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‘The Sound’ Of This Week’s New Music Will Make You ‘Come To Life’ | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Elevven – ‘One Last Time (The Remixes)’

Picking up where Elevven’s premier Progressive cut left off, Roman Messer and Hausman demonstrate the full extent of their remix capabilities. Amplifying the charm of the vocal-led original through Roman Messer’s uplifting treatment and Hausman’s deep-digging progressive touch, this two-sided remix pack of ‘One Last Time’ allows fans to ride the wave of euphoria all over again.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – ‘The Tribe (Vol. 1)’

“For quite a while now, our sets have been filled with that energetic tribal house sound we love. It’s a love we share with both fans and artists from all over the globe; we’re already working with great artists and we see more and more promising demos being submitted to our label every day. There is so much quality music out there that we just had to give these super-talented artists the platform they deserve and that’s where ‘The Tribe, Vol. One’ comes in: a compilation album that represents the unique sound of our SONO Music label through the creations of some of the most promising producers out there.”

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Scorz – ‘Come To Life (feat. Diana Leah)’

Taken from Armin van Buuren’sA State Of Trance, Ibiza 2020’ mix album, Scorz and Diana Leah’sCome To Life’ offers up a subtle touch of Progressive no music fan can resist. From Diana Leah’s rich vocals to the empowering lyrics to the gentle beats and lovely progressions, this record adds heaps of color to today’s dance music world.

Protoculture – ‘Go’

A State Of Trance regular Protoculture comes up again with a brilliant, effervescent single. Fronted by swirling melodies and sun-soaked tones that deliver a touch of summer at every turn, ‘Go’ is a wondrous slice of studio magic best enjoyed under a clear blue sky.

Solomun – ‘Home’

“‘Home’ was the starting point for the idea of an album in the first place. I had plenty of opportunities to play it and for me it has withstood the test of time. It was evident that this had to be the first single for the album.”


ARTY – ‘From Russia With Love (Vol. 3)’

Hotly anticipated since the release of the first volume of ‘From Russia With Love’ six months back, the full collaborative album project of ARTY has finally arrived. By issuing the third and final EP earlier today, the Russian electronic music phenomenon has laid the final piece of the puzzle that is an entire album filled with high-impact collaborations between him and his closest Russian friends.

Tensnake – ‘L.A.’

Tensnake’s new album ‘L.A.’ — composed of 14 very distinct tracks with a wide array of feelings from L.A.’s upbeat party-loving craziness, to the bittersweet emotions triggered as a result of a 6-year relationship and breakup​. This album showcases his outstanding and refined production range incorporating the distinct elements of house, funk, disco and 80s boogie alongside the added and very strong L.A. pop influence.

Ka Fu – ‘Heretic’

“Turning to “Heretic mode” is my personal choice for the future. Our lives are surrounded by layers of lies from the power holders. The last months have shown it to me so clearly. Since then, I’ve been doing my own research on the main topics in the world, digging through different sources of information. And you know what? I’m getting a clearer understanding of how blind I was, trusting the things I see without checking them properly. In my opinion, some people are interested in making us fear to live with open hearts. So the way is to build our own circle of trust and knowledge. That’s ‘Heretic’s message.”

Ka Fu

pluko – ‘the sound (w/ Moby Rich)’

the sound‘ is the perfect blend between alt rock and electronic music. An electric and upbeat song filled with strumming guitar chords, pounding kick drums and Moby Rich’s high-energy vocals, ‘the sound’ permeates through your speakers and is set to become the ultimate pop-punk anthem. Produced by 20-year-old artist pluko, he captures the essence of the track with his innate ability to create genre-bending music.

ford. – ‘The Color Of Nothing’

An eleven-track release, ‘The Color of Nothing’ ​sees ford. continue with a prolific year that has seen the US artist release an EP, a flurry of singles, and a steady stream of brilliantly executed visuals. The LP is an exquisite exploration into the world of melodic electronica, with the 20-year-old crafting rich, detailed soundscapes that unite organic instrumentation with synthesised production in a way that feels both natural and effortless. This collection of songs is a reflection and culmination of ​ford.’s experiences from the last two years of his. A difficult but rewarding chapter, Luc Bradford ​(ford.​) found himself having to grow up quickly, a complex yet beautiful time in his life.

