jay Hardway is wasting no time in releasing his next hit! He returns with dance perfection in his new single, “Vibes“. This track is a festival-ready anthem and is a breath of fresh air, delivering a burst of energy with a dance-inducing bassline. Opening with twinkling synths and a soothing vocal, a relaxing summer tone is set. Picking up the tempo, Jay introduces an infectious beat, allowing the track to take shape into a perfect summer anthem that certainly delivers those summer festival ‘vibes’ that we all are craving.

Conrank – “Ooba”

Conrank is continuing a triumphant 2020 with his latest release Ooba. This new track is a heavy-hitter! Conrank shows his signature innovative bass style which has made him one of the most talked-about artists in the scene.

Jam & Spoon – “Right in the Night “(Remixes)

Jam & Spoon release a two-track remix of their hit release “Plavka”. Pig & Dan are first to the bench with the duo duly delivering on eight deep and stormy minutes of progressive trance magnificence. Nicholson then elevates the song with synths racing up to effect its chest-pounding climax. Both reworks take the release to another level without drifting too far from the beloved original.

SNAILS – “World of Slime Remixes”

After unleashing the unruly “World of Slime” EP in December of 2019, SNAILS is back with vengeance, this time offering up eight remixes of the EP’s tracks. The “World of Slime Remix” EP has some of the hottest names in the bass scene, with fresh remixes from some of the most in-demand producers. The package has a bit of bass for everyone! Take an adventure with some wonky bass vibes and then travel to the next level with a drum and bass flip of the track. Fans will also get a unique riddim hybrid, to bring the release full circle.

Madame Gandhi – “After You”

Madame Gandhi re-releases her hit single “After You”. This release is a moody, experimental, alt-rock electronic song about moving on after the end of a relationship. The song is particularly relevant during the global pandemic and Venus retrograde as emotions shift, relationships evolve and personal healing takes a front-row seat for many folks. The decision to re-release the song came with the intention of offering up music that has the potential for soothing and comfort during a difficult time for many.

Yultron – “Dyemonds”

Los Angeles-based musician Yultron releases a hybrid trap tune “Dyemonds”. The track is dripping with attitude and classic Yultron rave anthem melodies. Known for pushing boundaries, Yultron has crafted an unforgettable hard trap beat melded with his unique sound design and wobbly leads that will make even the most underground of ravers dizzy.

Sage Armstrong – “Fukitup”

Sage Armstrong returns to Dirtybird with a brand new single “Fukitup“. This new track has throbbing baselines, a hypnotic sample, and an overall funky vibe. It will definitely be a new summer favorite!

Ted When – “Eyes Closed”

Ted When releases his newest single Eyes Closed from his forthcoming EP. The song, which Ted wrote with producer DJ Equal, offers a wistful look back at a previous relationship and the words that were left unsaid. Anyone who has gone through a painful breakup can totally relate to this Ted’s mentality in this new single.

The Arcturians – “Nice to See You Again”

Canadian band The Arcturians release their debut EP Nice To See You Again. The five-track release showcases the group’s futuristic dubstep sound and several guest collaborations. The album is a must to check out; it’s enigmatic, energetic, and heavy!

Jordin Post – “Something2me/New Day”

Formerly known as Juventa, Amsterdam based producer Jordin Post marks two milestones this week; his first original release on Anjunabeats and his debut solo outing as Jordin Post. “Something2me / New Days” marks the next step in Jordin’s broad journey to date as an artist. “Something2me” is a dancefloor-ready track with deep driving beats and hard-hitting energized delivery. “New Dayshas a softer side, it opens with an emotive airy quality and then releases into a dramatic and throbbing bass beat.

*Featured image | via The Arcturians, Jordin Post, Nya Bloom, and KIDSØ*

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