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The ‘Flow’ Of This Week’s New Music Gives Me ‘This Feeling’ | Fresh Music Friday 

by Guest Contributor

Alesso x Zara Larsson – ‘Words’

Boundary-breaking dance artist and producer Alesso joins forces with pop phenomenon Zara Larsson for a majestic new single called ‘Words’. ‘Words’ is accompanied by a high-concept and wildly dazzling video. An undeniable triumph from the two Swedish powerhouses, ‘Words’ is written by the global superstars. 

RRAW! – ‘This Is Reality’

Talla 2XLC’s techno alias RRAW! returns big time with the future classic — ‘This Is Reality’ on Technoclub Pure. This track is real Tech Trance at its best with a solid foundation of a thumping kick drum, a dark thundering bassline and a twisted breakdown with a euphoric yet grimy lead synth. After the break, the cracking beats and crunching basslines return on top of the driving melody and strings which elevates listeners to new heights. 

Durante – ‘Soul Spiral’

Striking a flawless balance between atmosphere and rhythm, ‘Soul Spiral’ captures the essence of Durante’s remarkably sophisticated trademark sound. Made to suit a high-end dining experience at famed, Antwerp-based restaurant The Jane, this wonder-infused track is set to enrapture all dance music lovers with a refined sense of taste.

Blunts & Blondes – ‘Story Of A Stoner’

“I always have had a love for hip-hop and rap music. It’s what I listen to everyday. I also wanted to express myself a lot through the album and I think it was more effective to use lyrics. I think hip-hop has had an overwhelming influence on bass music and my own life. I thought it was the perfect harmony between genres.”

Blunts & Blondes on ‘Story Of A Stoner

Brando – ‘Yes or No (Joachim Pastor Remix)’

True to form, Joachim Pastor elevates Brando’sYes Or No’ with his acclaimed, melody-centric sound. Supporting the contagious vocals with rousing chords and an arpeggiated melody that adds both spark and fire, the Frenchman shows once again why he’s one of the scene’s most in-demand remixers.

Codeko – ‘Trust Fall’

On ‘Trust FallCodeko brings listeners along for an emotional journey with melodious vocals, swelling electronic beats, and an infectious sound that permeates the collection of tracks. Codeko’s work will certainly leave an impression on the festival circuit this year. 

THEMBA – ‘Mountain High Live (feat. Lizwi)’

Bolstering the momentum of THEMBA’s recent album, this special version of ‘Mountain High’ strikes a perfect balance between instrumental goodness and vocal temptation. Recorded live alongside songstress Lizwi, guitar players and percussionists, ‘Mountain High Live’ is an absolute treat to the senses across its duration.

ZABO – ‘Flow’

“I had the instrumental of this song [‘Flow’] done for a while and struggled to find a vocalist for it. I ended up meeting Charlotte (C.D) through my roommate. She drafted up an idea that I loved. A week later, I got her in the studio to record, and we wrapped up the song shortly after that! I’m really happy with how it turned out!”


Vintage Culture x Goodboys – ‘This Feeling’

Global superstars Vintage Culture and Goodboys have united on new single ‘This Feeling’. An anthemic delivery of progressive house, ‘This Feeling’ combines ascending synths and rich, melodic breakdowns with rousing vocals – a dizzying concoction that communicates the track title in sonic form.

Mazare x AMIDY – ‘Otherside’

The dreamy, atmospheric track by Mazare and AMIDY begins with a soothing ambiance paired perfectly with the flowing, textured vocal performance. A series of synths are introduced into the sonic space, and the pace of the melodic track quickly begins to pick up with each passing second. A rising tension is expertly crafted with ease as the buildup gains momentum. A series of larger-than-life bass drops ensue, leaving the listener in awe. The emotionally-charged lyricism serves as a great addition to the soaring, anthemic qualities the tune possesses, and is eventually joined by the high octane drum and bass sensibilities Mazare is so well known for. In all, ‘Otherside’ serves as an exciting glimpse as to what fans can expect with his imminent EP on the horizon. 

MARIA Die RUHE – ‘Rejection (Martin Waslewski Remix)’

Martin Waslewski transforms MARIA Die RUHE’s work one resounding electronic beat at a time as we’re introduced to a blending of futuristic and ethereal sounds. Rolling basslines carry whispered and soaring vocals as we’re transported to a new plane of existence. ‘Rejection’ never sounded quite as good as it does now. 

GhostDragon – ‘could’ve been us’

“This album is for the people that always think about the outcome if they did something different and wondering if it ‘could’ve been us’. Been working on this album for almost over a year now and I’m super proud of what it turned into. Hope everyone can resonate with the story of this album.”


Benson x Tommy – ‘Spilt Milk’

Household names in the Australian dance music circuit, Benson and Tommy Trash bring the sounds of the underground to the global spotlight with their tech house romp ‘Spilt Milk’. 

Satori – ‘Dreamin’ Colours’

An ethereal, swirling body of work, ‘Dreamin’ Colours is rich in texture, colour and imagination. Satori stretches himself out through languorous, mystical explorations of both the digital and the analogue elements of music, the result a beautifully conspired collection of world music, steeped in electronic and Balkan roots, and straddling a multitude of genres from blues and indie electronic to opera, folk and beyond. 

Fulltone – ‘Far Away From This World’

A longtime fan and like-minded-partner of All Day I Dream, Fulltone returns to Lee Burridge’s imprint with the 4-track ‘Far From This World’ EP. The release finds magic for listeners on the dancefloor or to enjoy at home – and comes ahead of Fulltone’s performance at the first-ever All Day I Dream camping Festival in May.

Classmatic – ‘Toma Dale’

“Everything started when I decided I needed a track to put in my sets with congas in. I live in Brazil and wanted something to represent the Latin sound as I didn’t have any tracks that incorporated this, so that’s when ‘Toma Dale’ was born. ‘Bape’ was literally inspired by some of the tracks Jamie Jones has been playing in his sets in recent years. I wanted to create a killer groove with acid influences and also produce a slightly different breakdown to what would be expected.”


Nolan – ‘Hang Back (with Lehar and Santiago Garcia Remixes)’

Nolan’s original of ‘Hang Back’ is every bit the production masterclass you may expect. It’s a warm, musical embrace that evokes sunrises or sunsets at beach clubs around the world, be it Ibiza, Tulum or Bognor! Yet the remixes, as with all good remixes, take the track in entirely different directions; but that should come as no surprise given the fact we’re talking Lehar and Santiago Garcia!

Local Dialect – ‘Erebus’

Desert Hearts Black is teaming up with former Princeton grads-turned-producers, Local Dialect for a 2-track EP, ‘Erebus’. Operating out of their basement studio in Queens, New York, and surrounded by their collection of analog synths and pedals, Local Dialect pride themselves on weaving an emotional journey into each track.

Yeah But No – ‘The Shadow Self III’

Fresh from the success of ‘The Shadow Self II’ last December, which featured Terr and Echonomist as remixers, Berlin duo Yeah But No will release on Distant Echos once again this April with ‘The Shadow Self III’.

Henri Bermann x Fat Cosmoe x Wennink – ‘Higher Dimension’

“The track was inspired by spending so much more time at home during lockdown. Normally, Oli and I work very separately and have two studios. This all changed during the pandemic, and very organically we started to collaborate on a few ideas, and ‘Higher Dimension’ came out of that process. Of course it also doesn’t hurt to have an in-house vocalist on hand!”

Henri Bergmann

*Featured image via ZABO, Vintage Culture, Goodboys and Codeko*

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