Bastian Benjamin – ‘Confrontation’

Developing a theatrical build that brings to mind misty forests and ethereal, otherworldly images, ‘Confrontation’ builds into itself, developing a deep bassline that stands proud against the surrounding electronic embellishments. Bastian Benjamin provides contrasting elements of harsh, mythical rhythms and lighter, gentle elements to ease the sonic tensions.

Eighty Ninety – ‘Better as Friends’

Eighty Ninety’sBetter as Friends’ is a dreamy mix of contemporary pop and hazy chillwave production that’s propelled by a driving pulse that culminates in a yearning, widescreen chorus complete with soaring melodies, lush arrangements and the band’s distinctive guitar work.

Zeb Samuels – ‘Astral Commence’

“‘Astral Commence’ is a track that has taken over 2 years to complete. It’s the first record that is totally production-based without me performing on. Some of my heroes have contributed to the record, so I feel very honoured and proud to have put this all together.”

Zeb Samuels

Gillian Heidi – ‘Desperate (Goldhouse Remix)’

Rising singer-songwriter Gillian Heidi has teamed up with Chicago-based electronic producer GOLDHOUSE to put a brand new spin on her single, ‘Desperate’. GOLDHOUSE infuses Heidi’s heartfelt R&B-pop track with pulsating percussion and vibrant synths, bringing the song to club-ready perfection.

Hellove – ‘Lie’

“Releasing my debut song [‘Lie’] together with an artist I’ve been following for a while is definitely an experience of its own. Glad that Trove was up for a collaboration and added an exciting twist to the song. He gave the already uplifting instrumental a unique feeling, explaining how difficult it is to end a relationship and move on, while still thinking the best is yet to come.”


Vincenzo Ramaglia – ‘La parole 2 (Venetian Snares Remix)’

Venetian Snares embraces Laure Le Prunenec’s distinctive vocals and allows them to become the focal point multiple times throughout the remix, with meticulous manipulation of complex breakbeats at high BPM and odd time signatures, serving to highlight each rise and fall in her voice. At times scattered and erratic while coming together in breathtaking complexity at other points, the remix requires time to devour with each listen revealing a new and unexpected aspect of Vincenzo Ramaglia’sLa parole 2’.

Forester – ‘Undercover’

At its core, ‘Undercover’ is a mutation of modern indie, pop, and electronic music, ornamented with small but potent production flourishes indicative of a set of artists fully in control of their creative output. That said, Forester consistently manages to gracefully ride the fine line between maintaining their style while at the same time breaking new ground. 

NGO – ‘Stay’

“My goal with ‘Stay’ was to be able to turn the bittersweet lyrics of a breakup and the yearning to have their old partner stick around into something that was easy to listen to. The track is a stark difference from the rest of my discography, I used more organic elements throughout ‘Stay’ to give it a human aspect as I wanted to resonate with listeners without the need for intricate sound design, the song should speak for itself.”


Motez – ‘Give Your Heart Away’

Opening with the effervescent vocal, screaming “take me higher”, and a driving techno bassline, today Motez shares his larger than life club treat ‘Give Your Heart Away’ on Sweat it Out

Matroda – ‘Rescue Me’

Matroda is returning to Insomniac Records with his follow-up single ‘Rescue Me’. He is ready to swing back around with this latest creation, only this time he’s pivoting into a more feel-good house direction by lacing a diva-inspired vocal loop around an uplifting piano lead and bright house tones.

Gorgon City x EVAN GIIA – ‘Burning’

Gorgon City and EVAN GIIA’s Burning’ official video brings us a contemporary love story, shot in deepest Wyoming and directed by Eric Maldin. The visual focuses on the burning love between two young women living in the town of Laramie. Despite the obvious attraction, they are forced to find stolen moments in the seclusion of their rural surroundings causing a strain on their relationship. To make amends and as a symbol of love, a giant metal heart is welded together and set ablaze. All set to a backdrop of fireworks representing the high emotions felt once they reconcile with a long kiss.

*Featured image via Elevven, Solomun, Scorz and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano*

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